New firmware updates for Nikon D90, D7000, D7100, D600, D610 and D4s cameras

Update: the Nikon Distortion Control Data firmware version 2 can be downloaded here.

Nikon released new firmware updates for the D90, D7000, D7100, D600, D610 and D4s DSLR cameras. Follow the links for additional details:

  • Nikon D90 Firmware Update A 1.00, B 1.01: Nikon EU
  • Nikon D7000 Firmware Update A 1.04, B 1.05: Nikon EU
  • Nikon D7100 Firmware Update C 1.02: Nikon EU
  • Nikon D600 Firmware Update C 1.02: Nikon EU
  • Nikon D610 Firmware Update C 1.01: Nikon EU
  • Nikon D4s Firmware Update C 1.10: Nikon EU

Not all firmware updates are listed on Nikon USA support site at the time of this post.

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  • What kind of updates ?

    • Rudi

      But D4s still has the most annoying bug:The blinking lights in RGB History Playback Mode is still not working (according to manual and like it is with the D4 it should). Was reported to Nikon before the very first firmware update….

  • Evan Fusco

    Pretty thin story guys, what do the updates address?

    • broxibear

      If you click on the link next to particular camera you’re interested in it sends you to the Nikon site with all the details. Different fixes for diferent cameras and way too long for Peter(admin) to list.

      • exactly, just click in the link for all the details

      • Ville

        Still curious, whether the update will prevent the use of third party batteries. Something that is not listed in the update.

        • lord eels

          isn’t a firmware update more important than bricking a few cheapo batteries? numbskull. you shouldn’t be using those things anyways

          • mikegorton

            Yeah, because a $280 grip with no batteries is a good deal when you can get a quality 3rd party one that comes with 2 batteries for $80….

            • lord eels

              again you shouldn’t be using that.

              photography is not for the poor/cheap.

            • megadon357

              What a Georgia Hoot! “No photo for you, peasant!”

        • br0xibear

          Hi Ville
          I’m not sure Nikon list things like that as the discourage the use of third party batteries.

  • Event Horizon

    Please fix title: D700 -> D7000.

    • Eric Calabros

      Admin (as many of us) is thinking too much about D700 replacement these days. I bet if someone checks our brain he will see neuronal stress response after hearing/reading number 700

    • fixed, sorry

      • Aldo

        you better… else these people almost have you on the guillotine for a typo…

        • Eric Calabros

          We better find a shelter, before being bombed for a comment 😉

          • mikeswitz

            Witness protection program?

      • Tony U.

        You’d figure if there’s an update for the D90, we’d see one for the D700 and D300/s! Geez Nikon, come on!

    • Okay, so no update for my D700’s…

  • Niklas Ramstedt

    No D700 update, I guess you forgot a zero.

  • g.h.

    Support for distortion control data Ver. L: 2.000 and later has been added.
    Camera firmware must be updated before distortion control data can be updated to Ver. L: 2.000 or later.

    • Thanatos

      That’s for all but the D4s, which has a pretty long changelist you can check by clicking the download link.

    • Alex.,

      this should be written before the update…and in RED!!!

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    updated lens correction data? (and probably some new third party battery lock again? lol)

  • Kevin

    zzz, as a d700 owner, you made me get excited for no reason… 🙁

    • Antonio


  • Mike O’Connor

    Any word on if/when Nikon will add tethering support to the SDK for the D4s? The inability to tether to Lightroom is a real PITA

    • peterortphoto

      Have you tried it lately? The latest version of Lightroom had D610 tethering support but nothing was said about it and according to every source on their website, it was not supported. but it worked anyways.

  • thomas

    Thanks for all the information, might as well say for your next rumor: “Nikon plans on making a new camera”

    • DuncanM

      You’re always welcome to not read the site.

      • thomas

        • Aldo

          I don’t get it

  • Joshua Chung

    Misleading picture.

  • Fraidy Kat

    Why am I deathly afraid to install a firmware update on my perfectly-working DSLR?

    • Martin

      Haha, well I share the same concern a little bit, so I’m cowardly waiting to see if issue reports show up 😀

    • DuncanM

      If youre not having issues with anything its fine to wait and see if the update borks something. I always do.

