Nikon D10

Ok folks, you all asked for it - two pictures of Nikon D10. The second one looks fake, but the first one? It looks like the current D3, or does it? I will let you decide (in my opinion it looks pretty damn good for a fake, but what do I know).

Busted or plausible?
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  • I think the mirror on the top photo looks too small to be an FX sensor.

  • Au contraire, that is definitely FX size I’d say. Still, probably photoshopped. It’s just the D3 and D300 spliced together. They are definitely two different photoshop jobs too, cause the height of the viewfinder and the Nikon logo are vastly different between the light and dark images here. And why does the right-front corner of the body not turn up like the D300 does, so that it can fit the MB-D10 grip? Oh and even the “D10” font is different between these two images.


  • Chris

    bottom bottom one is photoshopped. Look at the white above the camera. You can see where the person didn’t clean up the background. No clue about the top photo, but I want it to be real. I have my fingers crossed that Nikon will release a:

    FX Camera with 16.5 megapixels
    5+ FPS
    around $3000

  • Blog Admin

    I agree, the second picture looks fake, but the first one looks real. What is more interesting is where I found it: The slogan of this site is “NO COPYRIGHT. NO LICENSE – Free uncensored image hosting” If this was the product of an “artist” it will be all over the forums. I guess the person that posted it, wanted to keep low profile and did not want to leave any traces (you can submit to this site without registration). The picture was uploaded on 2008-05-20

  • Josh Geyer

    I think it’s fake. Just because the MB-D10 battery grip wouldn’t fit on it… But… I hope it’s real!

  • Arterio

    I’m hoping it is real as well. It’s about time that Nikon introduces a prosumer full frame digital SLR camera that competes well with Canon.

  • Blog Admin

    Yes, we all have to admit that currently Canon has the edge.

  • Well, Canon’s 5D has one edge, it’s sensor. (For the price) Other than that, we have finally achieved stalemate. The D10 is the last piece of the puzzle. (provided the D3X is what we all assume it will be, a 24 MP FX 1Ds mk3 killer)

    So unless you need the (affordable) high ISO and shallow DOF that the 5D offers, (and are willing to put up with the ancient body that comes with it) …Canon doesn’t really have an edge. And since personally I manage to get by with the D300’s high ISO performance and the DOF of f/1.8 and f/1.4 even on DX, Nikon has the edge for me by a long shot.

    Take care,

  • nikon fan

    All the big guys like Engadget, Gizmoto, dpreview were late on this news (they are all over it today) – it was reported first here…. 4 days ago

  • Anon

    The “D10” portion of the top pic is surrounded by pixelation (almost a perfect rectangle) while the rest of the area surrounding it doesn’t.

  • moksha

    that’s a very common compression artifact, not necessarily an indication that the image has been fooled around with.

  • Blog Admin

    There is also pixelation around the left buttons (trigger) area if this is what you mean.

  • cray

    So we have a D10 and D700 – both mid range FX Nikons – D10 hinted at from accessory name and pics of a D700 brochure from Asia. I dont think both can be correct!

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