Is this D90 video real?

This is supposed to be a Nikon D90 video. Is it really that bad? Here is the direct link. There is a whole thread about  the "jello effect" aka "rolling shutter issue" @ dpreview.

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  • vidi

    I’d say, switch off the VR!

  • Hugo

    Unfortunately, this probably is real – but the good news is, this happens (to differing extents) to all CMOS based video recorders, even the mighty RED cinema cameras. You just have to learn to plan your shots to avoid too-fast pans.

  • Sloaah

    Yeah, it does happen to the RedOne, but with that you can only see it going through frame by frame – some verticals aren’t straight. The fact is, this is terrible news – the D90 can basically only shoot from a tripod. The skew is far worse than any other CMOS based camera, reason being that it is still image sensor. Strange though, I don’t remember live view on my D300 being that bad…

    It is a D90 video, there are lots around, all have the same problem.

  • blueridgr\=

    Have had a D90 about 6 days now. Didn’t buy it for the video but have played around with it using it handheld – VR on and VR off. While I can duplicate the effect I see in the clip if I whip the camera side to side it IS NOT the norm… Video looks like it was shot while standing on a balance ball. Again, video is not my primary use for this camera but I am impressed it is as good or better than any of the P&S I’ve tried (including the Canon S3 IS) and nearly equal with video shot, tripod mounted, with my Canon HV20 – in fact the WB and overall IQ is somewhat better. Just my experience with this camera.

  • anon

    can you not just increase the shutter speed in video mode? i believe 1/120th will virtually eliminate the rolling shutter problem.

  • Lars

    I was last friday for two hours in a camera shop and talking with Nikon people on D90 promotion tour. I played long time with the camera and a small group of people discussed with nikon employees.

    The video mode is great. No rolling shutter image, just perfect, only maybe some 24p effects caused of low framerate, when you turn the camera real fast, like tracking a Porsche. Totally perfect, brilliant image within the not so much illuminated indoor store.
    The only thing I have seen was a fast change of image intensity caused of the changing scenery. Image brightness was adjusted below a second (fast), not so smooth maybe like a camcorder, but this makes sense.

  • blueridge

    A clarification to my comment of 9/13/2008 – I should have said “The example video shown” looks like it was shot while standing on a balance ball… My experience to date is the video I’ve shot with the D90 is outstanding, and more than satisfactorily usable, for a camera of this type. Hopefully no one is foolish enough to buy the D90 just for video usage, it IS NOT a camcorder. Instead it should be looked at as value added and will probably become quite popular with the newspaper shooters since the chip gives great images and the video feature allows them to shoot video snippets now being required by most papers without having to play pack horse with more equipment, batteries, etc. The use of quality a lens, available zoom, and the larger sensor add to this value. As I said in the previous post I am quite happy with the results – and I AM particular – and yes, I have tried it at all of the settings from lowest to highest with similar results. Before condemning it I think it should be given a fair chance by folks actually using it. After all it is cutting edge for the DSLR world.

  • FIrst thanks to the webMaster for his great work love your blog I am addict now.

    Ok I just bought the Nikon D90 2 days ago after 1 full month of studying, yes it got this effect yes you need to shoot with a tripod and plan your shot. But the result is so freaking amazing (for my taste and needs) that I will be selling my Canon HV20.

    Here is a little test shot :

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