Rumors received via email

1. The Nikon P6000 is real - coming from a Nikon dealer in Asia (sorry, cannot tell you which country).

2. According to several sources, Nikon will not announce any new DSLR cameras for the Olympics. Photokina in September should bring us the new D3x, D90 and an updated 70-200 f/2.8 (with VRII?). No word on primes or replacement for Nikon D300 yet (I don't consider the D700 as a replacement of the D300 - I think D700 creates a new class by itself, otherwise Nikon would have called it D400. If they skipped all those numbers, they probably plan to release something in between).
3. B&H have listed the lens in the Nikon D700 combo as Nikkor 24-120mm VR II Lens. There is no such VR II lens. A typo? Probably (thanks GT).
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  • Anonymous

    Just wondering, this is the third or fourth time you referred to the P6000 as a P600 – any reason?
    Good to hear additional confirmation that the camera is happening. The 6400 ISO (and 3200 for that matter) people are already bemoaning will of course be useless – but who cares? – just don’t use it… why would anybody expect a sensor of this size to perform at that ISO? We don’t even make those demands of most if not all DSLR’s. More importantly, lets hope Nikon gets it right with the AF speeds, shutter lag, buffer and write times and a nice, reasonably fast & sharp lens. If this camera proves to be [at least] very near the equivalent of a G9 in terms of IQ, I’m sold. The wide end on the G9 is a complete deal breaker for me – at least Nikon has the good sense to put a reasonably wide lens on this unit.
    Kindly let us know if you hear about any dates – I’m hoping to see this before Photokina.

  • Blog Admin

    Thanks – I fixed the P600 typo. 

    The info I am getting is that the release will in August. Remember – those are just rumors.
  • Graham

    There is a difference in prices between the 24-120mm and lens kitted with the D700 because its am extra $600 to the d700 alone, which is $3000. The 24-120 right now is $510, and extra $90 for VRII and possibly an updated lens.

  • Blog Admin

    I guess Nikon forgot to announce this lens?

  • Salva

    Any rummor about 300mm F4 vr?

  • Blog Admin

    No, nothing for now.

  • doesn’t look like that lens is a typo if you look at the images at the link you have provided it shows you the 24-120mm lens with VR so I guess it just hasn’t been announced yet?


  • Blog Admin

    It is interesting that only B&H offer that lens.

  • Manawolf

    Well, the 24-120 VR was announced
    before the PMA in 2003.

    in some additional pictures you can see it lacks of the third switch for the normal and active mode.

    So i think it´s a typo… 🙁


  • Anon

    24-120mm VR II – correct
    70-200mm VR II – correct
    D3x – correct
    Primes – correct, 3 will be introduced with D3x
    D90 (d80 replacement) correct
    Enjoy 😉

  • Blog Admin

    More, more tell us more please!

    What kind of primes?
    All in September?
    Send me an email if you want privacy.
  • peace

    B&H have listed the lens in the Nikon D700 combo as Nikkor 24-120mm VR II Lens. There is no such VR II lens. A typo? Probably (thanks GT).

    same lens is listed on the ritz website

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