www.nikonrumors.net (updated)

Update: nikonrumors.net will be activated only when nikonrumors.com is down.

In the past few weeks we had several technical issues with the hosting of nikonrumors.com. 

On some days we got more than 30000 visits.
To ensure uninterrupted coverage we now have a mirror site hosted by Google (Blogger). 

The mirror URL is 

For now we will run both blogs simultaneously - if nikonrumors.com is down, simply go to nikonrumors.net or the other way around. The content will be the same with few seconds delay.
Unfortunately we could not export all comments and we just have to live with that.
We are still interested to know which design you like better. Here is the poll:

Thank you for helping us make this blog better!
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  • Jon

    I hate to say it but I’m not a big fan of either style.

    I’d go wider with 3 columns, one skinny colum for your advertising links, and skinny colum on the other side for navigation links (catagory archive/tags), then content down the middle… get ride of any pure white, it’s to strong of a contrast to the black and clashes with the yellow/gray theme.

    I especially dislike the white buttons for del.cio.us, stumbles, technorati etc…

    The new “let’s place a poll on everything” strategy is obnoxious. More so because of the flood of pictures of the D700, but obnoxious none the less.

    The owner of Canonrumors.com recently started rating the quality of rumor source along with the rumor. This is far more useful than asking the ignorant masses to judge the veractiy of a rumor.

  • Blog Admin

    Thank you – I really appreciate you feedback. I am seriously thinking of re-doing the GUI of the blog. The problem is that the software I am using (I do not want to mention names) is very limited. I may have to switch 100% to Blogger or WordPress in order to accomplish what I have in mind.

  • Blog Admin

    I removed the white buttons and some of the adds. The more I look into 3 columns blogs template, the more I don’t like them.

  • Jon

    Wow, I’m honored you took my thoughts into such consideration.

    I agree that 3 column layouts are often less than ideal. The instance in which I like them is when navigation occupies one column, content occupies one column, and advertising occupies a column all of it’s own.

    Regarding the buttons. I like the existence of the links to del.cio.us and such, just not the buttons you had. Logos on black backgrounds would have looked much better.

  • Blog Admin

    I did not do it for you

    Actually thanks a lot for the feedback. I knew I did not like the side bar, but did not know that the white buttons are so horrible… in addition they do not provide any help to the user.

    After 1/3 of the answers were that readers do not like the design of the blog, I started with the changes.
  • Blog Admin

    Thanks again for the feedback. I cleaned the sidebar even further after your comment. Now I am keeping all adds on the top portion of the site bar and all blog related content at the bottom of the site bar – that way the readers will have a reason to scroll down

    I am very limited with the blog platform I am using, but I started with it and I do not have an easy way of switching. I have to play with the style sheets in order to accomplish any major design changes.
    Please, do sent me your template (just for an idea, I will not use them)- I am currently spending a lot of time online trying to study UX.
  • Hussain

    Hey there,

    I really like the site,and .com is probably best, but the design on the other hand is pretty bad (no offense to any one here) I’ve done webdesign stuff from time to time, and the layout is a tad bit confusing.

    I’d recommend some links all the way at the top with the banner , contact us, and so on, and at the bottom too. also I find the ads and text tend to blend in alot, it’s hard to focus on content.

    I did design a blog like design a year ago for wordpress, I can email you a screencapture of it, if you’d like.

    -Hussain 😉

  • Blog Admin

    I did some changes – moved all adds on top, content on the bottom of the side bar. Changed some colors, removed the underlined link, etc.

    More to come – those changes take time. I have to test them on different browsers, etc.
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