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86 Nikon Image Space accounts compromised, Nikon issues an apology

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Nikon issued a statement that a total 86 Nikon Image Space accounts were compromised. The issue is now fixed, but those 86 users will no longer be able to login to their accounts (full details after the break). Nikon Image Space offers 20GB of free online photo storage if you own a Nikon camera. New Android and iOS apps for […]

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Nikon View NX 2.7.6, Capture NX 2.4.3 released

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Nikon released new versions of their View NX and Capture NX software:

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Adobe Lightroom 5 released with Nikkor 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6G lens support

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Adobe officially released Lightroom 5 with support for the new 80-400mm Nikkor lens, Coolpix A and P330 cameras. The upgrade prices starts from $79. A full list of supported new lenses and cameras can be found here. Adobe published also a set of FAQ that will help you migrate to LR5. If you run into any problems, some solutions […]

Adobe Lightroom 5
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Nikon NEF Codec 1.18.1 released with D600 support

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Nikon released version 1.18.1 of their NEF Codec which now support D600 images captured with the latest firmware update. Nikon NEF Codec makes Nikon RAW (.NEF) files easy accessible in a Windows environment. Update: Nikon NRW Codec 1.4.0 was also released.

Nikon NEF Codec
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Free open source tethering software for Nikon DSLR cameras

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DigiCamControl is a free, open source program that gives you full control over Nikon cameras from your Windows PC. It supports tethering, live view, remote triggering, direct image transfer, controlling multiple cameras simultaneously and even offers you to control the camera from your tablet or smartphone. This is the first full release of digiCamControl which […]

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Nikon ViewNX 2.7.5 and Capture NX 2.4.2 released

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Today Nikon announced ViewNX 2.7.5 and Capture NX 2.4.2. The only modification in the new versions is related to the Nikon D600: When RAW images captured with a D600 running C firmware Ver. 1.01 at an Image area setting of DX (24×16) 1.5× and any Active D-Lighting setting other than Off were opened in ViewNX 2 […]

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Nikon SDK C# wrapper library

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For all of you software developers out there – a reader created an open source C# wrapper library for Nikon’s MAID SDK: “This project aims to provide an easy-to-use C# library that wraps the functionality of the native Nikon MAID SDK. The library allows you to control your Nikon DSLR via USB using just a few lines […]

Nikon SDK C# wrapper library (2)
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