Fake pictures of 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII lens

Yes, they are fake but the rumor about new 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII lens is still out there.

Here are the fakes (not even a poll is needed here):
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  • Mike

    Even if someone were trying to pass this as real, the glaring ommission is a “N” for the Nano coating all new pro-calibre Nikon lenses are getting. Also, it’s common knowledge what VR and VR II is, so it would be redundant on the second verstion to actually label “Vibration Reduction” under VR II. The shape looks like modified Canon lens!

  • gragland

    if they do come out with a new 70-200 f/ 2.8, will they offer it in the white/grey?

    When do you think a new version will be released?

  • Blog Admin

    For now the rumors point for release @ Photokina in September.

  • charlielima

    Hi folks,

    my prediction concerning a successor to the AF-S VR 70-200 2,8: Next Photokina.
    Why: All its predecessors had a 5-year-life cycle. And the current version was released in 2003.

    What do You think: Will the vignetting-issue be the only change on this lense (besides design)?


  • DAC

    A replacement nikon professional lens for Full frame sensor DSLR. D3 or D700 at this moment. here is the specification:
    FAT version VS Slim version(old).

    1) VRII 4 stops Vs VR 2-3 stops.
    2) Fat design to correct Vignetting for D3 and D700
    3) 1350g VS 1470g
    4) Shorter – 19.3cm VS 21.5cm
    5) 6ED glass VS 5ED glass
    6) Handling more balance and ergonomic to hold.
    7) None – no distortion
    8) Price $1599 VS $1650. Cheaper than the existing??? why??

    this fake lens sure very good hahaha

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