Nikon to produce NEW 17-55 2.8 lens

According to this post in dpreview:

Grays of Westminster in London UK said they are POSSIBLY expecting a new nano coated version of the 17-55 2.8 later this year with possible VR"

They even mention the phone number. Can someone in the UK call them up and confirm?
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  • Aspegic

    It’s about time! Finally, a high-speed wide-angle zoomlens WITH VR!
    Truth is – because Nikon doesn’t have such a lens – for a few month now I have been playing with the idea of buying the Canon EF-S 17-55 f2.8 IS USM (with some Canon body to attach it to). But if this rumor is true, I may wait just a little longer…
    PS. I know there are a few who refuse to believe there are situations where one would want or even need a wide-angle lens with VR. I’ve tried a few too many times to explain, I don’t bother anymore…

  • Mike

    My brother’s father’s uncle’s neice’s nephew’s boss’s dog said Nikon might possibly to something next year. Or not. It’s 50% chance the lens is coming out and a further 50% chance this possible lens will possibly have VR. There are rumors and there are shoe strings. This one at this point seems like it’s hanging on by dental floss. Would be nice, and in the FX era they need a DX bolster so those DX lenses don’t collect too much dust. Dunno abou this one.

  • Blog Admin
    I just read it on dpreview and posted – this is not even from our sources.

    I also have hard time believing this rumor, but it is still a rumor. Many readers did not believe the D700 leak and were 100% sure the brochure was fake.

  • b

    I hope this ISN’T true, I just bought the current one for over $1100. Nikon would have to sacrifice the build and construction to put VR in that thing. It’s already heavy as is.

  • I seriously hope this rumor is true. I’ve rented the current 17-55/2.8 and the newer 24-70/2.8 for various trips, and with a DX camera, the 24-70 range just isn’t wide enough a lot of the time. I’ve said before that the lens I really want is a newer 17-55/2.8, with at least the newer coatings. (and VR would be nice, but I’ve hand-held the 17-55 at pretty low shutter speeds already and gotten sharp results)

    So for now, I still just use the jack-of-all-trades 18-200 VR as my standard lens, and find any and all opportunities to use my 70-200/2.8 instead.

  • Nikkorian

    I’ll be switching from compact to DSLR some time soon, probably to the D90. I like the rather compact built compared to the FX cameras and lenses. I’d really like a good quality lens though. The 17-55 is now five years old. For its price it’s not really a king in resolution and especially CA is too bad – vignetting I don’t care too much about. Also I’d like to see VR in a new version – if all the cheapos got this I’ll not buy a premium lens without it. I’ll be waiting until January with the camera anyway and hope until then I’ll see the lens, otherwise the 18-105 is good enough and much better value for money. I’m quite surprised how much time Nikon takes for upgrading their top o’line lenses to new technology like VR and nano coating, considering how much money they earn with such high-priced stuff.

  • Nikkorian

    Ahh, while I’m at it… Looking at the Tamron model: The construction could be a little more compact and lighter than the current version! And I’d be glad to see it optimized for a nice bokeh. 🙂

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