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Weekly Nikon news flash #187

Blog update: the comment sections on LeicaRumors and PhotoRumors are now powered by Disqus. NikonRumors will be upgraded next. I believe Disqus will significantly improve the user's experience, the quality of the comments and will provide me with better tools for moderation. Here are some of the new features:

  • You can vote comments up and down
  • You can sort comments
  • You can rate posts
  • You can easily share and subscribe to comments
  • Discus is used by many other blogs and websites and you don't have to create a new login
  • The comments box is now right under the post - you no longer have to scroll all the way down
  • More detailed info on all Disqus features can be found here.

Please note that it may take up to 24 hours to synch all previous comments with the new system.

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  • King Of Swaziland


    • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

      So are many other spammers and trolls, there is no other way really. You can also use social media accounts to post a comment.

      • Groosome

        That’s OK, the D600 and 70-200 f/4 VR exist now – I probably won’t need to make any more comments. I’ll still look occasionally.. ok fine maybe I will comment but I should take photos instead :)

      • GQT

        Great idea. More power to NR, Mr. Admin. :)

        • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

          Between the three blogs I was getting around 1000 spam comments every single day, not to mention all the trolls – big waste of time and bandwidth. Since I installed Disqus on the other two blogs I got 0 spam comments. Just this alone is worth the upgrade.

          • Jablson007

            If it gets rid of all the meaningless “first” comments. I am all for it!

          • http://dundermifflin.com Creed Bratton

            Oh, don’t be such a prude. We are all or mostly adults so we should be able to use adult languages.

            • enesunkie

              The language on here sometimes is far from “adult’ and is juvenile at best.

            • syd

              May I suggest Peter that since the comments section is about your audience, put it to a vote so your audience decides.

              Again, I only get offended here when people belitlle each other, like the poor guy who got hammered when he posted his work on birds of prey. I think most people here misuse the word ‘troll’ simply because they’ve never looked it up properly.

              Why am I so hot and bothered about changing the comments function of this site? It’s because it’s one of the last truely vibrant discussion forums that’s uncensored. all the other blogs are two hard to get to on mobile devices. I feel like I know many of the punters here. I’ll miss T.I.M and Nikon Shooter, Calibrator and Handy Andy and all the other guys and gals who’ve been on this hell fun ride on NR the last year. If we all comd clean, it’ll be like waking up in the morning sober and realising the world is quite dull.

              But mostly it’s because there are a few die hards here that shouldn’t have the power to vote up or down. most souls can take a bit of comment clutter and would generally leave funny stuff alone. those that are likely to make a big effort and vote up or down are those that get offended that we leave out sentence case us evil y genners. with people like that at the helm, many blogs have become rather dull indeed.

          • Syd

            1000 SPAM comments? I haven’t seen a single SPAM comment. What do they look like? Apart from ‘firsts’, ‘I’m going to canon’ the only other crap comments here have been:

            -those reponding to ‘I’m first’ comments
            -those responding to ‘I’m going to canon’ comments
            -those getting offended at dirty filthy barbaric language

            The rest of us have enjoyed unrestricted mostly good natured discussions, albeit only occasionally technical and on topic :)

            • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

              The spam comments are mainly promoting junk websites that sells Viagra, gold, etc. The majority comes from China and Russia.

      • D400

        Does this mean there will be tougher restrictions on swearing, profane language etc?

        • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

          The restriction on profane language will remain – sometimes it just takes me a while to get to those comments.

          • BartyL


          • gsum

            Surely you mean childish or yoof language. Swearing etc. is used by people who aren’t sufficiently articulate to express themselves successfully.

            • Rob

              The world’s not that black and white. Some people are just culturally different than you. It doesn’t make them less articulate and it doesn’t mean their communication any less effective.

      • unregistered

        It’s your site, I respect your choice, but I had the idea that things were pretty civilized now, on the other hand, I know I wasn’t the one deleting the “bad comments”.

        There is a lot to read about Disqus and privacy concerns.

        But this “article” (and a comment on it by Mark Gisleson) is curious:

        “People using pseudonyms post the highest-quality comments, Disqus says”

        To illustrate this statement there’s a chart showing the quality signals by identity:

        Data shown being real, there’s no need for Disqus.

        • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

          you can still use pseudonyms with Disqus, you just cannot post 10 different comments one after another under different names (trolling)

          • Rob

            Yes you can. Why wouldn’t you be able to?

            • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

              With Disqus you will have to authenticate your email address. To post under different names, you will need different emails – not impossible, but not worth for many trolls and spammers.

            • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

              and is also discouraging for bots – most of the spam is generated by bots with bogus emails

            • Nikon Shooter

              BAVO Peter! About damn time!

              The absolute best feature of Dusqus that some people here may not know about yet is the ability to vote up/down the posts and to sort by best rated.

              This is simply fantastic because you can go straight to the creamiest posts instead of skimming through the usual “where’s the D400?” garbage, which will also allow for lengthy and fruitful discussions instead of the current way of losing a really good post/discussion in the sea of posts that follow it.

              NikonRumors.com is officially out of the ’90s!

              I just hope NR Admin does not go nuts with censorship (now it will be easier than ever to ban a user.) Few years ago you could say pretty much anything you wanted including some pretty serious obscenities if it was done in good spirit, but lately he’s been a bit of a Nazi deleting posts that contain profanity and even the slightest of sexual references.

              Lighten up Admin! You have a lot of real photographers visiting this board and you are probably aware that profanity and obscenity is often a big part of artists’ life, so what’s being said here is often what we say out-loud in real world.

            • Calibrator

              > The absolute best feature of Dusqus that some people here may not know about yet is the ability to vote up/down the posts and to sort by best rated.

              Actually, it’s you who should be afraid… ;-)

            • Rob

              Actually, you can post without verifying your email address with Disqus. I tested it at photorumors after reading about it on boards trashing disqus.

              Perhaps it makes your moderating a bit easier with the up/down voting, but I don’t see why it would have any affect on trolling or spam. Both WP and Disqus have anti-spam features and/or plugins.

              I’m not saying I’m 100% against it, but it requires more scripting and will probably load more slowly. I’ll be posting anonymously and constantly changing alts because of the feature that allows you to easily view people’s other posts (discovery). Pretty much every site with a feature like that (plus pseudonyms) has users re-hashing old quotes to harass people even years later.

        • Melvin

          I’m not sure if Admin knows photography but he sure doesn’t have a clue about IT and websites or care too much about us his readers/patrons; he probably hopes that we’ll click on a link that brings comi$$ion$ or hopes to sell the site to Nikon.
          With Disqus your email is not kept a secret, I just read and wrote down many of them from Photorumors plan to write to the authors hoping they will complain.
          We’ll see how smart the readers are, more than half should stop reading and most should never post again!
          And lets see if this inconvenient message stays here or is removed.

          • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

            stop lying, you cannot get email addresses from Disqus

          • no more trolls

            Melvin, you are a troll. Admin, Dusqus is a great idea and will eliminate many of the trolls who live here (like Melvin).

    • asdf

      I has no register but can reply?

    • spaceballs?!

      there goes the planet….

  • cheesy strider

    I will gladly register just for the privilege of voting down all the mean and belittling comments

    • D400

      Me too!

    • LOL

      With multiple accounts?

      • Geoff_K

        Hell, I have 3 email accounts at this time. 2 of them used for FaceBook, even though they required a phone number (disposable cell worked for 2nd account verification).

        It will slow down the problem children for the most part I imagine.

    • enesunkie

      I agree. Let me give you a vote up.

    • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

      the voting feature is very helpful – you can sort the comments by the number of votes and get the best comments on top

  • Scott M.

    If this gives you more time for rumors , instead of editing, I am all for it.

  • RXG

    I used to be intimidated by this site because I thought it was for serious photographers only. Now that I’ve been coming here more often I see it is a often cesspool of immature arguing and “trolling”, just like most online forums. Hopefully this upgrade will prevent even some of the nonsense.

    • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

      well, it worked for Gizmodo and Engadget – they had a huge tolls problem before

      • Mike

        Now its just the occasional troll articles they post :/

  • C

    I’m sure this site could get by without comments at all!

    • That Guy

      CanonRumors does not allow any comments on their rumor posts, good and bad idear

      • Ano

        Not true. Every post entry at CR has its own thread on their forum. Actually, I wish NR was more like CR in that regard instead of having virtually two different sites; NR and NRF.

        • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

          I will be changing the forum software next, I will see what I can do.

