Nikon D90 availability (updated)


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  • Jason

    Awaiting a password at a more tech forum, but I thought I would toss out there that I have experienced video shutdown after 20 or 50 seconds using an Eye-fi memory card. My hope is that it has a very slow write-speed and thus when the buffer fills the video shuts down. I will give it some trials with a different card tonight, but I was wondering if anyone else had something similar going on.

  • Jovan

    I was waiting for the new SanDisk 30mb/s cards for just such a reason. Keep us posted with confirmation when you find out the write speed of the Eye-fi.

    Interesting though… doesn’t the D90 provide a special menu for the Eye-fi?

  • Jason

    Just got off the phone with Eye-fi and they gave me a mixed result. They will not divulge the specs on write speed for the cards though the line is that they are “on par” with the rest of the industry. Fair enough. No other D90 reports yet (kind of expected that) but some canon point and shoots that are capable of large video have reported similar issues. The write time for NEF+L-JPEG is sizable with this card so I think this is yet another thread of evidence that it may just be a bit too slow for the video mode and/or RAW+JPEG shooters. But hey, this isn’t a commercial card anyway right? Depending on the outcome of the rest of the tests I will likely plop it into my point and shoot and call it good.

    Yes, there is a new menu item for Eye-fi that allows you to turn on and off the wifi to save battery in the field.

    FYI: By the way, I have nothing against the Eye-fi folks. The concept is epic and really quite fun for low-end purposes. The new geotagging feature is quite “out of the box” thinking.

  • james

    re my earlier post about the d90 shipping date that is refering to body only

  • Blog Admin

    just fyi – this changing address activity may be illegal

  • CrossFireX

    Does anyone know when it will be available on B&Hs site? I live chatted with some dude and he didn’t know when it will appear on the site. But he said that if I want it NOW I can call and place my order, but I don’t have the possibility to call! Please, does anyone know? Thanks!
    // CSX

  • CrossFireX
  • web

    Blog Admin wrote:
    “just fyi – this changing address activity may be illegal”
    I changed my address from my last address (5 years ago) to my current one. I don’t see any harm in it…

  • Mozart

    I was told today, in my normal camera store, that they have a confirmed delivery of the “D90 Body Only” from Nikon for the last of September. I hope it arrives sooner…

  • Jason

    Re: Eye-fi. Just tried my Sandisk card and got good results (full duration video capture). So, seems that though D90 is “Eye-fi enhanced” it is not a good choice of card for video purposes.


  • dan bashkette


  • Ryan Heatley

    I just got my D90 from Best Buy today… I had a bunch of questions about the video mode before I bought it, so here are the answers that some of you maybe be asking, or at least have been thinking…

    The VIDEO mode DOES HAVE exposure LOCK. You can push the button and it will lock the exposure to whatever you would like. Just about anything you can do for setting up a picture, you can do for video. White balance, exposure, aperture, zoom, extras like B&W, and whatnot. I was very impressed with the video mode, and was pleasantly surprised. It’s not perfect though.For an extra feature on an already astounding DSLR, its awesome. Its probably not as good as some dedicated video cameras, but from a creative aspect, its better.
    If you have any interest in video, and you want to upgrade from a D80 or the such, GET IT. Even if you never use the video mode, the D90 is still worth its price tag.

    The image quality is wonderful. Again, coming from a D80, I was amazed at the difference. D300ish, to say the least. 4.5fps is faster than you might think, good enough for most amateur needs… Handles exposure very well, does not over expose all of the time like the D80 did. 3200 ISO on the D90 looks BETTER than the D80 at 1600. It is leaps an bounds over the D80.

    The INFO screen which illuminates on the rear LCD (the same information on the top screen, but with quick options) is wonderful and very helpful. LIVEVIEW works well, and helps in some situations; Like if you are lazy, or have your camera on a tripod in a odd position. Although, I think LIVEVIEW better used to set up your scene before you start recording VIDEO.

    In short, If any of you are considering the D90 for an upgrade from a D80, cannon equivalent, or considering the D300 but are interested in getting into some video, this camera is for you. Its really made for the advanced amateur, but works well for a first DSLR too. BUY IT!

  • Jovan has been updated to show the ‘body only’ shipping in 1-2 months. Most interestingly, the kit still says ‘item has not yet been released’ and remains only available for pre-order.

    My order for the body only is slated to ship October 8 – November 5. Although, I have yet to receive an email from them.

    Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later!

  • Jovan

    Just got an email from Amazon with the ‘arriva’ date of my body only order as Oct 16 – Nov 19.

  • WillK

    yay, I just got my camera (body+kit), J&R shipped it yesterday or day before via UPS. earlier than what J&R told me last week (see earlier posts)

  • eric

    i took some test shots with a d90 on saturday at best buy. the one they let me use (fresh out of the box) had hot/stuck pixels. see the image below for a 100% crop.

    see the little red pixel in the first one? yeah, the d90 i was shooting with had the same pixel in all the shots. i’ve had a similar problem with my d80s. nothing major as it’s a simple fix in PS but the d300 didn’t have any of them…

  • eric

    by the way, those shots were at 3200 ISO.

  • Ahhhlawn

    Anyone else get word on D90 Body release date. I’ve been reading different dates on here. I ordered my D90 Body through Amazon and I dont know if I should cancel and buy the kit and sell the 18-105VR online somewhere. 1-2 month time frame from Amazon is too long for me to wait!

  • Blog Admin

    I would not do this – I think the body only will ship second week of October. I am waiting on it too.

  • au
  • Jovan

    Amazon has taken the D90 off pre-order. Only, “Alert Me” is available now. Nikon must be swamped with body-only orders. In fact, the D90 doesn’t even show up in Amazon’s search results, from what I can tell.

