Another picture of Nikon D700

Update: Rumor BUSTED!

We will start following a different approach when a reader submits us a "rumor picture". With every picture from now on we will post a poll. There are a lot of smart people reading this blog and I am sure the poll will correctly identify the fakes from the real deal.

Here it is the first one: real or fake?
Update: what type of lens is this anyway? The rumor is: 24-120 mm (FX?).
picture temporary unavailable
A reader submitted this zoomed strap from the picture above (thanks S):

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  • Rad

    if that is a fake, they went through all of the trouble of embroidering a wrist strap, and if it is a fake that person has way to much time on their hands

  • rad

    I also hope this wasn’t taken with the D700 the quality sucks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Blog Admin

    This is suppose to be a spy picture!

  • P

    It’s fake: the F700 has a wave-formed top right side, not a flat top right side…

  • P

    sorry: D700, not F700…. the D700 has a waved right top.

  • Stylus

    Who needs this niche camera.

    Where’s my D90?

  • Jonathan

    with someone proficient with Photoshop, it would take ten minutes to add the D700 logo to the body and strap, add noise and low quality to the picture, and change a few things on the body.

  • yaynik

    amen. anyone up on the specs for the D90? how come D700 is hype so much while the long-awaited D90 rumors have somewhat settled? is it cus of the FX format? well i think a greater population sees the D90 as a more approachable model… so we want to hear more!!! and where are the leaks for that??? please don’t say wait for photkina…

  • Art

    Do I see a build in flash? Is this possible with such a large FX viewer?

  • RobJ

    I say fake. Looks like a D300 body with a 7 photoshopped on top of the 3. That strap is either a photoshop job as well or maybe a leftover D70 strap.

  • TM

    The D70 didn’t have the model name on the neck strap.

  • Theo

    Isn’t this a 18-200 DX?

  • pg

    Comparing to the printed rumours, there is too much space between D700 logo and 2 round plugs under logo. And these plugs look PS.

  • frenchrumors

    It’s a fake. Where is the yellow logo “FX” ?? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Pierre

    It’s really a fake. if it was a true nikon body, why there is a sigma lens in the background?

  • Hanry Voltaire

    Fake. D300 body and sling from D70 ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • NikCanGuy

    Whether the D700 is real or not (and I hope it is), this is clearly a doctored D200 photo, with no attempt to even disguise it.

    If you remove the noise, you will see that the 7 on the camera was doctored from a 2 into a 7. While the ‘D’ and ’00’ are consistent the / on the 7 as been clearly manipulated, as it is the only part that is very solid and very white, unlike the rest of the logo.

    If you ignore the logo completely, it still appears that Nikon would have to be moving backwards from a D300 body style to a D200 body like style, given that the buttons and socket covers match the D200. I mean, the person that created this mock-up didn’t even try to change the viewfinder/prism look large enough to accomodate the requirements of a full frame sensor/mirror.

    As for the built-in flash, while I doubt you will see it on a full-frame DSLR in the near future, you have to keep in mind that many full-frame film SLRs did have built-in flashes, so I’m not sure that would be sufficient by itself to indicate it was a fake, but a fake it is.

  • NikCanGuy

    I just want to retract my comments specifically concerning the buttons and the socket covers, since it is possible that Nikon could have started with the D200 body, especially if this DSLR has been in the works for some time, and besides, if the leaked photos from the promotional materials are real, these are the style of buttons and socket covers that are in those leaked photos.

  • @NikCanGuy:
    So you believe the picture is real?

    How can this be from a Nikon D200? The socket cover is clearly not originating from the Nikon D200 since the pattern around the edges of the cover.

  • NikCanGuy

    No, caps and sockets aside, I still think the picure is a fake. I’ll go a step further than you and point out that, as is, it couldn’t be a D200, since it has two sockets like the D300 where the D200 has only one.

    However, if this is a photo of the soon-to-be released D700, and this person has access to it, let them take a clean, focused, noise free photo. Whow knows, maybe they could use a flash to illuminate the camera, even a decent desk lamp or any other light source that would allow for a decent image. I would think he/she would be able to and would want to provide such a photo if they weren’t trying to hide something with this noisy and detail-lacking image. Like I said, I hope that the D700 is real, but I don’t think that this is a picture of one.

    Give me a decent photo of the D700 that doesn’t look like it was taken by a three year old in a dimly lit room, and I will give it more consideration, but until then, I say fake.

  • Aspegic

    Yes, it is.

  • Renato Pedrosa

    I think it’s real. David Chin shot a D300 at same angle and it was put on top of it with an animation by saminda. Check here, observe that the D700 is taller, the prism top is curved and whole camera is larger vertically (IMO the D700 is farther form view point than D300 in these images).

  • Arterio

    Yeah. I’m pretty sure that it is real. It shares the same traits as the Chinese student’s brochure images.

    The one thing that bothers me is the DX lens on it and the DX lens behind it.

    Why is this so?


  • Josh Geyer

    It’s a D200, the lower socket cover is photoshoped, the strap is from a D70, and the D700 is photoshopped ๐Ÿ™

  • nautiloc

    Look like a D300 with Photoshop relooking but the D70 sling does not mention D70 on it but only Nikon! Photoshop as well

  • Blog Admin

    This is interesting.

  • Ilya

    The “7” in D700 on the strap is far too crooked to be real.

  • Renato Pedrosa

    Ole Thorsen, who posts frequently in DPr says it’s not the 18-200, end of first rubber ring is different.

  • nikjap

    Ohayo gozaimasu from the land of the rising sun.

    People, do you think that the picture above is fake?? Let me tell you that is what D700 look like. You guys must be wondering what make me so sure of this? Because I saw one of the NPS memeber was using it!!!!

    Sorry of my poor English

  • Blog Admin

    Can you give us more details? Please? Any word on the lenses, SB900, D90, D3x?

  • Renato Pedrosa

    Thom Hogan’s confirming Nikon’s announcement next week. Only no details yet:

    ” More Next Week
    June 25–It appears that Nikon will announce the first in a series of new product rollouts next week. I’ll obviously have full details and an analysis, as usual. But there will be a more than Nikon’s news posted on this site next week. Stay tuned…”

  • pablo

    definately fake, the number 7 is just not right.

  • Blog Admin

    Thanks – I just posted that on the blog.

  • Mike

    He has a sigma 10-20mm lens in the background, if youre using an top secret uber-awesome FX sensor camera, why would you shoot it with a DX lens in the background?

  • Mike

    P.S. It looks exactly like a D70 camera strap (remember those? yeah, some of you do ;)). if this person really had a D700, it wouldnt have taken so much effort to shoot it showing the extra ‘0’, or shooting it with your FX lenses ;P

  • Mike

    I Agree with Mac ๐Ÿ™‚


    Here’s the solution! Sorry guys but the picture is fake, like most of you already figured out. Still it was fun to read your comments! Five more days and we’ll get the real stuff!!

  • Quyen

    the photo is a fake, here is the link to the original photo:

    You know its a fake when the image is really grainy. Why would anyone submit a photo that grainy. Even if the photo was taken by a camera phone, camera phones quality are pretty decent these days.

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