Nikon: we plan to concentrate on mid-to-high-end DSLR and mirrorless cameras and lenses

Several Japanese news outlets published an article based on an interview with Nikon executives. Here are the key points from a Google translation (if you have a better translation, please post it in the comments section):

  • The Nikon camera business is undergoing a major restructuring.
  • This is a quote: "bringing in multiple mirrorless cameras at an early stage" - to me this means announcing multiple mirrorless cameras soon.
  • Nikon is taking an aggressive approach to rebuild their camera business.
  • Nikon has no plans for closing domestic or overseas manufacturing plants at the present time.
  • In the future Nikon will concentrate their resources on medium to high-end DSLR cameras and lenses as well as mirrorless cameras.
  • Nikon will have fewer models in the future.
  • Nikon still wants to develop a high-end compact camera.
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  • Rod Porteous

    It seems to me that Canons successes recently are broadly because of its positive attitude towards combined stills/video cameras. Nikon on the other hand seems to grudgingly add video to its cameras because it’s what Canon is doing.
    Until it embraces video fully, Nikon will continue to fall behind. The world of media production and consumption is moving away from stills as tech allows video to be unbound.

    • Bob Thane

      Canon’s only advantage is the dual pixel AF, in my opinion. Which is impressive, but Canon hasn’t done much else to embrace video. Nikon offers better video quality at most price points – even the 5DIV has subpar 4k quality and bloated files compared to the Nikon D5 and D500. Canon either doesn’t care about video in DSLRs much or doesn’t want to hurt sales of their cinema line.

      Now, Sony on the other hand is killing it in the video sphere. If Nikon gave us focus peaking and something even better than the flat profile like V-Log that would be a big step forward. Better video AF to rival Canon would also be nice.

      • Rod Porteous

        The big draw for the Canon 3DmkIII was abilty to deliver RAW 1080p video via Magic Lantern, blew away anything Nikon could do. Similarly 4K from D500 and D5 is not as good as it should be

        • silmasan

          Indeed that was 3rd party’s doing. It wasn’t and still isn’t Canon’s concern to put the best video features into their DSLRs, despite inadvertently helping boost the “Video DSLR” trend several years back. However with features like dual pixel AF, they’re giving consumers something practical just enough to entice video newcomers into the “hybrid” premise.

          If there’s a company that’s not holding back in terms of video, it’s Panasonic. They’re even specifically targeting videographers with the GH series as you can see from their intro and marketing material.

          • Rod Porteous

            Agreed. The interesting thing is that video from DSLR type cameras is a massive growth area, which some companies embrace and others ignore

            • CATPro

              Speak for yourself.

          • RC Jenkins

            As far as RAW video goes, it should be noted that this means several different things, and this is one place that Panasonic and Canon have done well. They offer things like 10-bit 4:2:2 RAW HDMI output, which I don’t think any Nikons offer. Most (if not all) Nikons output a ‘pre-compressed’ 8-bit output where the benefits are in compression / resolution rather than color grading / dynamic range / bit depth.

            If Nikon wants to get serious about video, this is one area they’d need to improve on.

            • silmasan

              Do you mean “uncompressed” HDMI output? Because afaik none of them are offering raw output. Except unofficially for Canon with Magic Lantern firmware

            • RC Jenkins

              Yeah…I don’t use that term often but saw it (or similar) in a few posts hete…was just referencing that.

              ‘Uncompressed’ is always a tricky term… 🙂 What’s happening in all of Nikon’s DSLR’s is that the RAW frames have their tone curves & ‘picture controls’ applied (sort of like converting to a bunch of high-quality 8-bit jpegs), and this series of frames is whats’s streamed out. The ‘compression’ in this case refers to motion picture compression.

              Other manufacturers seem to be getting better about providing more tonal range in addition to the above. This is necessary for any pro color grading, so the inability to do this can be a deal breaker. This is one area Nikon needs to really step up for video.

              In other words:
              -Appropriate, fast reading sensor
              -High tonal range (bit depth)
              -High resolution (actual resolution eg. ‘4K’, framerate, and bit-depth)
              -Appropriate format for in-camera recording, and/or
              -Clean HDMI output

              Ideally: 4K, 10-bit 4:2:2, very high bitrate

      • MB

        Nikon already has the patent on alternative dual pixel AF
        And Sony already makes dual pixel AF Sony IMX260 sensor for Samsung, and is actually cross licensing the sensor IP with Nikon … so we could expect something in the very near future …

      • Kyle

        Indeed Canon cripples their DSLRs video capabilities in favor of the Cxxx line.
        I’ve had great success with my D750 and D7200 on the video side though, using all manual focus (wedding videographer here).
        DPAF would be great to have for some advanced moves (on glidecam etc).
        will be interesting to see what Nikon comes up with.