  • saywhatuwill

    No new D700 firmware, just the one for the 800mm f/5.6. Notice the dates –
    D700 firmware: A:1.04 / B:1.03
    Answer ID 18463|Published 05/15/2013 03:14 PM|Updated 06/26/2013 01:24 PM

  • jstevez

    I’ll wait before I install any firmware updates from Nikon, before you know it only approved flash cards would work with your camera.

  • Ric

    HAHA! My Df is perfect!

    • Strange. D4s gets an update nothing for D4, Df nor D800 series.

      • Otto

        Because D4, Df and D800 already support Distortion Control Data 2.0

        • Michael Steinbach

          Funny, my D800 took the update.

          • Otto

            Pardon? There is no new update for D800(E). But you can install distortion control data 2.005. Support for DCD2 has been added with the last firmware for your D800.

        • Michael Steinbach

          Supported list.

          • TheInfinityPoint

            Ah that would explain the absence of a D800/E firmware release; it was bundled in with the last major firmware update back in May of this year (though I have no particular recollection if it mentioned updating the distortion control part of the firmware).

  • Pablo Lizardi

    and what are the benefits of Distortion control data, do we really need to do this updates to our cameras??? I´m pretty happy with mine [D7100] and i dont wanna mess up with it, Does it change anything???

    • Otto

      My D7100 still works flawless. Updated the firmware to 1.02 and distortion control data to 2.005 after the firmware update. I don’t see any difference.

      • Pablo Lizardi

        I was reading on a facebbok post from a guy that his sigma 70-200 f/2.8 [just the one i have] lens autofocus is faster. But i´m pretty happy with my camera the way it is, i guess i will pass on the updates.!!!

      • From where did you get the distortion control data 2.005? Its still 1.009 online.

        • Richard70115
          • Wow. thanks! I couldnt find it and nobody mentioned about it. I think @NikonRumors:disqus needs to know.

            • Richard70115

              no problem! google is always your friend if you dont know….;)

            • :). I did google a little but i was taken to the same 1.009. Anyways thanks a lot!

            • Alex,.

              be careful you may not need to update…

            • Andrzej Lukowiec

              Don’t need google… My wife knows everything 😉

            • I will add this link to my post.

  • Pato

    I’m sorry, but i’m confused by this sentence on the D7100 description:

    “Support for distortion control data Ver. L: 2.000 and later has been added.” ok… but

    “Camera firmware must be updated before distortion control data can be updated to Ver. L: 2.000 or later”

    It means that “support fot distortion control data” must be installed aside this upgrade fo firmware?

  • Pato

    I’m sorry, but i’m confused by this sentence on the D7100 description:

    “Support for distortion control data Ver. L: 2.000 and later has been added.” ok… but

    “Camera firmware must be updated before distortion control data can be updated to Ver. L: 2.000 or later”

    It means that “support fot distortion control data” must be installed aside this upgrade fo firmware?

    • Otto

      Yes. First the firmware update and after that you can update the distortion data.

  • Angry Bird

    So D800 users are left in the dark?

    Thanks Nikon – Time to move on to another brand!

    • DuncanM

      So you want an update that fixes problems that don’t exist?

    • Otto

      No? You had your update some months ago. Support for distortion control data was included in this update.

    • Aldo


    • Luis F. Vidal

      You had an great FW update in May in which your decorative record button can now be custom assigned. I was waiting that for the D7100 and D5200 in the next FW, but with the notes about its FW today I am disappointed as hell 🙁

    • TheInfinityPoint

      So, you’re switching to another brand because your favorite camera didn’t get a firmware update this time. I seriously just lol’d.

    • Robert

      As long as you have the latest FW installed on your D800 (see link)
      you can update the distortion control data also in the D800. The headline together with the picture are a little misleading in that respect since they only show the cameras which got an FW update, while at the same time hinting it is a distortion control data update. A distortion control data update normally applies to all currently supported cameras.

  • bgbs

    The purpose of distortion control is to try to prevent bias and lies perpetrated by users.

  • MB

    So now we wait for distortion control data Ver. L: 2.000 …

  • austin_rogers

    So bummed out that it didn’t include assigning the record button as ISO for the D610. Come on Nikon! I ask for so little 🙂

    • Captain Megaton

      Yes, come to think of it, it would be nice to map that conveniently located red button I never use to something like ISO.

