More Nikon D700 pictures plus do I see some new lenses?

Some more additions to the first post of Nikon D700:

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  • Stylus

    Hot damn… this looks pretty legit.

  • Nate

    Looks like we’re getting a new Micro Nikkor! and apparently in the first pic, the D700 will be able to do DX crop!

  • Anonymous

    but a 45mm macro? Isn’t the 60mm to short already?

  • I’m happy with my D300 and I’m not willing to forgo my nice sensor cleaner just yet. We’ll see if the new FX sensor has its own sensor cleaner.

  • “the highly responsive AF sensor detects your subjects in EV as low as -1”???
    that’s obviously fake! EV doesn’t affect auto focus. it affects the shutter speed/aperture.

    SO this is almost beliveable…. ALMOST. 😉

  • Nate

    Oh, I didn’t read close enough re. the 45 Micro, I was wondering if it was going to be something like a 200 Micro. I’m not a macro or PC expert so I wonder what this lenses would be used for? I would assume they wouldn’t make it if it didn’t have a specific purpose. Perhaps it is for high depth of field portraits? Any one have any ideas?

  • Anonymous

    So you’re saying that autofocus would work as well in complete darkness and in broad daylight ?

  • JoeyC

    I think there’s a tyop though. . . .3-4 lines from the bottom of the 51-pt. AF blurb, the word ‘system’s’ is used, with ‘system” on one line and the ‘s’ on the next, presumably for typesetting reasons. I’m no expert on Nikon sales literature, but this seems a bit odd / unprofessional.

  • JD

    This is a work of somebody with a lot of time on their hands.. Why on Earth would a 45mm pc-e have a different external structure to 24mm or 80mm – e.g. why would the adjustment pin point up rather than down? It would probably be difficult to use on a body with a protruding pentaprism box… i’m calling a PS on this one. A good try though.

  • Arterio

    Nicely done!

    Let’s hope this is for real!

  • TRB

    Anyone else think it’s strange that there’s no full shot of the camera itself? Sure, we get some small crops of a few controls (which happen to look identical to the D200), but no full shots of the actual camera body. If you were going to take photos to leak something like this, wouldn’t that be the first shot you’d take?

  • Ryan

    I downloaded the images and viewed the EXIF data. It appears that at least the first image came from a Japanese cell phone camera. It shows up as KDDI-SH, model W52SH. Interesting…

  • Ks

    Duh…Another armchair photographer

  • Blog Admin

    Maybe Nikon is reading this blog and they looked for a model number that is not mentioned as a rumor yet – D700.


    it could be a draft

  • NN

    It does say competing systems, and Nikon system. There is one Nikon system and many competing other systems

  • Blog Admin

    I agree the wording is weird – there is an “s” all by itself on the next line.

  • Blog Admin

    it’s a Sharp cell phone – I think it is available only Japan:

  • Blog Admin

    I was actually expecting different lenses, not those two.

  • Blog Admin

    I agree, but I cannot believe that someone will spend so much time on this and miss this detail.

  • It’s called the zone system. All makers use it to define how dim of a light level their camera can AF in. Check any previous release.



  • Mike

    Doesn’t it seem slightly odd that the MB-D10 would carry over from the D300? Most grips are replaced with each subsequent release.

  • Okay a number of things:

    No, the images don’t necessarily look like they are from the D200. In fact everything looks like it came from the D3 or D300. D3 = viewfinder and rear joypad, D300 = memory card door.

    Yes, we have already expected the new PC-E lenses, the 24mm is already out and Nikon has stated that the 45mm and 85mm PC-E are coming. You can see official photos of those lenses anywhere.

    The “new” lens in question I believe is in the third photo. The focus ring looks like a prime, but there’s definitely a zoom ring. The ONLY lens like that is the 24-120 VR I believe.

    “The Nikon system’s” is possessive, that’s why the apostrophe. Must have accidentally put a space in after the apostrophe?

    And yes, the wording is fishy. That last line on AF sounds like a poke at the Canon 1D mk3. It SOUNDS written by a faker who used terms that a marketing department wouldn’t use.

    Just my two cents. And the whole MB-D10 vs D700 thing leaves us hanging too. But then again, D10 was a horrible idea for a camera name. Or at least, D11, D12 and D13 etc would have been horrible successor names. (Just try and pronounce “dee eleven”, yuck!)

    For now, I’m buying this!


