UPC of Nikon D90 now available

Description Nikon D90 D-SLR
Size/Weight Unknown
Issuing Country United States
Last Modified Wed, 13 Aug 2008 12:10:42
Pending Updates 0

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  • WaitingForNikonD90

    Do you guys sleep at all? LOL

  • Siletto

    I think not, sort of like me, hitting the rss feed every 2 mins at 4AM.

    Can someone explain how the UPC system works? I thought every single item has its own UPC, not a whole model?

  • Tudor

    Anybody can add data to this UPC data base! There is nothing official about this! This News would not even have qualified for your “Not so important” page. Try to be a little bit serious on your site!

  • Anonymous

    Funny how the upc shows up the same day the bestbuy image with the “upc” printed on it. 🙂

  • Adam

    I’d never post a UPC code as a rumour. We Canonites have had almost every XXXD, XXD, and XD variant in there in the past year. Joe Public can easily upload his own UPC code, then run to the internet forums claiming a new model is coming out.

  • ChrisL

    Try searching for D700 in that database. Not there. (D300 is there).


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