Nikon D700 specs revealed

Price (body only) :US $ 2999(2999美元)

Sensor(感光原件) :
• 36 x 23.9 mm CMOS sensor
• FX format
• RGB Color Filter Array
• Built-in fixed low-pass filter
• 12.9 million total pixels
• 12.1 million effective pixels
• 3:2 aspect ratio

Image processor(影像处理器) :Nikon EXPEED

A/D conversion(数模转换器) :14 bit

Image sizes(图片尺寸) :
(FX format)
• 4256 x 2832 [L; 12.1 MP]
• 3184 x 2120 [M; 6.8 MP]
• 2128 x 1416 [S; 3.0 MP]
(DX format)
• 2784 x 1848 [L; 5.1 MP]
• 2080 x 1384 [M; 2.9 MP]
• 1392 x 920 [S; 1.3 MP]]

File formats(文件格式) :
• NEF (12-bit or 14-bit, compressed or lossless compressed RAW)
• JPEG (EXIF 2.21)

Lens mount(镜头接口) :
• Nikon F mount with AF coupling and AF contacts
• No field of view crop (full-frame)
• When using DX lenses / DX mode 1.5x FOV crop

Usable lenses(可使用镜头类型) :
• Type G or D AF NIKKOR: All functions supported
• DX AF NIKKOR: All functions supported except FX-format (36×24)/5:4 (30×24) image size 
• AF NIKKOR other than type G or D: All functions supported except 3D Color Matrix Metering II
• AI-P NIKKOR: All functions supported except autofocus and 3D Color Matrix Metering II
• Non-CPU AI NIKKOR: Can be used in exposure modes A and M; electronic rangefinder can be used if maximum aperture is f/5.6 or faster; Color Matrix Metering and aperture value display supported if user provides lens data

Auto Focus(自动对焦方式) :
• 51 focus points (15 cross-type sensors) 
• Multi-CAM 3500FX
• AF working range: -1 to +19 EV
• Contrast Detect in Live View (Tripod) mode 

Exposure modes(曝光模式) :
• Program Auto [P] with flexible program
• Shutter-Priority Auto [S]
• Aperture-Priority Auto [A]

Metering(测光模式)  :
• 3D Color Matrix Metering II (type G and D lenses); color matrix metering II (other CPU lenses); color matrix metering (non-CPU lenses if user provides lens data; metering performed)
• Center-weighted: Weight of 75% given to 8, 15, or 20 mm dia. circle in center of frame or weighting based on average of entire frame
• Spot: Meters approx. 4 mm dia. circle (about 1.5% of frame) centered on selected focus point (on center focus point when non-CPU lens is used)

White balance(白平衡) :
• Auto (1005-pixel CCD, image sensor) 
• Presets (seven) with fine tuning 
• Manual presets (four) 
• Color temperature in Kelvin (2500 - 10000 K, 31 steps)
• White balance bracketing (2 to 9 frames, 10,20,30 MIRED steps)

Sensitivity(感光度) :
• Auto (200 - 6400) 
• Up to ISO 25600(expanded range)

Flash Sync Mode(闪光模式) :
• Front-curtain Sync (normal)
• Red-Eye Reduction
• Red-Eye Reduction with Slow Sync
• Slow Sync
• Rear-curtain Sync

Languages(菜单语言) :
• Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
• Dutch
• English
• Finnish
• French
• German
• Italian
• Japanese
• Korean
• Polish
• Portuguese
• Russian
• Spanish
• Swedish

Storage(存储) :
• Compact Flash Type I or II
• UDMA, Microdrive and FAT32 supported

Power(电源) :
• Lithium-Ion EN-EL3e (7.4 V, 1500 mAh) 
• Included battery charger MH-18a
• Optional AC adapter EH-5a
• Optional MB-D10 battery pack / vertical grip

Vertical grip(外接手柄) :
• Optional MB-D10 battery pack / vertical grip
• One Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL4a, EN-EL4 or EN-EL3e or eight R6/AA-size alkaline (LR6), Ni-MH (HR6), lithium (FR6) batteries, or nickel-manganese ZR6 batteries

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  • I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mircea

    Hi! Finnaly a tinme to upgrade from my D70. I have only one question: Shouldn’t it also have a M mode? It says on the specs that it only has P, S, and A. I think it must have slipped…

  • Fr0

    Uhhhhh, the biggest question to me is:

    If these are the real specs, why are the heading comments in Chinese? Wouldn’t these things leak out from Japan instead of China?

