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Nikon CP+ announcement: D7200, J5, P900, AW130, P610, L840, S9900, S7000 and S3700 cameras

The Russian website novocert.ru has multiple online certificates for the Nikon cameras that will be released next month during the CP+ show: Nikon D7200 Nikon 1 J5 Nikon Coolpix P900, AW130 Nikon Coolpix P610, L840, S9900, S7000, S3700 Note: the Nikon Coolpix S2700 camera is already officially announced.

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What to expect from Nikon in the first few months of 2015

The first Nikon’s announcement for 2015 will be either on or around January 5th (for the CES show in Vegas) or on/around January 16th, 2015. Another round of new products could also be introduced for the CP+ show in February. A quick rumors recap on what to expect from Nikon in the next few months: Nikon […]

Nikon Rumors
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Nikon D7200 rumored specifications

Here are the rumored Nikon D7200 specifications: New 24MP APS-C sensor Nikon D750 styled body with a tilting screen Expeed 4 processor MultiCAM 3500DX2 autofocus system 51 AF points Built-in Wi-Fi 6fps Buffer: 16 RAW+JPG Video: 1080p @60 and 720p @120 (not sure about 4k) Video aperture will be adjustable during live view Expected announcement […]

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New Nikon D5500 DSLR camera with touch screen coming in early 2015

Nikon will announce a new Nikon D5500 DSLR camera in January, 2015. For now I can only confirm that the new model will have an APS-C sensor and touch screen LCD screen. I am not sure why Nikon decided to skip the D5400 iteration. I believe the D5500 is not going to be the only DX […]

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Nikon D7200/D9300 specifications, maybe

I do not want to give you any false hopes, but those are the rumored specifications of a new Nikon DX DSLR camera (could be called D7200, D9300 or maybe a completely new name) I received recently from a new source: New 24.7MP sensor from Sony EXPEED 4b processor Nikon Advanced Multi-CAM 3600DX autofocus sensor module with […]

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What to expect from Nikon in the next few months

The next big wave of Nikon announcements will happen in January/February 2015 for the CES/CP+ shows. There is also the PhotoPlus show at the end of this month, but I doubt Nikon will release any new products one month after Photokina. As of today, I expect the following products to be announced in the next […]

Nikon Rumors
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Another full frame Nikon DSLR camera coming for Photokina

The latest rumors I am receiving point to another full frame camera announcement for Photokina. We are talking about a new DSLR positioned somewhere between the D610 and the D810 models. Here are the expected specifications: 24MP full frame sensor Tilting LCD screen Wi-Fi support Expeed 4 imaging processor Very light body (probably similar to […]

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