    • AYWY

      It’s not just video. Canon is also in print. They have a nearly full vertical solution, only lacking software.

      Indeed when you look at the big picture like this, you realize Canon is in the lead because their leaders understood what it means to be in the imaging business, not just thinking of selling cameras and lenses.

      • Sawyerspadre

        So maybe they are smart enough to know that software is not their strength.

    • drororomon

      Yep. There is an entire segment that has popped up over the few years and that’s the rise of the “vlogging camera”. With access to powerful and affordable video editing software within the last few years people are spoilt for choice when the newest smartphone they have isn’t enough when they want to increase their production value.

      There are a variety of cameras in this segment that can fit to different needs in different price points, from the premium compacts (LX10, RX100v), to DSLRs (80D), to Panasonic’s m43 offerings, Sony’s a6300/a6500, and even Fuji is staking a claim with their X-T2/20. Nikon just needs to find their identity and be good in something to appeal to this market segment.

      What I hope Nikon will end up doing is improve on what Canon did with their EOS-M cameras. Canon hit a sweet spot with the M5/6. Dual pixel AF, focus peaking, touch screen, mic jack, use EF lenses via their own adapter and keep full functionality. They’re just missing 4k video.

      It took them 4 years to reach here though.

    • Politics_Nerd

      How hard is it to add a decent 7DII-style autofocus to the D5x00 series?

      • RC Jenkins

        Probably not hard, but why would they add it to the D5x00 series and not the D7x00 series, which is a more direct competitor?

        The D5x00 series is more of a competitor to the Digital Rebels, like the T5i.

        • Politics_Nerd

          Because articulating screen.

          • RC Jenkins

            The 7Dii costs twice (2x) as much as the D5x00, and on-sensor PDAF is a pretty costly upgrade.

            The more appropriate solution would be to add an articulating screen to the D7200, which is relatively inexpensive to do and will likely happen in the next generation anyway.

            The D5x00 and 7Dii are in completely different leagues and targeted at different audiences. One is an entry level model, while the other is ‘prosumer’.

  • Finally! Nikon is in the way to do a good move!

  • Rafael

    He should have been so for several years…

  • Rod Porteous

    From Mr. Toshihisa Iida @ Fuji “Maybe one more processor and sensor generation should be enough to make mirrorless beat DSLRs in every respect.”

    • sickheadache

      There is a Fuji 100mp mirrorless medium format coming out this year.

      • KnightPhoto

        The FujiFilm is 51mp. The Nikon version is 72mp

        • sickheadache

          Keep up please. ..fuji is going to RELease…a new 100MP mirrorless camera later on this year..ok…

    • Of course they will say that, no matter if it is true or not.

    • This also assumes that DSLR cameras will no get any future development, which is also no true.

  • Kári Jensson

    I still have little faith sadly.

  • Stevie Jay Elmm

    The angry photographer already made 17 videos about this over night he predicted this. Surprised he hasn’t hit this site up bashing all of us.

    • nwcs

      Just give it time. He’ll find a way. Perhaps we should thank him. I bet he talked to the Nikon board of directors and showed them the error of their ways and singlehandedly outlined the path of the future for them.

    • Politics_Nerd

      Can’t stand that sniveling idiot.

      • sickheadache

        Black is supposed to be Slimming. I refuse to watch a person who can post a picture of a camera or lens and give ken flopwell type of review.

    • He is banned from posting on my blogs and can we please stop discussing him here, I do not want to give him any extra exposure that he doesn’t deserve. From now on I will start deleting all references to him or his videos. He is just a troll and has no place in our discussions (just like KR).

      • Stevie Jay Elmm

        Hey no problem Peter. I will stop. I was mostly posting it for a humorous sense but I understand what you mean with the exposure stuff. He just cracks me up with his insane posts that make no sense and his attacks on others for it.

        • No problem at all, I just don’t want to send extra eyeballs to his stupid videos because the more viewers he gets, the more videos he will do.

  • What is shocking is that Nikon is actually talking to us.

    What a refreshing change this is.

    I figured that Nikon had to make some moves in this direction, but uncertainty is not their friend in this market.