    • Syd

      No it won’t. Not entirely anyway. If a site is static, no one knows who reads it expect the admin who has access to the usage stats. We all know NR is poular just by the shear number of comments, worts and all. If Peter goes down the path of restricted access:
      -comments WILL reduce – the site will be seen as less popular
      -they WILL become more bland – boooorrrrring!!!

      Again I come here half for the news, half for the entertainment. Again Peter can do what he chooses with his asset, but a free speech site is better than a moderated site.

      Moderation WILL change Nikon Rumours significantly.

      • Calibrator

        > Moderation WILL change Nikon Rumours significantly.

        Hopefully so.

        And hopefully most of the clowns will be gone, including nondescript nicknames like “J.”, “Ben”, “Zack” etc.

        I’d like to know if I’m talking to Joe123 or Seattle_Ben (note that I don’t need realnames – just an alias that stays with the person so I can learn what to think of him/her).

        • Fanny Indeed

          Somehow I had the strange idea that you would know what to think of your interlocutor from what he/her writes…

      • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

        Let’s see how it will go, I can always turn off Disqus.

  • Doubt

    Posted above Cameta has refurbished D800 for $2,550.
    My doubt: are those the FEW defective ones that Nikon could not fix?

  • Syd

    Quite frankly I come to Nikon Rumours half for the rumours (which with respect have bee less like ‘rumours’ lately and more like ‘news’) and half for the hilarious comments!

    Whilst I respect your decision Peter, for crying out loud, why does every thing on the internet need to be civil and PC? We’re photographers and we act like this in real life (think averages). So what is the real reason for going PC? Does it have anything to do with ad revenue?

    • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

      No, it doesn’t – I delete only comments that offend/curse other readers. In real life you can curse, but you don’t curse every person you talk to and usually you don’t curse when you speak in front of few 1000 people. The other reason is that the entire comments section gets highjacked and it turns into a pissing contest.

      • Syd

        Peter, what’s the length of a piece of string?

        Half the comments here offend half the readers which is twice as many as it ought to. Is that the sites fault, or just four times as many pussy punters with too sensitive souls?

        Bring back the biff!!!!

        • Calibrator

          If you don’t like it here then stay away, Syd.

          Or grow up.

          • syd

            Oh calibrator, we’ve got people in my country who say stuff like “if you don’t like it, go home”. Thing is they came on ships with cuffs on their wrists and little arrows all over their garbs. they’re now called rednecks and the irony it wasn’t always their home. Just like you and I have equal right to be here, but by the very definition of the term, you’re trolling whilst I’m having an adult like, albeit opionionated, discussion.

            • Calibrator

              No I’m not trolling — I stand by my opinion and I frankly don’t care too much if you like it or not.

              But you don’t have a discussion – you try to be the stubborn child here, not accepting that Peter sets the house rules.

              Of course you have an opinion and nobody disputes it.
              However, be prepared to read different opinions – like mine – or subject under new rules – like Peter’s.

              You know, Syd, it’s always funny with self-centered guys like you: You always demand your right of free speech and opinion – and at the same time deny me mine.
              By the way: My opinion still stands: “Go away, if you don’t like it here!”).

              No, you aren’t a troll. You simply are a hypocrite, Sir.

    • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

      and to answer to your other concern – yes, I post other Nikon related topics, but the main focus of the site still remains rumors and in the pat 2 years I have not missed a product announcement

    • Syd

      The nay sayers would have probably removed your comment because it uses the word ‘pissing’ in it.

      OK, first and foremost NR is a great site and I apologise if I detracted from its worth by saying the bit about ‘rumours’ vs ‘news’. I dunno if it’s because I’m a Nikon man or whether this site is just more vibrant, but I find photo rumours, Fuji Rumours etc totally lack luster and worthy of a read maybe once a year. But Nikon Rumours is a site I check daily. In fact I can almost tell when you’re away from home or a console just by the lack of updates (I think you were away this weekend as there was a noticable lack of updates).

      So why change? I can’t help but feel that if you add a moderation tool which is too restrictive (and who knows, maybe it won’t) that the zest appeal of this site, half of which comes from the comments, will diminish! What a shame that will be and why?

      Trolls come here because commenters take the bait and respond. Simple fact. If you remove the incentive, ala commenters stop commenting “you must be a troll”, then trolls will not troll.

