Official Pictures of Nikon D700

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  • freddyc

    Wow, looks good doesn’t it? Looks like the rumors were right! I think this camera pretty much fills the gap in the Nikon range i.e. Nikon’s version of the 5D. The inclusion of sensor cleaning, absent in the D3, is very welcome – only the 95% viewfinder coverage is a bit disappointing, tho I’ve managed fine with my D200 until now, so I’ve got to say I’m very tempted! If the street price is competitive, I think it should sell very well, particularly to the wedding & portrait market where the FX sensor will be a real benefit. Also a lot of pros will like one as a high quality back up to their D3’s. If Canon’s D5 replacement is anywhere near ready, they’d do well announcing it before the D700 becomes available or they might find a large slice of their potential market already gone. Looking forward to the reviews!

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  • Marc

    WOOHOO, now if I wasn’t purchasing a house! darn. 🙂

    My boss and I were pixeling peeking previous D700 photos, I guess I was right, that last one (from France) was right on the money!

  • Blog Admin

    I told everyone it is official!

    Thanks a lot again!
  • This is great!!! 😀

    Remember that the 5D has a 96% viewfinder, so it’s just seems to be a part of this segment of cameras.

    Man, I love my Nikon’s!!!

  • Bryan

    From the Nikon France Website (google translation):

    # CMOS sensor FX (full size) 12.1 million pixels (full screen) with signal to noise ratio, dynamic range and extended cleaning unit automatic sensor integrated to eliminate dust.

    200 – 6400 ISO: extended to ISO 25600 (equivalent) and from ISO 100 (equivalent).

    Shooting in continuous 5 vps (8 vps with the handful of food optional MB-D10 with lithium-ion battery EN-EL4a or 8 AA batteries).

    System image processing EXPEED with analogue / digital conversion on 14-bit and image processing of 16 bits for great details and degraded.

    The recognition system combines advanced stage the extent of the camera and sensors AF for exhibitions precise and sharp images.

    Settings coverage can be selected and configured individually to 9 points, 21 points and 51 points.

    The optimization of image streamlines image processing integrated allowing customization predefined parameters of the image, such as accents, contrast, brightness, hue and saturation in various colour modes.

    LCD Monitor 3-inch VGA 920 000 pixels with wide viewing angle of 170 degrees.

    The Live View mode with Auto allows the composition of images using the LCD monitor.

    The two modes are supported: Main lifting or foot.

    The crop DX mode can be activated automatically when an objective format DX is fixed.

    Triggering snapshot: about 40 milliseconds response to the outbreak.

    The D-Lighting assets can achieve brilliant images in case of sharp contrast to automatically applying the correct tones at the time of the shooting.

    The interface allows video output HDMI connection to high-definition video systems.

    Ergonomics intuitive with orders placed in an optimal way for a fast and comfortable handling.

    A robust magnesium alloy: resistant to moisture and water-resistant to dust.

    Supports wireless network and Ethernet via the wireless communication optional WT-4.

  • Bryan

    For full specs: Google Nikon France and instead of clicking the link outright, go to “translate Page” then navigate to the D700. Both D700 and SB-900 are on the first page

  • Marc

    My question is, how do you open the CF door?

  • Marc

    I found out that it pulls and swings out like the D50 and D80.

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