  • KlaxonsFive

    Each time I was asked by family members or relatives to advise them for purchasing a “simple / not expensive / good enough / worthy for the price” compact camera, it happened I never recommended a Nikon product as their offer never seemed to me as competitive as those from brands like Panasonic, Olympus, Canon, Sony or Fujifilm etc … although I have been for ages a real Nikon supporter. And some time, these people choose to buy a smartphone …
    I got the feeling that despite Nikon high end products are really excellent and competitive, this “savoir faire” had never been applied to low and middle end compact and/or mirror less cameras …
    If I correctly understand that the policy is now focusing on high end products (with solid margins) and shrinking drastically the product line, it would definitively make sense.
    In my (humble) opinion, Nikon is a premium brand and should only focus on this market, as Apple after Steve Job’s come back, and develop a real strategy for developing a solid eco system around the products.
    Is it normal there is still not Nikon’s iOS / Android applications allowing transfer, treatment and sharing images with smartphones and tablets? it should be a logical extension of imaging Nikon’s activities.
    Just to say that we can still have dreams.

  • jonebize

    Fucking FINALLY

  • nwcs

    Very interesting. I’m very curious if this will come to be. I don’t know if, by the time such cameras are available, Nikon will be able to win me back. I have the luxury of time and a system that meets my needs.

    It does sound like Nikon is retreating from sections of the market. Maybe it is time? But will it be just in time? I hope so. Whether I return to Nikon or not I’d rather they be doing well than flailing like they are now.

  • MB

    Anyone red the actual interview:
    “Although we have not disclosed the completion time of the mirrorless lineup, it seems that a couple of years after the mirrorless market exceeds the SLR market will be a guide.”
    It is either a bad translation or Nikon is actually planning to fully enter mirrorless market couple of years after it exceeds DSLR … or am I missing something …

    • drororomon

      How I read that in the context of the full article is they will release some entry level models while slowly building up in anticipation to that intersection and be ready with a complete line up 2-3 years after that intersection happens. It took Canon 4 years to reach here with their M5/6. I would think Nikon would take that same amount of time to reach a decent mirrorless system too.

      • MB

        Ok … if you think of Canon M5/6 as a decent mirrorless body 🙂

        • sickheadache

          Canon dumb downed m5/6 because just like Sony and Nikon…got some truly high end mp mirrorless cameras coming out this year.

        • drororomon

          The M5/6 are decent in their own right. They are basically shrunk down 80Ds with focus peaking and you can use EF lenses flawlessly via Canon’s own adapter. While the M5 is too pricey, the M6 is just about right.

          Hopefully Nikon can also transition their lower-mid range DSLR bodies (say the D7200) into mirrorless bodies and still maintain full functionality with F-mount glass via a similar adapter. Improve on the price points and add in 4k video and Nikon is set.

      • Markus

        The Nikon 1 system is decent. They just have to handle it seriously. To me the basic design of the DL 24-85 with an integrated viewfinder and a classic hotshoe would be a great camera.

    • MonkeySpanner

      Uh, the bigger news there is that Nikon has stated that they now know that mirrorless will eclipse DSLR.

      • decisivemoment

        Mirrorless AF and overall responsiveness and tactility are never going to quite reach the best that’s possible with a viewfinder. With everything so far produced and everything that’s foreseeable, viewing directly has a slight but tangible edge over viewing a video feed, and viewfinder-based AF goes a little faster than on-chip. So for as long as we can foresee, there will always be a place in the action market for DSLR. And with on-pixel phase detect, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”–if Nikon would take technology they’ve already used in Nikon 1 and put it in a DSLR like Canon have done, they’d have DSLRs that deliver as well as any mirrorless body on autofocus with video. And that’s before we even get into the current modest revival in film, which never will work with mirrorless without the awkward, expensive, inaccurate viewfinders of rangefinder cameras that Leica alone maintained over the years.

        The other issue is size and bulk. But here the technology is developing to the point where Nikon can miniaturize even FX DSLR bodies to the same degree that they did with film with cameras like the FM and FM2. With the D750’s tiny logic board, the body shrank dramatically, with the depth of the body finally approaching that of a film camera for the first time in digital, and future models will no doubt shrink more. All they have to do now is choose to manufacture the gear–a further shrunken D750, a Df that uses similar design features (the current DF does not), and worthy, small replacements of the f2 to f2.8 wide angle to short telephoto prime lenses of the 1970s and 1980s.

        That’s not to say Nikon shouldn’t produce mirrorless. It’s simply to say that they’d be crazy to run down DSLR. Don’t forget that an FM2 or FG with a 50mm f1.8 or f2 lens is smaller and lighter than its Sony digital mirrorless counterpart, even with stuff like the aperture pin mechanism and winding gear that a fully electronic digital system do not need. Logic board where the film can goes (not all the way across the back taking up excess space), sensor where the pressure plate goes and LCD where the back and film top holder go, and there’s your compact digital camera.

