Thom Hogan writes about what’s next from Nikon

In his post from July 14 Thom Hogan writes about what's next from Nikon:
- He confirms that the next FX camera will be in D3 body (we also did not believe his previous prediction for D900) – he claims to have received that message out of Japan.
- "Few f/1.4 primes" which completely confirms all other rumors we have been receiving from different sources.
- Coolpix with RAW capability – P6000 maybe?
- D80 replacement – Thom is also guessing the release date (before or after Photokina).
- 24 - 120 mm VRII (Thom is not holding his breath on this one)
- 70 – 200 mm VRII (Thom is not holding his breath on this one either)
I hope Thom is not getting his information from and believe his post is a confirmation of what we have been reporting lately.
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