Oops @ dpreview

Update: I got the screenshot - I guess dpreview refers to the D40, D40x and D60 as "Mini Nikons". False alarm.
I personally did not see this snafu but here is a report form a reader:
Not sure what may need be inferred but it seems dpreview had a small lip-up this morning. The site Publish an article on some new Pentax light lenses in the following url:

However the subject of the article mentioned special new macro Tamron lens for  "Mini-Nikon" ???? Could this have something to do with MX format (M for mini)?

The error was corrected about an hour later and subject changed to describe correct contents of post (pentax lenses).

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  • stj

    Ha ha ha! We all look towards medium (BIG) format and then it’s a four thirds clone – that would be funny!

  • Anonymous
  • Theo

    I think “mini” refers to entry level D40/D60.

    Giving specs about the new format to Tamron before the release? Whats the point?

    BS 🙂

  • alex

    the dpreview canon fanboys call mini-nikon d40 and d60

    long story short it means tamron lenses with af motors

  • Well of the Nikon D40, D40X and D60 are “mini-Nikons” I guess that leaves some (slim?) hope available for a medium format maxi-Nikon. Would full frame FX format Nikon DSLRs be midi-Nikons in this scenario? 😉

  • Renee
  • Anonymous

    Who cares!?!, just go get great images with what you have. New products will arrive when they arrive, why stress or waste time trawling internet for vague rumors?

  • Blog Admin

    because this is what I do

  • Steve

    Anon why are you here if that is how you feel?

  • Anonymous

    Because I am incredible rich – I have mountains of money, literally in some respects – and don’t have much else to do. Its great really, I generally capture about 200 – 300 images a day traveling around and recently found these rumor sites. Is ludicrous that people sit down and get in a great panic/stress/worry/argument/fistfight/ over things which you cannot control. I love technology but I can wait till it is there for me to see and touch before I get excited. Before then, it may as well be imaginary.

  • Then I guess when the Leica S2 becomes available you can buy a complete kit or two and tell all of us poor schmucks just how great it is. 😉

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