        • MB

          Frankly I dont buy that viewfinder tactility story … Sensors will eventually advance enough to be way more sensitive than the human eye and with instant AF and screens will eventually advance enough to replace the optical viewfinders … maybe not in a couple of years to come and the overall filling may not be as intimate as an optical viewfinder … but eventually it will happen, it is inevitable …

          • Dave Stromberger

            Yep, never underestimate the potential for advancing technology!

          • MonkeySpanner

            In a way, mirrorless is already much better. Even the cheapest modern mirrorless can find faces and focus and expose for them. A trick a DSLR cannot do. Well maybe the dual pixel canons can – but they are the only ones I know of.

            • KnightPhoto

              Nikon cameras have Face focus in LiveView and AF-A

            • MonkeySpanner

              Nikon live view is effin terrible. Not only must you deal with very slow and noisy AF, you also have to deal with some intolerably slow mirror gymnastics after you press the shutter button. So, no, I don’t consider Nikon DSLR LV as a viable solution to anything, so I don’t consider them as having face detect.

            • Say what? Nikon does meter for faces in matrix metering, and in auto area it it will find faces. Andv that’s just in VF mode, in liveview it has even more.

              Do you actually use (and know how to use) DSLRs?

    • Eddie Stemkowski

      They are saying they expect to have the full lineup within an estimated 2-3 years. The timing of the completed lineup will coincide with when mirrorless exceeds DSLR. The article also states Nikon will introduce several mirrorless models in the near term.

  • Bo Dez

    Less talk more action Nikon.

  • Ertan Ozturk

    Dear Nikon: Switch to mirrorless in the entry level, continue DSLRs at high end but invest in high-end mirrorless bodies because that’s the future.
    And give us a sharing mechanism/system to rival phones (yes phones will always have the upper hand but sharing systems in cameras now are useless cr.p.

  • Thom Hogan

    No, that’s not exactly why Nikon increased its stake in Healios. Nikon was at least a decade late in diversifying. By my reckoning, I’d call it 25 years late.

    Nikon has known for decades that the two primary markets in which they operate are both cyclical. The first big cycle swings happened to be offsetting, which I think fooled them into believing that they were cycle-resistant. They weren’t. Now with both businesses in down cycles, they finally decided they needed diversification. And it’s a too little, too late thing, IMHO. They’re spending enormous sums of money to make very little progress. But it makes their bank investors happy.

  • donaldejose

    They can drop the whole Coolpix and Nikon 1 lines. But note the article said “concentrate their resources” on medium and high end DSLR and mirrorless lines. It doesn’t actually say produce only those lines. Low end DX sensor DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are all “trickle down” technology anyway. They should be relatively cheap to produce and don’t require a return on research investment. I think Nikon will continue to produce a D3xxx and a D5xxx line for a few years, if they are selling well – although both of those lines could be completely replaced by a basic mirrorless body) as well as match existing lines with a mirrorless body option. We may see increased use of one body with two sensors such as a D5s with a high ISO low mp sensor for speed and a D5x with a high mp sensor for best IQ. That should give options while saving cost.

    • Luis F. Vidal

      They should completely replace D3xxx and D5xxx with mirrorless rangefinders and start DSLR with D7xxx line. As I see it:

      Mirrorless (3 models): sans EVF, more advanced with EVF, a little more advanced with OVF/EVF
      DX: D7xxx and D5xx
      FX: D7xx, D8xx and Dx

      No more cameras. Forget about any shitty point-and-shoot, cellphones replace them a long ago.

  • Justanotheropinion

    This seems like a good approach. In my experience, DSLR and mirrorless work best when complementing each other, rather than one trying to replace the other.

    Also, it makes sense that Nikon wouldn’t simply throw out all of the R&D experience from the DLs.

    • Max

      Good point but only to a pro or enthusiast. normal people (ones that are mostly happy with their smartphone but who is going out to buy a ‘proper’ camera for holidays etc) will buy just one camera, and they’ll be hard pushed to buy even just that one camera.

      • Justanotheropinion

        I suppose it really depends on how they spec and price their mirrorless and premium compacts, and how successful they are at selling them as a better choice than the customer’s smartphone.

  • T.I.M

    I said that years ago……

  • Ineedmy Bobo

    Concentrate on mirrorless cameras? An FX mirrorless camera to compete with the A7rII, I hope. Nikon 1 appears to be dead and DX mirrorless is dominated by Fuji with Canon slowly catching up and Micro Four Thirds, while a slightly smaller than DX sensor, is a completely mature system. Nikon still has a chance to compete in the FX mirrorless market, especially since Sony is short on lenses (although the FE lens lineup is slowly filling in).

  • Luis F. Vidal

    “Nikon will have fewer models in the future.” Finally!

