“Nikon SB900 has FX/DX mode”

Did someone noticed one of the comments under the post Anyone working for B&H? We need a price check for SB-900 please (eyewitness report):

"Nikon SB900 has FX/DX mode"

Does this make sense?
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  • Dan G.

    Sure, for any given focal length the angle of coverage will vary between FX and DX. Doesn’t SB800 already vary its angle of coverage with the change in focal length with a zoom lens (I believe that the D40 manual says as much, p. 99). So if the angle of flash coverage can/does change with focal length why not with sensor size?

  • Beat

    Currently the zoom reflector on SB-800 / 600 still work in FX mode: they read the zoom setting on the lens and move to the same value causing a too wide beam spread.
    So yes it does make sense but it’s the DX that would benefit not the FX…

  • I think some flashes are already doing this. It will be interesting to see how the SB900 implements the DX versus FX FOV crop…


  • Stefan

    Metz flashes provide this feature since long, Canon speedlites as well. Hello, Nikon, welcome to the club.

  • Telecentricity

    Any chance this could be a derivative of the new Sony HVL-F58AM? I wonder if Nikon is sharing flash technology with Sony in exchange for their CMOS sensors.

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