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Reminder: possible Nikon D7200, J5 and Coolpix cameras announcement next week

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Nikon is rumored to have a new products announcement in early March. I still do not have the exact date, but I hear that new products will be released next week. Here is what to expect:

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What to expect from Nikon in March

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This is what I expect Nikon to announce in the next few weeks: → Nikon D7200 camera. → Nikon 1 J5 mirrorless camera. → Nikon Coolpix camera with large sensor: I have been reporting for months that Nikon is working on a new Coolpix camera with a large sensor. I am still not sure of the size of […]

Nikon Rumors
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Nikon D7200 camera announcement before March 13th

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The Nikon D7200 will be officially announced in the next few weeks, most likely before March 13, 2015. These are the only set of rumored specifications I received back in December: New 24MP APS-C sensor Nikon D750 styled body with a tilting screen Expeed 4 processor MultiCAM 3500DX2 autofocus system 51 AF points Built-in Wi-Fi 6fps […]

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Nikon D7200 and Nikon 1 J5 cameras could be announced few weeks after the CP+ show

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The Nikon D7200 and Nikon 1 J5 cameras are coming for sure and most likely will be announced few weeks after the CP+ show. I am not sure why Nikon decided to announce a major product (D7200) shorty after one of the most popular photography shows in the world. I want to remind you that both the […]

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Nikon D810a leaks online, still nothing on the D7200

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The French website Les Numeriques briefly published their Nikon D810a post online and then quickly removed. Unfortunately I missed it by few minutes. As you can see from the screenshot above, Google already captured the original D810a link, the cached version is still not available is available here. Here is the original link which now redirects to the […]

Nikon D810a
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Nikon D7200 was mentioned on Nikon USA website

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At some point the D7200 was mentioned on Nikon USA website. Usually searching for a non-existent camera on nikon.com will return no matches, but that’s not the case with the D7200 – of course this could also be a typo or a mistake. In the past similar leaks on nikon.com happened with the SB-500 flash and Nikon […]

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Nikon announcement this week (D810a, D7200, j5, Coolpix cameras)

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Nikon will have a new products announcement in the next 2-3 days. I am not sure about the exact date, but it will be before the start of the CP+ show in Japan (February 12-15, 2015). Here is another recap on what to expect: New special Nikon D810a DSLR camera designed for deep-sky astrophotography with increased […]

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