    “bringing in multiple mirrorless cameras at an early stage” On this, they have to bring back the rangefinders in digital mode to compete with olympus and fujifilm. They need cameras with cool vintage style, people love them, and they are excellent for street photographers. Come on Nikon, bring them on!!!

  • Sawyerspadre

    I would bet it will happen. How much is a Fuji X100?

    • Aldo

      I had it pre-ordered for months! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. I waited through the delays. They came up with the price…. not me. This was also a main selling point. If nikon rebrands a DL for a 1k that is the definition of giving the customers the middle finger.

      x100 is irrelevant.

      • Thinkpad_T60

        Well, they already gave us the middle finger after one year of enduring their shitty communication skills and all that for nothing.

  • Nicon Is Amazing

  • Katy

    Great. So now I can’t get the D810 as it has stopped production and gone up in price (I regret listening to friends advising to wait as the price will go down and new cameras will be announced) and can’t look forward to a new model being released as they are restructuring. Yay.

    • Sawyerspadre

      I wouldn’t worry. If the production has been stopped, that is probably a better indication than any rumor, that a new D8xO is in the pipeline.

      BTW, do we know that rumor about stopping production is any more reliable than any other rumor?

      Admin, no offense, but rumors are rumors.

    • Sawyerspadre

      Katy, maybe you want to buy a D810 now, as the next model will be more expensive, I think we can predict.

      The current D810 price is $2800 US. I think $3496 is a good guess for the list price of a new D8x0 at launch.

    • Michiel953

      Out of production doesn’t mean you can’t buy one new somewhere.

    • Allen_Wentz

      Note that cameras like D8xx are what Nikon says they will emphasize. IMO any restructuring should not delay a new D8xx much if at all.

  • Purdyd

    I think Nikon should double down on DX and FX and virtually eliminate compact cameras.

    Keymission? Too little too late. Write it off.

    Bottom line more DX and FX models, less compact.

    And any compact camera should have the same hotshoe, ergonomics, raw format as the DX and FX cameras. in other words, keep you buying up with Nikon.

    There should be a D5, D5x, D820, D820h, D760, D620, and DF2.

    The DF2 buyers who wanted video/focus points with the D4 sensor, should go for the D820h

    The DF2 should be a minimalist camera and not a hybrid cross of the modern DSLR with buttons. Think travel/tourist camera 3 fps, 9 cross focus points. It should absolutely have video and wifi/bluetooth so you can quickly share your pictures with your phone.

    DX DSLR line stays as is. Really need to closely look at the D3xxx-D7xxx line to make sure there are hooks to keep you buying up.

    Need to add DX and FX mount mirrorless cameras. If Nikon waits 4 years, it is over.

    What Nikon should do is rationalize accessories. Storage media, batteries, flashes, etc.

    D500 and D8x0 have same battery. Nice! Compact flash and XQD. Not so nice. Both use SD, ok. There have been times that feature has saved me.

    And DX lenses, heavy sigh.

    • Thinkpad_T60

      The DF1 was a complete mistake. This fat sack of blob had nothing to do with the thin and light legacy Nikon F.

      For the DF2, Nikon should basically copy the brilliant Fuji XT2 design. Although Nikon would be screwed because they had the deplorable idea to remove the aperture ring from their recent lenses. Yet another Nikon mistake.

  • Mike D

    It’s almost a meaningless statement unless the translation is terrible. The ONLY thing worth noting in this is the announcement that multiple mirrorless cameras are coming.

    “Concentrate resources on medium and high end DSLR”? That’s what they’ve been doing for the last several years. No change here unless it means they are going to stop dabbling in Key MIssion and DL-like cameras. Oh but wait… they still want to develop a high end compact camera. Sounds like a new DL-like camera.

    Again, the only interesting news here is the mirrorless information (plus restructuring).

    • GearHeavy

      @Mike D Still too little info to go on, but one might interpret their press release to mean they’re going to de-emphasize their troubled lithography semiconductor venture, which accounted for 50% of Nikon’s business and a large contributor for their “extraordinary” losses.

    • Eddie Stemkowski

      Not a press release. This was an interview with Nobuyoshi Gokyu, the head of Nikon’s Imaging Unit.

    • Captain Megaton

      Yeah, you have to read between the lines and is kinda obvious but not everyone out there follows this stuff like we do.

      1. Entry level dSLRs are going away.
      2. They aren’t going to try anything like keymission again.
      3. Nikon 1 is dead.
      4. It’s all-in on mirrorless from now on.

  • KnightPhoto

    It means Nikon has decided 1″ sensor is not profitable/strategic. As Thom mentions above think APS-C for minimum bar for compacts.

  • the soviet

    probably too early, but if a full frame mirrorless is released, will nikon release mirrorless specific lenses?
    or will the camera resemble the sigma quattros?