  • Blog Admin

    Made in China maybe? I got them from a forum.

  • Andrew

    those specs look real just missing one thing…. extandard iso down to 100 i wonder if it will have that or not

  • Rad

    If this is true, why would anyone buy a D3? Unless they are replacing the D3?

  • This had better have a sensor cleaner on it or Nikon’s going to be in trouble.

    Also, is it me or is there no appreciable difference between this and the D3? All those D3 owners are going to feel pretty crappy.

  • hum….. FPS?
    I think this camera will shoot like 6fps instead of the 9 of the D3. Clearly the d3 is a Press-camera, this will be a semipro full sensor.
    I think that next camera nikon will release will be a D3X or D4 with at least 24MP.

  • daveNYC

    If this is going to be a full-frame prosumer model, then its closest competition will be the 5D, which is about $1100 less. If this is for real, I don’t understand what their plan is.

  • pint

    the 5D is $1100 less RIGHT NOW because they are clearing it out for whatever they are goign to replace it with. Which will likely sell for around $3k.

  • David

    Well, I hope this rumour is true. We need both Sony and Nikon to bring out more full frame cameras to give Canon a competitive prod. That 5D is a great camera, but without modern features like live view and auto-sensor cleaning its looking long in the tooth. With Nikon, Canon and Sony predicted to reveal FX bodies in the next year or so prices should drop, and quality should rise. Personally I am too broke at present to buy another camera, but I’m glad of that. This years affordable models are going to be seriously outclassed by the next generation FX. A great time to be a digital photographer! DX sucks, long live FX.

  • Is it going to have an onboard flash? Some of the photos you have seem to have the line of one.

  • Blog Admin

    This is tough one to guess. My personal opinion – no.

  • EKA

    If the rumours true, i´m still curious about the fps performance. The specs on this side says nothing about how many frames per second the camera performs. A very important question to be answered to us sports photographers.
    Any rumours about fps performance of D700

  • Nounours

    Canon 5D’s MSRP was $3300 when it came out.
    The 5DMarkII is rumored at $3500 (of course, it’s just rumors).
    Nikon’s D3 is already available at $4200 after just a few months.
    It’s obvious that the D700 wouldn’t stay at $3000 after the initial hype.
    My bet is that it would probably go down around $2400-$2500 after a few months, which would put it at around $500 more than he 5D.

  • jo-1

    well – this looks absolutely possible to me. And it would make absolutely sens in every aspect.

    If Nikon is prepping a new 24 MPixel sensor (maybe together with Sony) then the “old” 12 MPixel sensor has to be ‘downgraded’ to the prosumer line. A D3 might have it’s niche for pure sports photographers and might stay for a while in the market. A D3x instead must have an advantage over a prosumer line. I was always doubting the rumors that Nikon would bring out a D10 with FF and 16 MPixel – what would have been the result for the actual FF sensor?

    No – this rumor makes absolutely sense and I go even one step further.

    A D3x + a D700 + a D3 would make a family concept and in two years from now a D800 would ideally fit with 24 MPixels as well. Sensor evolution is a costly thing to say and Nikon is surely quoting their R&D budget carefully. The next evolution will be higher ISO for a 24 MPixel sensor and maybe even 30 MPixel as soon as they have the technology at hand (or Sony has it)

    A D700 is nothing more than a D3 and therefore it is surely no camera for me because i could have bought a 5D long time ago – let’s cross the fingers and for the D3x below 6 k USD and 24 MPixel – this will be the ‘golden standard’ for all digital photographers. A D700 would be like a Porsche Cayman while there is still the 911 around 😉

  • There is so much I could say about this. So much to debate. (in a friendly manner, I mean.) Gotta get to sleep though.

    All I’m gonna say is that, whether or not these specs ARE a true leak, this really IS just about the camera we OUGHT to see sooner or later.

    And NO, it will not kill the D3, it’ll probably be “only” 5-6 FPS and have a handful of other limitations… (no dual card slots, lower rated shutter life, etc.) Sure, a good number of the people who REALLY didn’t NEED the D3 in the first place are going to be upset that they bought it. But that is inevitable with ANY “affordable alternative” wouldn’t you think?


  • I am not convinced by this D700.
    The specifications are too much D3, important issues like fps are missing. This D700 would kill the D3 in addition with a D3x. Nikon is not so fast with new cameras.

    I much more believe in a D80 update and the D3x.

  • sunmm


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