  • Espen4u

    An update for D90 this late, that would be very unNikon wouldn’t it?

  • torwag

    If I understood right, this post will make people at Nikon Hackers happy…. more firmwares to play with. Hope they can speed up a bit… if they manage to get further, nobody has to wait for Nikon to get stuff like remapping keys or 100% preview per single key-press, etc.

    • I suspect it will make Nikon Hacker users excited/expectant. I do love when people want others to “go faster”

      • torwag

        faster? get further…
        maybe a misunderstanding?
        What I mean… “get further” like “hope that will help them”

        • True you did so “get further”, and I understand they desire to get further. But you also said “Hope they can speed up a bit” which I paraphrased to “go faster”.

          • torwag

            Right, sorry was not my intention to push them in any way. Just was hoping it will help them to continue the great job they are doing.

    • DuncanM

      You do know you can map the multiselector center button to zoom to 100% right?

      • torwag

        I don’t know exactly but I believe that this is not valid for all models?! At that is afaik exactly the point of nikon hackers, which already figured out that some functions are in the firmware but simply disabled for certain models.

  • Michael Steinbach

    My 800 and 810 updated fine but my 610 doesn’t recognize the update…. Anyone else having this issue?

  • I was gonna say: what??? D700??????

  • Aldo

    Is this the update that puts 51 spread focusing points on the d610?

  • Owen

    does it affect raw pic(distortion control) for this update

    • Noname

      The most intelligent question…
      no reply of course!

    • Mussunzis

      Distortion control is not applied on RAW captures, of course. RAW is a “pure” capture from the sensor. DC is only valid on JPEG output as part of the post-processing made in-camera (same thing with automatic chromatic aberration and vignetting correction).

  • Roy

    I’ve become wary of Nikon’s Firmware Updates. Hoping this “update” doesn’t stop me fm using my 3rd-party batteries or other 3rd-party accessories.

  • Luis F. Vidal

    I can confirm that after the 1.02 FW update in my D7100 the autofocus with the 35mm 1.8 is a lot faster in extremely low light. And when I say extremely low I’m talking about a complete dark room (assist lamp active, of course). It doesn’t hunt at all. It wasn’t bad before, but the change is noticeable.

    I know it isn’t on the release notes, but they did something there.

    • TheInfinityPoint

      Awesome. That’ll come in handy for photos of wedding reception dancing, lol.

    • harrievantil

      Can you please acknowledge that third party batteries are still accepted after FWupdate on D7100?

      • Pretend Stonewell

        My 3rd party battery – a Watson, I believe – worked on my D7100 and D610 after this weeks FW upgrades. There’s a positive data point for you.

    • Otto

      Very interesting. I will try that later.

  • Brent Busch

    Nothing for the D700… still? =/

  • Eric

    What about the D5300?? 🙁

    • Otto

      D5300 already has support for distortion control data 2.

      • Eric

        No, I mean other much needed improvements for the D5300. It has such a potential to be a great camera but hindered by a lousy user interface.

  • Good News Everyone!

    didnt think Nikon remembered they had DX cameras with all the FF stuff lately.

  • mikegorton

    Does it break 3rd party batteries/grips? In particular, curious about the D7100. The previous firmware update did not break my grip. Just curious about this one.

  • Archer

    Again no Distortion Control Data update for the D5100. Still can’t use that functionality with my new 18-55 VR II. Great … 🙁

  • Humberto Mercado

    My off brand Watson and Bower Batteries are working, and also battery grip with no brand, just Vertical Multipower, D7100 just updated.

  • some.guy from.texas

    Finally…18-140 is included in DCD…

  • Ray Justice

    Problem with my D4s since installing the firmware update. shooting football tonight, my fps felt very slow on CH while using the 70-200 2.8 even at high iso. Put my 24-70 2.8 and normal fps at 11 but 70-200 2.8 back on and again low fps, felt like about 4 or 5 fps. Anyone experience this before? Any suggestions?

  • Mist

    Whoops, I installed the same Nikon firmware update (A 1.0 B 1.01) twice. Anything to fear?

  • Anne

    Why does the d90 need to be updated? What does updating do for it? ( I’m a newbie.)

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