    • Captain Megaton

      The could do either, but only with a new mount and new lenses could they be competitive with Sony FE mount system in terms of size and speed.

      My bet is on new mount and full function adapter, following Canon.

  • Gin-san

    If it’ll be a FX mirrorless and without proprietary glass….

  • saywhatuwill

    Concentrate on medium format? Does that mean they’re going to start making lenses for medium format camera companies again? If they made a medium format camera then it’ll most likely be the slightly larger than full frame sensor which I don’t think would be worth the cost or effort. However, I guess they need to try something to stay in business.

    • Sebastien

      Not medium format… “Mid to high end DSLR”

      • saywhatuwill

        Oh, duh! LOL Thanks.

      • yes, I changed the title

    • Allen_Wentz

      What Sebastien said: “medium to high-end DSLR.”

      The translated verbiage all makes very good sense to me.

    • Max

      Where did you see that?

  • Allen_Wentz

    I do not want Nikon to announce until they have production lines going and with full QA/QC in place.

  • Synono Maus

    So, I guess I’ll stay invested in Nikon FF for pro work, and hope for a D810 replacement soon (with 60p 5k video I hope). But I’ll keep adding to my Sony NEX system for travel. I hope Nikon pulls out of this mess more dedicated to high end imaging. It should be self-evident that the low end is dead, now the purview of cell phone makers.

    If they really wanted to make an aggressive play, they’d develop something for cell phone imaging, but I’m guessing that’s going to belong to Sony for the foreseeable future. As much as I’d love a phone with high end Nikon optics and sensor, I don’t think Nikon has the tech chops to compete with Sony in that arena – Sony has a wealth of ‘tiny tech’ experience that no other camera maker can match.

    Sony, OTOH, can’t compete in high end imaging. The reliability of their systems, battery life, etc just doesn’t hold a candle to Canon and Nikon. It’s smart for Nikon (and Canon) to continue to extend their lead in that market.

  • animalsbybarry

    I expect “a high end compact camera”
    Probably has something to do with thier recent patent for a 7.5mm-600mm F 2.8-6.3 lens for 1″ sensor
    That would be 20mm-1620mm ff equivalent and have a Nikon One size sensor
    Despite a decline in bridge camera sales (usually with a 1/2.3″ sensor I believe this superzoom would sell
    I do not know if they would want to do this as a point and shoot camera or as a Nikon One lens

  • Gary Stanley

    It worries me that they seem to be struggling here! I’m a 100% Nikon shooter and have been for forty years. I would hate to jump ship now!

    • Aldo

      It’s not our ship to sink with… nikon has made that clear putting customers second.

  • I think the battleplan is a good one. Will follow with big interest and looking forward to the next version of the D810

  • RJ

    Keep saying this over and over…Nikon, give us a mirrorless FM2. Same body dimensions. Now please add sensor stabilisation. Why should we keep buying repeat copies of stabilisers, one in each lens, when we can have one good one in the damn camera?

    Next get rid of that terrible menu interface. Look at the Leica T. Any shot that requires diving into your menus, is a lost shot, period. And get rid of those horrible squidgy joysticks too. They are useless for fast focus tracking. Use apple track pad tech to the right of the LCD, so we can MOVE our focus point instead of steering to it.

    And stop using certain nations as cash cows to boost your bottom line. We know you are doing it and is offensive to loyal customers who, like myself, will switch brands if you don’t pack it in. GDP trading figures and exchange rates support the cash cow argument a lot more than any hinted excuses you can come up with. You are now wandering into Leica territory with your prices and that opens you up to a *lot* of competition.

    You need to match Pentax K1 specs in the same price bracket, bring back the FM2 to take on Fuji, at D610 prices, and look at the Leica T for interface ideas. Either get 4K right or drop video from your cameras and DROP YOUR PRICES TO MATCH.

    Finally, you release another clutch of mediocre DSLR’s with crazy price tags, and you will be finished. Any business with staff needs cashflow to survive, and cashflow comes from sales. Make me want to buy something you make. I just listed what I want to buy above. Get it done. Now

    • Thinkpad_T60

      “bring back the FM2 to take on Fuji”

      But how would Nikon do this properly, since they have eliminated the aperture ring from their recent lens lineup ? Fuji wasn’t so dumb.

  • Lubos

    well, at least we all know that D760 is coming 🙂

  • saywhatuwill

    I still want Nikon glass, especially the 105mm f/1.4. Whether they become obsolete once mirrorless take hold is something we’ll need to wait to see, but right now Nikon still make some nice lenses.

  • dslrforever

    They’re going the Apple (back when Apple was still hungry) route and focusing on what they do best. This is great news.

