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Adobe Lightroom 5.5, Camera Raw 8.5 and DNG Converter 8.5 now available with support for the latest Nikon gear

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Today Adobe released Lightroom 5.5 (download links: Win | Mac), Camera Raw 8.5 and DNG Converter 8.5 (download links: Win | Mac). They also announced several new products and features – see the recap on PhotoRumors.com. Here is the changelog for the newly aded Nikon gear:

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Nikon Capture NX-D beta version 0.9.2 released

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Today Nikon released beta version 0.9.2 of the new Capture NX-D software (made by Silkypix). Nikon also updated their User Feedback page with more Q&A:

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Nikon answers questions about the new Capture NX-D software

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Nikon answered several question regarding their new Capture NX-D software (you can give Nikon your feedback or ask a question here):

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More firmware updates for Nikon AW110 and L820, new Nikon Message Centre version

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In addition to the new D4s firmware, today Nikon also released firmware updates for the Coolpix AW110 and L820 cameras and a new Nikon Message Centre version for Windows:

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Nikon Capture NX 2.4.7 released

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In addition to the new ViewXN version, Nikon also released Capture NX 2.4.7 ($131.99). Download links: Nikon USA Nikon EU List of Capture NX 2.4.7 updates:

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Nikon ViewNX 2.9.2 released

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Nikon released ViewNX 2.9.2 with the support for the latest Nikon 1 V3 and Coolpix S810C cameras. Support for Windows XP has been eliminated.

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Yes, the new Nikon NX-D software is made by Silkypix

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A quick update on my last NX-D post: yes, the Nikon NX-D software is indeed made by Silkypix. Using a hex editor, a readers found “Ichikawa Soft Laboratory SILKYPIX” in one of the Capture NX-D files named CNXD.dll.

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