Buy green, be green!

Nikon now sells the Coolpix S52 Digital Camera Eco-Green model. If you are in the market for a p&s camera, please buy this model and make our planet greener.

But wait, there is more: $50 Off Regular Price, includes free HP printer offer, plus free shipping & no sales tax if you follow this link:

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  • Philip Arthur

    I am curious, just how is a camera dyed green going to help save our planet? Especially when it is has a special bundle with a printer. Is the printer and it’s inks eco-friendly. I am blind here as I don’t know what the specs are that make this camera eco-friendly, but could it be a much longer battery and camera life?

    Honestly I’m not buying this whole green movement as a lot of things like recycling paper and hybrid car batteries cost more and use more carbon to manufacture. How is that saying the environment? Recycling aluminum is actually one thing that is suppose to be very effective but plastic and paper cost more and waste even more resources. Take note that paper in the US is taken from trees specifically grown to be harvested for that purpose and not the rain forest of the world.

    On a final note most things, including humans contain carbon and we exhale carbon. So do we stop breathing? No because carbon is part of what we need for life. Just be economical and waste less people. That is how you can truly be green for now.

  • Blog Admin

    Here is the answer to your question:

    “Your Purchase will fund the reforestation efforts of and through
    these efforts will offset 1.91 tons of carbon dioxide per camera sold during
    this promotion. This amount represents one month of the average American?s
    carbon footprint based on U.S. Department of Energy data”

  • Philip Arthur

    That’s nice and all but it reminds me of that whole carbon credit crap. But some credits and you can feel less guilty about damaging the environment. I have no problem with people making a donation to a good cause (Personally I prefer to let a helping hand like actually going to clean up a beach) but at the same time I think this is just a gimmick to make people feel less guilty and increase sales.

    Please don’t think I want people to stop contributing to worthy causes. just be sure to follow up that they are fulfilling their promises. Plus do your part as an individual to be more environmentally conscious and friendly.

    Thanks for the answer by the way. I appreciate the effort taken to research it, as I didn’t see it on the Nikon USA site when I looked briefly.

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