  • Mark Wilhelm

    I love Nikons. Have a nice F2, FG, D750, and a Sony a6000 that I use with adapters so I can shoot through my Nikon glass. However, I think a lot of Nikon shooters, and possibly Nikon too, are missing the point of why mirrorless cameras are so awesome. They are awesome for landscape/cityscape/nature photography. This is because of the EVF! Hello. As a landscape photographer I can assure you that looking into an EVF and seeing what the sensor sees is very nice. I could care less about focus for sports and stuff. I use my Nikons for that. Please, if you are reading this, Nikon, don’t forget us landscape photographers, and the EVF. According a recent Nikon Rumors that I just read, the first full frame Nikon mirrorless will not have an EVF. Really? I would love to see a full frame Nikon mirrorless with EVF. What an awesome combo that would be for landscapes. I can’t wait to get my hands on a Nikon full frame mirrorless.

    • Michiel953

      Every time I peered through an EVF (I’ve tried them all) the awesomeness completely escaped me.

      An EVF is not the sensor, neither is an OVF. You’re seeing what the sensor sees through a different medium.

    • For slow landscape work you can use a DSLR in LiveView Mode anyway (which is probably what most more advanced landscape shooters are doing because landscape shots are mostly done on a tripod with manual focus and several time lapse or bracketing shots). I don’t see a benefit of EVF here.

  • Open the mofo firmware! Embrace the fact you’re selling a computer with a lens! Give us raw video! Interchangeable sensors!

  • Espen4u

    I AM | Sobering
    RIP coolpix, nikon 1, keymission.

  • iNtervengo

    I’ve some info re Nikon and what they’re working on. They’re working to attract the female market and to to diversify their investment (leaving out film, sadly). Every 30-40 years Nikon had a major turn. This time around (100th anniversary) the turn is a major one. Nikon did say to wait for Photokina 2018 as they’ll be some major surprises in different fields of application (including medical). They are holding their cards tight to their chest when it boils down to sensor but Nikon is looking at two company manufacturing sensor (which are not Sony) despite they haven’t stopped working with Sony at all. With regards to the APS-C market they definitely want to dominate that segment (hence they released the D500 skipping the D400 all together – I shall remind any reader that the number 4 means also ‘death’ in Japanese, but Nikon justified the leap from 300 to 500 as ‘the camera advanced so much technologically speaking that 400 wasn’t a good-enough label”). There will be surprises in the 360 technology (following a good feedback at CES Las Vegas) and there will be some other surprises with mirrorless and high-end DSLRs.

  • Personally I don’t think this is good news. The headlines should have said that Nikon will focus on mid to high end DSLR’s, mirrorless, and medium format digital cameras as I personally feel within 5 years, the medium format camera will be what the full frame mirrorless or dslr are right now and the crop sensors will be the ultimate beginner camera compared to a current point and shoot. Look at cell phones, there was a time where small and portable was what everyone wanted, but that was just a phase and small sizes dont matter nearly as much as performance nowadays. Nikon please hire a visionary that will put you ahead of the game so you don’t have another mission camera failure.

    • Sawyerspadre

      So, for the medium format, how many people are prepared to pony up $10k for a body and a few lenses? Ok, now split that pie, among the players, Fuji, PhaseOne, Hassleblad, etc. Pretty small market.

      • Medium format can become the new full frame if price is coming down due to mass manufacturing. Did you know that full frame was that expensive, too in the beginning of digital photography? That’s why we have the APS-C cameras – in the film era there was no APS-C format. This is a thing due to sensor manufacturing costs of digital chips.

  • Gabriel Schwartz

    This makes me sad.
    I’ve heard the following statement many times before and it always came out the complete opposite.
    When a company/government/ says something like:
    “Nikon has no plans for closing domestic or overseas manufacturing plants at the present time.”
    You can bet on the opposite.
    I’ve already posted my dislike about Nikon not coming up with a D810 replacement.
    Many of the readers here replied from their heart and felt personally offended from my post.
    Sorry guys.
    You’re not realistic.
    I had Nikon cameras for over 3 decades now 5 SLR, 1 DSLR and countless pocket ones.
    I’ve waited a long time between my F100 to my D700 since I wanted a full-frame.
    When D700 came out I bought it the first I had the chance.
    Now (last month) being left without a camera and all its accessories I was willing to wait for the D810 replacement.
    Some of you thought that the fact that I didn’t updated to D800 and D810 I am not a real Nikon user.
    Sorry guys but I am sure 99% of you didn’t update this way also.
    The camera market is declining and there’s no way of stopping it.
    It’s like film photography and vinyl records which I both loved in their time (still think Velvia was the best film ever made) and vinyl with all due respect to sound (being an audiophile and still holding on 500+ records) it has gone.
    Same way CD was replaced with YouTube/MP3/Online Music and DVD being the number one recording breaking for an electronic consumer device in human history is now gone and Blu-Ray no one even remember it was here (except my collection of movies) and many others which in the near future will include Nikon, Canon and the rest of the camera manufactures.
    Nokia was the biggest cellphone company now gone.
    History is changing fast and companies must act faster.
    It not their gone with the wind.
    I feel sorry as I really, really loved my Nikon gear and looked at my loose as a great opportunity to update my camera and lenses.
    Going from 17-35/2.8 to 14-24/2.8 and from my 1st gen 70-200 to the new FL, my SB-900 and son on. My B+W are probably something I would not have changed.
    Long story short, I really hope something new is coming up soon and I hope I am wrong about my interpretation of Nikon statement, Really.

