Nikon’s Pure Photography #6 video leaked

First, I have few updates regarding the Nikon Df camera controls:

The low dial visible from the rear, above the command dial, is the PSAM selector. The shutter release button is also the on/off switch and has a thread for the Nikon AR-3 remote (just like the FM2).

The dials on the other side of pentaprism are for ISO settings and white balance or exposure compensation. There will be also a very small LCD display on the top panel of the camera (located behind the program mode dial, not visible on any of the videos/pictures).

The 6th Pure Photography video leaked and can now be seen at the Chinese website Sina. The last video doesn't show anything new from the Df camera, it's more of a recap of the previous 5 teasers:

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  • VK
  • MarkZ

    Too many buttons and dials, it’s not gonna make me jump back from Fuji

    • Fuji Hater

      Ah, the fiddley Fuji with its ridiculous menu items and sloppy sequencing through the files to get somewhere… its silly macro path and terrible EVF (impossibly ghosty and high contrast, hard to see in daylight)… gimme a break. Earnestly tried the X100 and X-Pro – to hell with them all… Back to Nikon SLR… happy and productive once again. Bah Humbug!

  • Last Mohican

    A thought about DF price: in Switzerland the D800 sold by authorized Nikon dealers (according to comparison sites like goes for the equivalent of Euro 1750 and a new D610 for about 1300 Euro. This means that if the DF initially costs 2500 (which may be a low estimate), one could get almost two D600 bodies for the price of one DF, or one D800 with 750 Euro worth of glass. In the US the ratio may be similar. Delicate matter …

    • triple quack

      That would make the Df an huge:
      a) sucess
      b) flop

  • Jake

    I want a threaded shutter release button.

  • minivini_1275

    All this pedantic discussion about art vs medium and film formats and how they may or may not constitute art is mind numbing.

    What it boils down to is some Leo’s are inspired, in part, by the process. Others are inspired by the muse. There’s nothing wrong with either as long as the end result is the production of a pleasant experience.

    It’s can not be questioned that one can take a nice, proper photograph with any device capable of recording an image. Some are more comfortable with either the more organic feeling experience of twisting dials and recording onto a physical medium (film). Others are just as comfortable engaging in the same process on a camera phone with no buttons or dials at all. I’m one who finds greater ability be creative in myself with fewer “electronic distractions”. I take great sports and action shots with my D700 and 70-200, but I can move more slowly and deliberately when shooting a less “techy” camera. My creative shooting has been enhanced greatly since getting the Fuji X-E1. Part of that is the camera’s more organic feel. That’s what this new Nikon seems to be offering. A more organic, less distracted shooting ecosystem. It’ll appeal to many and not to others. There is no right or wrong.

    • Well put.

    • Matt

      Im pretty sure you’ll find that this camera has just as many “electronic distractions” as all the other DSLRs.
      Whack a small prime on your D700 and you can move as slowly and deliberately as you want. I cant understand how a few knobs and dials are added and suddenly everyones images are going to be so much more creative and pure….oh and ‘organic’………..please.

      • minivini_1275

        That’s great, Matt. You don’t have to understand – I wasn’t speaking about your needs or impressions, but only my own. Since it’s “my” process I’m speaking about, I can call it organic, crack induced, or whatever I choose – but thanks for adding that very polite “please” at the end.

        • Matt

          You’re welcome

  • I am….going to take some pic

    I’m going to say this boys and girls: This marketing campaign has had an unexpected impact on me. Aside from wanting thus camera, I now want to put down my computer, and take whatever camera I currently have, and take some photos, for me. I am….no longer concerned about the model, but the art.

  • Smtih

    According to all teasers, this camera will be the best camera ever invented in photography history. I strongly believe that it will blow away D800 and D4 to small pieces. At 2.5K-3K, it will be a steal !

  • rhlpetus

    I think this was made up the other videos, nothing new, doesnt make any sense.

  • Brian

    I might sell my D600 for this camera….If it has a reasonable price…

  • Falk Lumo

    At 00:41 in the video #6, did anybody notice it?

    I don’t know if it was visible before, but I can see the left rear corner of the prism housing (right side in the video). And to my eye, it does not appear to be flush with the rest of the body. There is a gap. Anybody else?

    Does it mean the viewfinder is removeable?

    I know, everybody pretty much ruled it out by now, but what is it then?

    • Falk Lumo

      It is visible in the last image shown in the article too, just above the video.

      There is this ISO/EV dial, a knob and above the knob, after the gap, comes the prism housing.

    • Smudger

      Or poor QC again!

  • Clubbed Lang

    this pure photography/organic stuff reminds me of guitarists talking about how organic analog pedals sound as they wail away on a strat at Guitar Center while playing black sabbath riffs.

  • New Pure Photography No. 6 video up from Nikon Asia. Same as leak.

  • Pieter

    Are we sure it’s a digital camera?, all this hinting about its in your hands again makes me think of film

  • Shucks

    They may as well include a live histogram and a tilty screen. It’s looking less pure each day.

  • amaral

    Im wondering about de LCD. maybe you can hide it, as a 35mm body.

  • kayne

    the back of the camera looks like any other nikon camera.
    i was hopping they would keep it simple i.e. ASA speeds dial top left shutter speeds top right aperture on the lens. leave the old film winder leaver for off/on the works also as a great hook for your thumb while operating.
    if it was like the FM3a it would never be better.
    small AE-L button for the right thumb thats it.

  • nikkorlodeon

    The Df is targeted to those who use to, or still: shoot in film.
    It is all about the camera body build and the basics of photography, only digital.
    So many photographers, including myself, wish they could shoot with their old Fs and FMs without having to process and transfer film.
    This is not a replacement or upgrade to any other DSLR currently on the market. It is an alternative to the classic film bodies in look and feel, and hopefully in image quality of film.
    If Nikon were consistent with that theme, they would offer a selection of classic film stock effect choices in the menu.

    • amaral

      I totally agree.
      the D4 sensor would be amazing. 16 MP its enough.
      2.000 US$ tops.

  • chris

    this thing looks huge… nothing compared to the sony a7/r

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