  • Yes, however the reasoning behind this was that previously, EVERY battery grip has been NAMED AFTER the body it couples with. MB-D200 for the D200, MB-D80 for the D80, etc. etc. The fact that the D300’s vertical grip is NOT called the MB-D300 screams “also fits other bodies” to knowledgable guys like Thom Hogan…


  • Ryan

    So at least we know it’s a Japanese faker.

  • Mike

    Well, the grip for my F90x is called an “MB-10.”

  • curlykale

    This is part of a print run direct from a litho printer. To fake this would not only have taken a lot of time but would have cost too!!! Who is going to gain from this if it’s a fake?

  • Blog Admin

    I am just thinking – maybe the person who took the pictures did not have a clue about photography and just wanted to be famous – this will explain why there is no picture of the full D700 body. Regarding the language: maybe this is the copy before the final translation is done by professional.

  • kat

    i luv conspiracies.

    maybe it’s all orchestrated by nikon themselves.

  • Ryan

    This is plausible. Even if it was someone who knows how these types of discussions go, they would have known that no one trusts a photo of a camera body because they are too easy to fake; legit photos of text are pretty rare, so this combined with the lithograph printing seems quite convincing.

  • Mike

    I saved the page to my desktop and opened it in CS3. Upon zooming in I can see pixels around the font, as if it had been added in later. It’s as if the black text doesn’t match the resolution of the white background.

  • VicLauYYC

    One problem, Nikon print martial usually don’t feature Asian model. And this one has an asian model, Vietnamese maybe? Maybe I am just too picky. Also, if D700 can ISO25600, then it is pretty much a cheap D3 with all the feature. I don’t think Nikon is that stupid to rush out product before they totally cash out D3.

  • Tim

    Nikon has touted -1 EV sensitivity for decades. This is consistent for them and would seem to grant creditbility.

  • Ryan

    Er…the poster was said to be a Chinese student studying in Japan as I checked in Xitek(I am a Chinese as well). So things are gettting more solid …

  • sl647

    What looks fishy is the small prism-dome
    for FX – especially when looking on the depictet D10-grip an the side-view
    showing the large FX prism dome

    One camera – to different bodies when
    seen from the front and the side???

  • Nikon D700

    I am not going to comment this time:Update: more pictures available here. …

  • cray

    My $0.02 worth – eye piece looks like pro series D2X/D3, and yet D700 is more in line with D200/300 series reads like a FX sensor in a D300 body with a D3 eye piece.
    Strange name to start a new class of camera, but then they did give us the D100,D70,D50,D80,D40,D60 spread over 2 classes of camera!

  • Well, I really thought it was a fake and cos I cannot afford a D3 went and ordered a 2ndhand D200 because I just cannot cope with D300 noise floor/detail reduction issues anymore!(British Compromise!)

    Having asked what I use now and heard that I have but find too heavy a 1Ds, but loads of FF Nikkors waiting for…. the man at Nikon in Richmond UK said that he could not confirm any rumours, but that had I not seen all the stuff flying around the web.?

    I said I’d seen these cutout clippings from A Dpreview forum thread but had even posted that IMHO they are all a fake.

    But he persisted in actually suggesting that as I could not afford D3 that I might be persuaded at a Nikon hands-on trial day thingy to part-exchange the sacred and holy 1Ds for this rumour, helped by my friendly dealer with Nikon back-up.

    So,?……as I complained about weight of said 1Ds, and as he suggested I might be happier with this unconfirmed rumour (and a D3 weighs a lot too!) is this rumour, being ONLY a rumour, a lighter than air machine, or is it D300 size?

    Whatever, the man with the plan said that he could confirm nothing at all, but then, folks, I had not asked him to.

    I only rang to ask for a trial of a D3, or better, the gift to me of that superb machine for the comfort of my orphan lenses, because the man at Nikon had written to ask if I were interested in a D3.

    The big question of course has to be when and will it surpass the 1Ds/5D canon axis IQ-wise?

    Your rumour is as good as mine, but are your photos???

    Actualite (Actual Light Eh?!) or news, in French.

    So now it is all actuations we are all news photographers.

  • Blog Admin

    The good thing is that we find out soon (hopefully) – July 1st?

  • Nikon D700

    Kompakte Profileistung mit FX-Sensor
    Nachdem die Gerüchteküche relativ lange und heftig “gebrodelt” hat … ist es nun offiziell:
    Nikon präsentiert mit der D700 eine brandneue Spiegelreflexkamera im FX-Sensor Format. Die D700 steht f…

  • hubbabubba
  • freddyc

    One possible explanation for no pictures of the full body is that the poster did not have access to the full brochure, but just a few pages from it. Still the most convincing evidence for the existance of the D700.

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