Nikon SB-900 released! PC-E lenses released!

Update: more images available @
(files too big to upload)

PC-E Micro Nikkor 45 mm f/2,8D ED (2000 euros) & PC-E Micro Nikkor 85 mm f/2,8D (1849 euros)

SB 900 (429 euros)

Thanks Derek!!!

Update (from Derek again):

"In the video of the D700 the guy (chief product of Nikon France) says the D700 have only 95% visor.
At the question why they put 95% visor and no 100% into the D700 he said :  when the D3 comes out the people says why he don't have an anti dust system? So Nikon make the D700 with an anti dust system but it take 5% of the visor."
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  • Eric

    Anyone care to translate, I feel left out.

  • Bryan

    From the Nikon France Website (google translation):
    # Flash i-TTL (intelligent TTL) professional is compatible with reflex digital format DX or FX.

    Compatible with the Creative Lighting System Nikon.

    Areas of central weighted illumination, standard and uniform: The mode “weighted central” focus lighting at the centre of sight and is ideal when using a telephoto lens.

    The mode “uniform” diffuse light regularly in the field and is ideal for photos groups.

    The mode “standard” offers a standard balance between diet and light distribution.

    Focus range of 14 mm when using the integrated broadcaster or a dome.

    Detect the format of the sensor: automatically recognizes the format cameras FX or DX.

    Reloading ultra-quick 2.2 seconds with four AA batteries.

    Intuitive interface with wide-screen LCD and 3 universal switches that can each be configured.

    AF-assist Illuminator: compatible with sensors AF Multi-CAM3500 FX / DX.

    Position a flash indirect rotates horizontally 180 º to the left and right, moving from -11 to +90 º º.

    Thermal protection system: programmable to warn of overheating when the photographic activity is dense.

    Automatic filter: when a color filter fluorescent or incandescent is used, the flash adjusts automatically adjusting the white balance in the camera.

    The firmware can be upgraded via the storage medium in the camera.

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