    In other news, I received a Nikkor lens I ordered from Amazon. I’m really disappointed with the packaging from Amazon… the worst I’ve received from them in 10 years… ironically on one of the most expensive items I’ve ever bought. They literally just threw it in a box. The shipping box was actually slightly shorter than the lens box, so it wasn’t even closed properly. I wrote to complain. They are offering me some cash or, of course, an exchange, if I desire — which is pretty decent of them. I just hope they haven’t changed their shipping standards. (How ironic after I was just whining about B&H still charging for shipping!)

  • Blog Admin

    This is weird – they must be updating something. Do you know how much money they will loose? Maybe they got the D90 kit already?
    Otherwise they are good with returns, replacements, etc.

  • Jovan

    We should be clear, the D90 BODY doesn’t seem to appear in search results. This morning, the KIT looked to be in-stock at Amazon.

  • Blog Admin

    Now it is available from – I told you: they were just upgrading their systems.

  • Jovan

    Do you mean the kit or body? When I check Amazon, the body is still ‘Alert me’ only and does not show up in search results. The kit, yes, is in stock.

  • Blog Admin

    kit only sorry – body will be shipping second week of Oct.

  • Jovan

    I just found this card at Computers4Sure. $138.95 I’ve never heard of this place. Apparently, it is affiliated with Office Depot. Free shipping, but they charge sales tax if you are in a state that has an Office Depot.

  • dfgdfgdfg

    ???? megavision monochrome nikon mount camera? what?

  • Blog Admin

    This is interesting – I will post it to get more opinions.

  • Passerby

    remember to change your Buying Advisory accordingly:)

  • Blog Admin

    yep, thanks – coming up this weekend.

  • Blog Admin

    done – I will improve this section in the future – I have few ideas.

  • Ahhhlawn

    Dont know the validity of this site but its stating the Body Only Release Date for the 19th of Sept??

    I havent heard any new updates from Amazon regarding my pre-order on the Body Only.

  • james

    have just received this email from warehouse express

    We are expecting delivery of your Nikon D90 DSLR Body on Friday which means you can have delivery yourself on Monday.

    good news

  • Theodore

    I wonder if Nikon could ADD a movie mode to their range of cameras that already have live-view technology. The camera sensor already streams the info to the screen at a given FPS and it seems like it’s a matter of adding a recording capability so that the images are recorded on the CF card. Is that just a firmware update – e.g. add a menu / set of menus to control and assign activation buttons and instruct the CF card to record the LV stream? What about sound? Well, the USB 2.0 port on the camera is of course a two-way port (it’s how we get the firmware updates into the camera). Wouldn’t a nice little add-on microphone – maybe an inch or two long (like a small version of a tradition directional microphone), perhaps even with a little foam wind cover, that can be mounted up in the hot shoe with a short USB cable down to the side (think of the GPS accessory as a general model for this set up) would fit the bill and it would all the microphone to even be placed off camera with a cable extension.

  • Richard C

    The D90 seems to be missing the SRGBIII color space. Is there anything I can do about it? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Been stalking this thread since I pre-ordered my D90 body only a few weeks ago at an OH Cord Camera. I was told today that it’s showing an expected delivery date of Sept. 27 in their system. So glad, I did not want to wait until Nov!!!

  • Blog Admin

    My guess was second week on October, but this is even better news! Let me know if you get it. Thanks.

  • Aimee(anon in prev. post)

    I will definitely let you know!

  • pete

    The “amazon in stock” is actually from Target. I’m an amazon prime member, still waiting for free express shipping….

  • Blog Admin

    It is the build in motor (in the lens) – this is why the lens is AF-S. Don’t worry, your camera will be just fine.

  • Ahhhlawn

    Did you order your kit from Amazon as well?

  • Blog Admin

    Yes, but I ordered the body only – I don’t need that lens.

  • Weston

    I ordered mine originally on Amazon, but the body is now way too far off time wise, so i cracked and just picked the kit up at Best Buy, there’s free financing for 24 months on purchases over 1000, so Woot!

  • J&R have it in stock?

    I pre-ordered my D90 Body from J&R and they have yet to notified me if it’s in stock or not?

  • Blog Admin

    Only D90 kit is in stock – you will have to wait few more week till body only becomes available.

  • Richard C

    I’m not sure if this is normal but when I focus with my 18-105mm I can hear the focusing or something inside of the lens. There’s no sound when I manually focus or when I use my 50mm f1.8. I’m not sure if it’s because of the length of the lens that it has this noise or that it’s just defective. I previously used the 18-70mm on my D80 and it was always silent. Thank you.

  • Richard C

    hmm, how come I didn’t hear it on the 18-70mm? Unless it’s just the way the 18-105mm is. I find the motor of the 18-105mm annoying since if you’re trying to be silent, people next to you can notice it. The fact that it sounds like sand grinding together for a split second isn’t very assuring. I plan on selling the 18-105mm since I’m not too impressed with it anyways. I’ll just go to my Best Buy to double check if it’s really defective. Unless someone can confirm that their lens has the same annoying sound when focusing. It’s the same sound when the you focus during live view, you hold it and it keeps making all this scratching noises which is bothersome.

  • Weston

    @Richard C. Is the VR on or off. VR does make quite a bit of noise when it’s working. It’s also important to turn off VR properly or stuff can rattle around inside if its not locked down. I haven’t had any noise issues with mine yet, other than the normal VR noise when it’s on.

  • Richard C

    I forgot to mention that it still happens with VR off. VR only makes that spinning sound. This one is like grinding or something.

    sound clip

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