Nikon @ Photokina 2008 pictures

Calumet & Nikon
Nikon booth
Nikon booth
This is BIG!
I say this is the AF-S Nikkor 600mm f/4G ED VR plus the D3 = $14,000!
Models @ Nikon
Thanks J.
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  • Nice booth! No new Nikon Cameras by any chance … ?

  • Alex

    Wow! Wish I could be there. Anything new there? Lenses? Cameras? Accessories?

  • Eric L

    Nice booth, but where’s the announcements?

    A 5dmkII, an A900, and a D90?

    Not a strong showing

  • Douglas

    haha, is it just me, or did the whitebalance on the top image not do its job? lol

    (im just teasing… i understand that there are many different lighting conditions in a convention center with so many booths set up each using a different temperature light…)

  • Seriy

    Looks like they have some empty display shelfs. Can’t wait to see what they’ll put inside.

  • Jealous!!!!

  • freehawk

    C’mon Nikon, I need more megapixels

  • Douglas

    ugh, not again… no offence, but why??

  • alex
  • nikon user

    Whoa, maybe Ken Rockwell is right about Nikon printer. sigh

  • stj

    I can see room for a lot:
    24mm, 35mm, 85mm, 105mm, 135mm, 70-200mm 70-400mm and even a 70-200mm micro… All new nice Nanocoated AFS crinkle painted metal wrapped darlings 😉 I hate waiting…
    I really hope for the above and not yet more 18-xxxmm f4.5-6.3 plastic fantastics, albeit they are probably increadibly nice for vacation use etc… 🙁

  • Dallas

    Do you think the D90, D700 & one lens was it? Is it possible Nikon has lost the edge in large format sensors? Seems a bit strange with all the other announcements… unless a late-show announcement has better market punch. Guess we’ll soon find out.

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