    • KnightPhoto

      I wouldn’t worry, your D820 ought to be coming soon. Nikon has all the other tech in place (autofocus, buffer, EXPEED, body optimizations, touch screen, maybe tilt-swivel?). Probably just waiting on sensor finalization tasks…

      • Gabriel Schwartz

        I really hope you’re right.
        Touch screen and tilt-swivel is nice but not a deal breaker for me.
        I know Nikon is capable but I’m just worried about their managerial decisions (see Nokia).
        They did survive 100 years of changes but nowadays changes are accelerating at an exponential rate.
        I know as I work in the high-tech software industry for 30 years and I see how things are going.
        The company I work for is developing software for high-end semiconductors companies such as Qualcomm, AMD, nVidia, Bosch, Broadcomm (now gone) and many other giants thus I know how fast things are moving forward.
        Just as a side note, after “loosing” my camera bag I had to shoot my whole trip with my iPhone 7 and I discovered it may not be “as good as” but it did produce some excellent results including amazing panorama photographs not really easy achieved with today DSLR and amazing 4K videos.
        It didn’t convinced me to ditch my DSLR and shoot solely on my iPhone but for 99.9% or more of the people it’s more than enough.
        Same way as I am unable to listen to MP3/YouTube music and I keep my music library in ALAC format.
        Having said that I must say YouTube 4K looks amazing on my new 55″ Samsung HDR10 capable TV but the sound quality of YouTube still sucks (sorry) and I do not play it via the TV speakers. It is amplified by VAC Statement 450 and played on B&W 800 (did I mention audiophile?).

  • Thinkpad_T60

    Yeah well we’ll see once they release the DL 18-50.

  • jimh

    If I were a mirrorless marketing guy, I’d wipe out 80% of the DSLR market with 2 words: “Dad’s camera”.

  • Dean Gagliardi

    Nikon maybe should release 2-3 different “instax” type cameras with different FL’s. Style them a bit like a FM2 for a gimmick. Cheap.

    Start making easy to use lens add-on attachments for Apple & Samsung phones or cases with lenses attached. Cases with lens attached would be great IMO.

    Keep the DSLR’s down to a min … D7XXX, D5XX, D750, D810, D5 and rarely update the APS-C models. Concentrate on FF. Completely wipe out the D3XXX and D5XXX models.

    Make two Mirrorless … one lower end APS-C and one amazing FF mirrorless. Keep everything the current F-mount.

  • take the guts of the sony a7rii such as the eye tracking and focusing 4k and evf. cramp that into the body of their Nikon Df Body give us the dual card slots and d500 tilt screen ….make menus touchable and give us gps nfc and wifi and you have a mirror-less camera the people would buy oh and the the option of a battery grip

  • azur

    Isn’t it strange that the Nikon Corporation doesn’t provide this message / news / interview in some more languages than just Japanese ?

    (Perhaps this has already been talked about elsewhere in this thread, new posts are added all over the place in a nested structure which makes it hopeless to follow new posts without having to re-read the entire thread again and again, even when sorting the posts by “Newest” in the Disqus software).

    • Thinkpad_T60

      Nikon is a Japanese company, they don’t have the obligation to express themselves in foreign languages.

    • there is no better solution really

      • azur

        If I may ask, Peter –
        why not simply use a trivial forum software with chronological posts, where you can also easily quote what your comment is related to, if you like ?
        You already have forum software.
        Don’t get me wrong, I really admire your efforts, I just think the Disqus software makes it close to impossible to try to follow a large thread like this one.

        • I am sure the majority of readers will prefer the current solution. I have done multiple polls years ago before I made the changes. There is no one solution that will make everybody happy. I personally hate the forum solution… you see 🙂 Remember also spam, hackers… I do not want to keep any users info on my servers.

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