Nikon D700 price revealed!

A reader sent me this link:

This site will show you the price of the Nikon D700!
I assume the site will be taken down very soon, so here is a snapshot:
By the way is a legit site!
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  • Joe

    oops !

    No D90/80S there however…

  • joe

    No SB900 listed either.

  • No D90/80x or D3x… that totally slipped by me. Hmm.

    Don’t really expect to see the SB-900 up there as only cameras & their kits are listed.

  • CP

    SB800 zooms with the lens
    So I assume that the SB900 would too with FX zoom being wider by 1.6 than the DX zoom at any particular focal length.

  • There is also 45mm PC-E lens price…

  • Dan Castiglia

    I don’t believe this. How could the Euro price be that much lower than in USD? Usually prices are almost the same, despite of the much higher Euro value…

  • Csar
  • Marcel

    They just used the current currency to calculate the dollar price. so they used 2500 euro’s and converted it to dollars by multiplying it 1.5 times. €1 = $ 1.54

  • @Dan Castiglia,

    The price is simply calculated on the basis of the Danish price (app. 20K DKK) and the currency exchage rate – meaning that it is NOT the US and Pan-European price you see, but the price you would have to pay if you bought it in the Danish shop but wanted to pay en Euros or Dollars.

    BTW: the shop is a very legit and very serious and very physical shop here in Copenhagen. It’s a very nice shop and I have shopped there many times and pass by their windows often. My guess is that they are either 1) preparing for the launch and guestimating the price (which is gone now BTW) or 2) plain clumsy or stupid, revealing disclosed info ahead of time and then half-regretting. The D700 is still there, but the price is gone.


  • Elmur

    I’m a customer to this shop also, about there website… they have done this price guessin’ before at least when the D2h came out. Though they have never listed a product that didn’t come. They have mentioned rumors in there news section, but not often. Like Martin said, its a legit store, and the prices are danish which is a lot higher that USD

  • Renato Pedrosa

    They say “internet info” on their home page, which means they are not getting this from any reliable Nikon source. That’s why no other info about other camera.

    So, IMO,just click bait. The store looks cool, though.

  • Tom
  • Anonymous

    The above link clearly reads “We will add pictures and final price soon – but we are accepting orders. “.

    So the are just using the rumor to get some preorders.

  • So wait, that’s the euro price (and includes VAT) but you can pay in USD in Europe? Cuz if THAT ($4300) is the USA list price, they’re not going to sell many AT ALL. I assume the USA list price is still going to be $2999…


  • cb

    Not sure how true these prices are… D300 is posted with $2400+ … strange

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