Nikon D800 again?

Nikon D800 again? The 8 looks pretty good. Another photoshop job? 

This D800 looks quite different than the previous one. Is that a crystal ball?

It is also interesting that 37% (104 votes) think that the D900 is a plausible rumor.

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  • Z

    It’s fake, the “8” in 800 is actually the contiguous part of the “3” on the D300 strap. If you look at anything branded with the “300” you can see there is a continuos backbone to the 3 and then two little extensions off of the tips of the 3. This photchopper simply cut off the little extensions and mirrored the main part of the 3 to make an 8. Not to mention the area around the D800 branding on the camera itself is a pixely mess. I think it’s safe to say this one is busted and of course that some people have absolutely way too much time on their hands.

  • Jason

    The “crystal ball” is actually the new prime lens, the 50mm F0.4

  • Blog Admin

    I will call this rumor “busted”

  • Anonymous

    Once again, the specifications images on the flickr page have the “doubble” typo. Stupid hoax is stupid.

  • Russell

    D800 is a fake. Great video, great soundtrack. But I am sure even Nikon can spell ‘Tripple’ and ‘Doubble’ correctly.

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