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Nikon accessories: Phottix Mitros TTL flash for Nikon, Leica M and Helicoid adapters for F mount, underwater housing for D7100 and more

Phottix Mitros TTL flash for Nikon spotted in the wild: a reader sent me this picture of the not yet announced Phottix Mitros TTL flash for Nikon cameras. The Canon version was announced last year - you can see the detailed specifications here. This adapter (can be purchased on eBay for around $45) will allow to mount Nikon […]

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Nikon SB-400 Speedlight discontinued

The retail chain Mediamarkt in Germany currently has the Nikon SB-400 Speedlight listed as discontinued in their inventory system. In the past four years Nikon did update the SB-600 (with the SB-700) and SB-800 (updated twice already with the SB-900 and SB-910), but the SB-400 remained untouched since its introduction back in 2006. There is a very good chance that […]

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Phottix released their new Odin TTL flash trigger for Nikon

Today Phottix released their new Odin TTL flash trigger for Nikon cameras:

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Nikon SB-910 vs. Nikon SB-900: Speedlight overheat test by Cary Jordan

  Nikon SB-910 Vs. Nikon SB-900: Speedlight Overheat Test by Cary Jordan (Web | Flickr | Personal FB page |The Jordan Collective’s FB Page | Twitter) When the Nikon SB-910 Speedlight was announced, it brought-forth the promise of fixing the Nikon SB-900′s one serious flaw: Overheating issues. The SB-900 is a great flashgun, but for some photographers in the event and wedding photography […]

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Nikon SB-910 Speedlight now in stock

The Nikon SB-910 flash is now in stock at B&H.

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Nikon SB-910 now shipping to dealers in the US

The new Nikon SB-910 flash is already available in Europe. The new Speedlight is now shipping to dealers in the US. Expect delivery to customers to start by the end of this week. Check also this specs comparison between the SB-900 and SB-910.

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Nikon SB-910 Speedlight flash now shipping in Europe

The Nikon SB-910 Speedlight flash is already shipping in Europe – the picture above was taken at Foto Hans Keuzekamp in the Netherlands. Expect the US shipments to start next week.

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