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Sponsorship is why Scott Kelby switched from Nikon to Canon and that’s ok

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Don’t be fooled folks – no matter what they tell you, there is only one reason why Scott Kelby switched from Nikon to Canon: sponsorship and there is nothing wrong with that. Blame the Nikon USA marketing department for that. Of course this is just my own opinion.

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Guest post: Different angles of Mademoiselle Eiffel by Patrik Banas

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The guest post “Different angles of Mademoiselle Eiffel” is by Patrik Banas (Web | Blog | Facebook): If you have only a limited opportunity to take pictures during your occasional travels, do not hesitate and take this as a possibility to train your eye, find more angles, try something new… aka “work it, work it, work it”. Even one […]

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CES 2014: Nikon captures 3D model of a person and inserts it into a video game

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  The 2014 CES  is now over. On the show’s floor Nikon had a 64 cameras setup for creating detailed 3D model of a person that was later inserted into a video game. The clips you are seeing are not post processed and are not displayed at full resolution. The total image size from the 64 cameras […]

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Guest post: Shark Photography

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Today’s guest post on Shark Photography is by Brook Ward (Website|Facebook|Google+|500px|Flickr): Shark photography….really???? I know that’s what you’re asking at this very moment. Let me come back to that question. My interest in photography and scuba diving was engrained in me early by my father. In the 1960’s he was scuba diving on shipwrecks in […]

6 Great White Shark
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Wagner Araujo: behind the scenes story on the shot that won the National Geographic Travel Photo Contest

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This is the behind the scenes story about the shot “Brazilian Aquathlon” by Wagner Araujo (www.waguinhoa.com.br) that won the first prize at the 2013 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest: I’m a professional photographer form Brazil and also editor of the main Triathlon website and online magazine in Brazil: www.mundotri.com.br I live at the airport. No, just […]

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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! Thank you all for being part of the NikonRumors community. The [NR] blog that I started back in 2008 now has over 3,300 posts with 315,000 comments and between 4 and 6 million pageviews generated by 1 million unique visitors every month from every corner of the world. Here is the break […]

Happy New Year NikonRumors
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Guest post: switching from Nikon to Canon

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Today’s guest post on switching from Nikon to Canon is by Tatsu Ikeda (Website | Flickr | Facebook | Twitter): I bought a Nikon D80 in 2008 for a vacation trip, because I simply didn’t own a camera, not even a cellphone one. Looking back, I probably bought it against Canon’s offerings because the Rebels looked pretty low-rent and the 50D […]

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