More Nikon D700 pictures

I vote fake on this one!

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  • V


    D700 is supposed to be FX… with a DX lens on it? What is this…

  • mircea

    I really think that everybody says the pictures are fake because it looks so much like a D300. I would rather have the design of the “D10” with no pop-up flash, mainly because I hate using flash and would rather have a brighter viewfinder. Keeping my fingers crossed! Cheers

  • mircea

    Either way, anybody who can afford a 3000$ camera should have the money for a SB600 or a SB800. IMHO

  • rad

    You can totally tell that this is a D300 the #7 look so photoshopped its not even funny

  • Joe

    anyone have any theories about a possible kit lens to go with the d700? i might be able to afford the new camera body, but switching to all FX lenses is going to cost a small fortune.

  • Blog Admin

    or the SB900

  • The only “kit lens” they’d think of pairing with a “prosumer FX” body would be the 24-120 VR. And it’s VERY old. I’d say that if they’re going to offer kits, retailers will do it independently with either the current 24-120 or the 24-70, OR, Nikon will re-vamp the 24-120 or us, giving it a constant f/4, VR2, and more sharpness. But I doubt that.


  • These just get more and more fake. A couple of items:

    1.) There is no FX badge. I’d bet a bundle that any and every FX camera from here on out will have the little gold FX logo.

    2.) The sync port caps are the same as the D300’s, when the original D700 leak photos clearly show that they have slightly changed the design of the rubbuer caps. (They look more like the D200’s caps, but ARE indeed rubber (not plastic) and push-in. (not screw-in)

    3.) The lens used is the 18-200 DX. Why would Nikon showcase an FX camera with a DX lens? If anything, they’ll showcase it with whatever new lenses they’re cooking up. I bet anything we’ll see it showcased with either the 24-120 or the new PC-E lenses…

    4.) Love it or hate it, the D700 will have a pop-up flash, most likely. Personally I find it very handy for commanding remotes and the camera is so much easier to handle without an SB800 on top… One reason why I’ll probably never get a “flagship” series…


  • jeff-c

    The flash-synch and shutter plug cover is D300 style.

  • Mike

    “I really think that everybody says the pictures are fake because it looks so much like a D300.”

    Well, just that and a little thing like… WHY WOULD NIKON PUT A DX LENS ON A FULL FRAME CAMERA??????


  • Mike

    Or sb-400 even more ;P.

  • Just because there’s a DX lens on what is rumored to be an FX body, doesn’t debunk it. You can still use DX lenses on the D3. Your photos will, however, be cropped.

  • Babak Javani

    it,s a Great camera , well done NIikon !

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