Nikon D700

I am not going to comment this time:

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  • Martin

    Reminds me of the “What is that”-Post some days ago..

  • Blog Admin

    Yes, but the display is larger.

  • Nate

    I agree. Interestingly the text actually reads like a Nikon flyer, creative rumor generator or fact? The naming progression makes some sense too leaving room for D300 successors (D400, 500…) and is clearly placed above the current D300. In a theorizing email with a friend over email, it was suggested that since D10 and D30 variations are too close to Canon models that the new “FX” would probably have a new name. The images of the camera fame look pretty real, at least at this resolution, and all the “sensor” inside the mount looks properly proportioned. Note how it conveniently mates with the MB-D10 too. This could be it… Gotta love the rumors…

  • Blog Admin

    Now I am getting different type of comments! No cursing, no one has mentioned PS yet – so this really could be the real deal! If they are printing the fliers now, we should be pretty damn close. Price will be a completely different topic.

  • Closest thing to legit that I’ve seen yet! But still, the name, D700? Huh? Is that Nikon’s innuendo that we’ll have three more semi-pro DX bodies (D400, D500, D600) and then semi-pro DX will end? *shrug*

    Only time will tell! It’s just that wow, if literature is being printed NOW, what time table does that put us on for the actual release?


  • Michael

    Rumors say it will be released on the 1st of july, could be possible if flyers are printed right now.


  • Schon wieder Nikon Gerüchte: D700 Vollformat D-SLR

    Na, momentan geht es ja rund im Märchenwald. Nikon Rumors will schon wieder etwas von einer neuen D-SLR erfahren haben, die nun auf den Namen D700 hören soll und einen Fullframe-CMOS-Sensor (FX) mit 12.1 MP haben soll.

    Den verschwommenen B…

  • Michael

    looks like a hoax

    Have a look at the picture here

    The “D700” sign looks badly PSed – the last “0” seems to have a different angle and badly cutNpasted (look at the upper right corner of the second “0”), already counting in the fact that the photographed piece of paper is in bad condition.

  • Bernd

    There is another picture at the FM Forums’ thread:

  • Marcel

    Its a shame that its only 12.1 mpx. If the canon rumors are any good. The two rumored models 3d and 6d wil kick ass.

    Also its a shame they didnt call it the d10, has a much cooler feeling to it dan d700

  • nikon user

    I’m very happy they are keeping it at 12MP rather than ramping it up for the consumers that can only understand one metric of camera quality.

  • Nikon D700?

    何時もなら、ウワサってことで済ますけど今回のは 掲示されてる写真がカーナーリー信

  • Nikon D700?

    何時もなら、ウワサってことで済ますけど今回のは 掲示されてる写真がカーナーリー信

  • englishfil

    On the name – it would not be quite so silly if the next top-of-the-line Nikon SLR was in fact called the F7 and not the much anticipated D3x.
    I am guessing the hoaxer thought this – the language in that brochure seems too dumb for Nikon.

  • Matt

    I think that this might be real.

  • hzj105

    It is!
    Held it in my hands this week!
    Had to sign NDA.
    Coming soon!

  • tdeece

    Uh yeah, that totally convinces me!

  • HZJ105

    New flash to.

  • Fred

    “PS+Word+Printer+PhoneCamera”, do I need to say more. Anyone can make it look like a “flyer”. Why? … Well, some people just have too much time.

  • Blog Admin

    I heard about that, but could not find anything besides the name. Let me know if you know more.

  • Blog Admin

    If this is true – give us more info. Please?

  • In any case, it fuels the conversations in French. 😉

  • Blog Admin

    I think 12.1 is ok, if that will keep the price down. 

  • HZJ105

    Head autoadjusts from17-200mm.
    Flashtube moves back and forward in it’s housing.

  • Anonymous

    Claims that he shot this when he saw it in person

  • Anonymous
  • Michael

    I just read on a Dutch Nikon forum that someone who works at a distribution center in Belgium (from which Nikon sends the cameras) confirmed the existence of the D700, their already stacked up there. I have no reason to doubt what he is saying, but then again, i can’t be 100% sure…

  • Blog Admin

    What did they take this picture with? A pen camera? Even then it would be a better quality. It looks like a D3 to me, but then again it could the real deal.

  • no-idea

    i confirm, the date is official already, 1st july

  • More Nikon D700 pictures plus do I see some new lenses?

    Some more additions to the first post of Nikon D700: …

  • Mike

    If you think this isnt real, why?

    Did you see the size of the viewfinder?

    What of the inside where the sensor goes? Does that look like a regular size dx sensor?

    How would a photoshop jockey make the inside of the body big enough to appear as if it would house a full frame sensor without changing the lighting????

    You guys who disagree arent the brightest of the bunch lol.

  • Mike

    Lol… photoshopped d3, nice try guy.

  • Nick

    Yesterday, my local camera shop, at my request, asked Nikon about details of the new DSLR. Nikon UK confirmed there will be an announcement within 2 weeks but were not at liberty to say what!

    So there, crystal clear!

  • John
  • drjackall

    Canon will definetly kick it’s ass if the rumours I’ve just heard are true – they’re planning to both lower the 1Ds Mark III price to affordable level and release successor of 5D at the same time… and there’s 1Ds Mark IV comming to be the King for high end users. As far as I know the current EOS 5D users will also have a cheap upgrade option to model of their choice as well as the 1Ds Mark *** current users… no more, no less – an overkill it seems 😐

  • Harrie

    It’s official, just got a mail from Nikon: 12,1 mpx CMOS (24×36), iso 200-6400 (until 25600), 51 autofocusfields incl. 15 cross, 8 fps with MBD10, 5 without, 3 inch monitor 920.000 px, integrated flash

  • Very Nice Camera. Looks good.

  • 12.1 resolution ist very Nice for this Camera.

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