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Firmware update version 1.03 for the Nikon D3s camera released


Nikon released firmware update version 1.03 for the Nikon D3s DSLR camera that fixes the following issues:

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Nikon D5 vs. D4s vs. D3s specifications comparison


Two different specs comparisons, first the D5 vs. the D4s and then the D5 vs. D4s vs. D3s:

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[NR] exclusive: Nikon D4s high ISO/low light comparison with D4, D3s, D800E and D600 cameras

Nikon D4s DSLR camera 7

Terry Hansen did a very extensive and detailed high ISO/low light comparisons between the Nikon D4s (including RAW and small RAW files) and the D4, D3s, D600, D800E cameras. In this post I have included only the samples from ISO 6,400 and above, since this is the range where most readers will be interested to see the […]

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The multi-camera system at the Tokyo Skytree is powered by 12 Nikon D3S cameras


Nikon recently published this interesting article on the multi-camera system located at the Tokyo Skytree which consists of twelve D3S DSLR cameras equipped with the Nikkor AF 35mm f/2D lens that take 360° photographs of the city 24 hours a day: “The Multi-Camera Control System consists of 12 D3S digital single-lens reflex cameras installed on […]

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How much abuse can the Nikon D3s take?


We have seen Nikon cameras falling off from a motorcycle, getting run over by a pickup truck, being submerged in mud, getting exposed to hail and water. The French website Pixelistes went a step further and published a 15 minutes video where they torture a Nikon D3s through mud, water, ice and fire. At the end, the camera was still […]

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