Thom Hogan writes about what’s next from Nikon

In his post from July 14 Thom Hogan writes about what's next from Nikon:
- He confirms that the next FX camera will be in D3 body (we also did not believe his previous prediction for D900) – he claims to have received that message out of Japan.
- "Few f/1.4 primes" which completely confirms all other rumors we have been receiving from different sources.
- Coolpix with RAW capability – P6000 maybe?
- D80 replacement – Thom is also guessing the release date (before or after Photokina).
- 24 - 120 mm VRII (Thom is not holding his breath on this one)
- 70 – 200 mm VRII (Thom is not holding his breath on this one either)
I hope Thom is not getting his information from and believe his post is a confirmation of what we have been reporting lately.
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  • Dynax7

    Hello all,

    I know for sure Nikon will be holding a press event on september 3, it seems legitimate to assume the D90 will be announced then.

  • Blog Admin

    Can you tell us more? Please? You can email me @

    100% privacy guaranteed.
  • Blog Admin

    Is this info public somewhere?

  • Dan

    I wouldn’t take this as 100% confirmation of anything.

    Thom is very reputable, but he has posted about “word from Japan” before, and it’s been completely wrong. For instance, a post on his site from April 19th reads:

    ” Apr 19–Current rumors out of Japan have Nikon introducing the D90, D3x, plus lenses, in the second week of June. I’m tightening my D90 (or whatever they decide to call it) prediction date to between May 12th and June 16th.”

    Obviously way off.

  • Blog Admin

    Yea, I remember that one.

  • Troy

    He didn’t “confirm” this. He states, “though please note that having one (usually good) source does not mean something is verified”.

  • Blog Admin

    We are talking about rumors here and he did confirm the rumor. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less than a rumor.

  • cv

    Was thinking the same thing myself “Thom Hogan” rumors are about as good as anyone else, might as well not even use his name.

  • Dynax7

    I don’t know anymore than that : Nikon will hold a press conference on september 3. That’s for sure since I received an invit 🙂

    In that time frame (three weeks before kina) it’s seems safe to assume the big news will be announced then… but that is only an assumption 😉

  • rekky

    How do you ‘confirm’ a rumor? If Thom heard the same rumor that some else did, it doesn’t ‘confirm’ anything.

  • kendall

    Perhaps the more appropriate word is “concurs”

  • Blog Admin

    Read the last sentence of the post – if he heard the same rumor from another source, this confirms the rumor (I think). If we both got it form the same source, than you are absolutely correct.

  • Blog Admin


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