Nikon MX @ PMA, March 2009

According to a Nikon rep: "the supposed D3x will NOT be released this year. He said a new camera will likely be announced at PMA next March 2009. Nikon is working on something truly revolutionary he said, a camera that will be as groundbreaking and trendsetting as the D3." (Source)
In connection with the above here is some of the chatter I have been getting lately on this topic. WARNING: RUMORS!
  • Leica S2 is worryingly similar to 'MX' in concept, although S2 is geared towards ultimate image quality while MX is, like all pro Nikons, meant to be an utterly intuitive state of the art tool.
  • MX announcement date: March 14th, 2009. I am not sure about this date, since PMA is March 3-5, 2009 but this is what I am getting through the grapevine.
  • MX is a project designator, not necessarily end product name
  • Nikon could announce MX at Photokina but wanted to wait till the whole line-up was on-shelf and ready to sell at the day of announcement (March 2009), unlike what Leica did and took Nikon by surprise. If true, this will be first the time for Nikon to have a product available at the day of the announcement (Apple style) - correct me if I am wrong.
  • Nikon has not decided yet if they will cut costs and go for a 2/3 or 3/4 ratio sensor or pull out the stops and go for square with 2/3 and 4/5 crop modes. Leica's predicted price point may shift favor towards that latter now. Either version will fit in the current design. Cost and projected sales will decide.
  • Reports on final sensor size vary with every source, but ALL are between 36x36 and 33x48, nothing bigger.
Stay tuned - possible picture of the new MX Nikon coming soon!
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  • “Leica S2 is worryingly similar to ‘MX’ in concept,”

    Presumably Nikon’s answer to the Leica S2, assuming it is actually forthcoming. . . will not be worryingly similar to the Leica S2 in price. 😉

  • photog

    You keep referring to Leica as a competitor to Nikon… that is nuts, they are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. The S2 is wasn’t designed with a certain price point in mind, nor is their glass… Nikon is mass production and does an outstanding job working within those constraints. Leica is hand made and hand assembled and the price gets put on at the end. Not good or bad, just different goals…

  • Nic

    That 5D Mark II is looking nicer and nicer….

    • Anonymous

      you have no idea

  • Pablov

    Dear Blog Admin,

    (I know these are rumors, but maybe you have a clearer idea to tell the below questions)

    Sorry, I didn’t understand what means:
    “Nikon has not decided yet if they will cut costs and go for a 2/3 or 3/4 ratio sensor or pull out the stops and go for square with 2/3 and 4/5 crop modes” ? (in plain english what does it refer/menas? -it’s not my 1st language, sorry)

    – It is supposed the MX line will be backward compatible with current Full Frame lenses ? (and thus croping area like DX on FX sensors? )

    – If the price is similar to Leica S2, then the MX will be aimed to different market, in such case is logical to think they could also release a FX DSLR in near future? Or the price is going to be similar to actual D3 line ? in such case what would happen to the actual FX cameras’s price?

    – will MX be a modular line? allowing interchangeable sensors between bodies?

    – some news about Movie feature implementation in future Nikon DSLRs ? (and what about in MX ? )

    Thanks a lot for your time!

  • Blog Admin

    I wish I know more, I am forwarding the messages I get.

  • I would love to see a higher mp Nikon, but I just hope that they stay competitive with Canon and don’t push the price up super high (like $10-30,000!).

  • Hung

    It doesn’t matter how many megapixels or how fancy your camera is, its just a black box that takes pictures…just like every camera. The thing that makes a good picture is the person behind the camera, the photographer. A crappy photographer with an expensive bells and whistles camera is still going to take crappy photos.

  • Kuri

    Similar in concept, form factor, lens range.

    Not similar in price range by a big margin.

  • Anonymous

    Does that mean I should stop checking this site and go pick up a government issued D40?

    All I want is an 20+ MP FX SLR for around $3,000. The sooner the better.

  • Well you could go and pick up a Canon issued EOS 5D Mark II for around $3000. . . Then there is the Sony Alpha A900 for about the same amount. Both of these 20+ MP full-frame SLRs will accept Nikkor lenses with appropriate adapters, albeit without AF or AI aperature control. I am seriously considering buying one or the other of these cameras just to be able to use the older non-AI Nikon lenses I have kicking around.

  • Pablov you are asking questions that no one here is an a position to answer. This is the Nikon *Rumors* Blog, although sometimes it might be better described as the Nikon Speculation and Wishful Thinking Blog 😉

    According to a “spy photo” of alleged MX format specifications the rumored MX camera will indeed be backward compatible with both the current Full Frame Nikon lenses *and* DX format lenses.

    In that the rumored MX format is apparently for a “medium format” DSLR similar to the Leica S2 it is indeed logical to think Nikon will continue to release a FX and DX format DSLRs in near future just as Leica is devoloping an R10 DSLR.

    No one knows other than Nikon execs knows anything about the price of MX format Nikon cameras but one would expect it to be significantly costlier than the D3 line but significantly cheaper than a Leica S2. Nikon FX format camera prices will obviously be competing with offerings of same size sensor cameras from Canon, Sony, and possibly Pentax etc.

    Since Canon introduced full 1080p HD video on the EOS 5D Mark II one can expect Nikon to match that on future FX and even DX format DSLRs hopefully with a 60 FPS frame rate option and video duration limited only by the capacity of the memory card. 😉

  • nikkor

    This would make a lot of sense given the rumors about the new lens mount a while back. It seems clues are falling into place.

  • Blog Admin

    wait until you see the picture…

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