More Black Gold

I really want to know how many of those will sell. Anyone that works for Ritz and other stores - please let us know.
If anyone is still in doubt: this is real and is coming to a store near you. Here are some more close-ups:
Want more Black Gold? Click here.
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  • Warren

    That’s almost as ugly as a white colored lens.

  • Al

    there is no point to that. Who will buy a slightly gold D60?!

  • Anonymous

    You might be missing the point that this is Nikon’s first special edition DSLR every. This camera could be collectable or at very least hold a premium on the used market.

  • Blog Admin

    Ha, you actually think that I can influence prices? Wow – this is cool. Let’s do something to bring the prices down.

  • cam

    I suppose it goes with the gold lettering on the lenses, but even so, that’s pretty tacky.

  • nick

    not the end of the world. might actually work for nikon to release a camera that would appear diff from the pack.

  • Jovan

    Agreed. Nikon’s gold lettered lenses are tacky. They look like the marketing and graphics department got a hold of what is otherwise a fine piece of photographic equipment. Nikon’s “old-school” lenses are far better looking with more functional and READABLE markings. The newer labels and logos are meant for those that mount and never look at their lens again.

  • jwylie
  • Theodore

    Can you can get it with a lens encrusted with rhinestones? it is a little odd – aside from a collectable, it seems a bit cheesy and a strange use of resources. Outside of evil masterminds with “gold” in their names, it would seem to have limited appeal.

  • Tom

    I do wish your guy at Ritz or you not pass on information you get back to management. I gave you a heads up on the price of the Nikon 80-400 $1599.99 and that Ritz price was always $1699.99. That it was possible the change meant that a new 80-400 was coming out. I guess you passed that onto your guy because the next day the price went back to 1699.99. Thanks. Now it will cost full retail again.

  • Tom

    No I don’t think you can influence price. You did mention that difference in price to there normal price I would guess and more than likely your guy reported the error so up it went, correct?

  • Blog Admin

    I seriously doubt my guy would report it back – we have “one way communication”. Probably someone in their headquarter is reading this blog… sorry

  • I would prefer mine pimped with an AF motor…

  • Tom

    I sent an email and did not post to blog. Oh well. I still enjoy the site.

  • Blog Admin

    Did you try to send me an email or you were trying to post a comment? Please let me know because I am planing on changing my blog software and hosting provider and your feedback is important.

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  • Pingback: Brikk is coming up with a “Lux” Nikon Df camera and 14-24mm f/2.8 lens in 24k gold()

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