      Anyway, gotta do what you gotta do but I just hope this doesn’t become a boring site.

      • Alex

        This site is boring as is, no rumors just news you could probably find elsewhere!
        Plus Admin goes on delete sprees more than once a day, especially result AM when he must spend a lot of time censoring comments including those that are inconvenient for his goals with the site.
        And, did I say NO DISQUS for me? Do a search and you’ll $l see all the privacy issues reported by users and programmers.

  • lorenzo

    I vote for Peter’s registration idea to become mandatory.

    This site is great for rumors and news and for some intelligent and constructive postings – which unfortunately are very few compared to the “ilarious” comments, trolls and negative, destructing notes.

  • http://slrlounge.com Matthew Saville

    The pathetic performance of Canon DSLR sensors as of late is much like the pathetic performance of Nikon DSLR sensors back in 2005. Leapfrog effect. I’m sure that once Canon overhauls their sensor factory or whatever is keeping them behind, they’ll be back on top. For a few generations.

    I’m happy to be a Nikon user right now, but I haven’t forgotten what it was like to be in dead-last place when it came to ISO performance. (Again, referring to 2005-ish Nikon DX cameras)


  • FF

    Peter, as previously mentioned, this is your website and I am sure you are trying to do the best for NikoRumors.com.

    I just hope NR website won’t become the “official” website of Nikon Marketing Department, used only for announcements of new products and to sing praises of the Nikon.

    Some of the “trolls” and “haters” have real concerns and questions for Nikon. It is good to have positive and negative comments about products. I hope it continues like this.

  • Apop

    The vote system does have a drawback imo, i’ve seen it being used on other websites and the result was : everyone trying to be smart and funny just to get thumbs up

    Other then that i like the changes you implement, i hardly ever reply, but sometimes i like to read some thoughts of other people, and it really really sucks to scroll through all the childish comments

  • peterw

    Interesting news about the lens and the other brands top-camera (yes, it is only a test :) ).

    I like your site Peter. Perhaps a tiny bit because over here we all share a common interest in beautiful equipement :)
    I don’t mind if there is a different treatment concerning fierce discussion on one hand, and personal assaults on the other.



  • Martijn

    I don’t know IF it is possible with disqus. but there are sites that automatically collapse downvoted items. you can open them IF you want. but standard they won’t show. this will make it useless to post stupid comments/trolls. An example (a dutch one) is

    • Apop

      That is such a bad idea, i see that even with 1 downvote the comment is not shown

      That will only result in people with a different opinion not being heard :P

      Downvoting just for the fun of it etc,

      The idea of needing to be registered will prevent some ”trolls” (the lazy ones) to make useless and insulting comments, but there will still be dedicated ones

      I don’t think there is a troll proof system without going all dictator style ( aka the admin banning accounts ) , which will end up @ one person deciding what is allowed or isn’t, I personally think the BEST solution is

      1- Only registered users can post

      2- give users the option to IGNORE! other users

      So if i make useless and/or semi insulting posts, you can choose to never see my comments again

      That way you get a personalized experience, and people can decide themselves what they want to read., It will also mean trolls will not be heard in the end, and can only troll once, and need to make a new account every time they want everyone to read their useless comments

      I think it should be fairly easy to implement, an ignore option

  • Martijn
    • Calibrator

      Now what’s that got to do with the thread?
      Am I missing something here?

  • http://Www.facebook.com/algarciaphotography Al

    If it gets rid of all the Canon fan boys I’m in…

  • Apop

    hmm my last comment isn’t shown:

    I personally think the BEST solution is

    1- Only registered users can post

    2- give users the option to IGNORE! other users

    So if i make useless and/or semi insulting posts, you can choose to never see my comments again

    That way you get a personalized experience, and people can decide themselves what they want to read., It will also mean trolls will not be heard in the end, and can only troll once, and need to make a new account every time they want everyone to read their useless comments

    I think it should be fairly easy to implement, an ignore option

  • http://ronscubadiver.wordpress.com Ron Scubadiver

    Yawn! I would rather be out shooting biker chicks.

    Sometimes I wonder if I would be better off with a D600 than a D800, but that will not happen until all these refurbished D800’s are gone and the sensor dust issue is resolved on the D600.

  • EnPassant

    The comment section in Photo-/Leicarumors now look very boring to read with no frames and icons. Also I can no longer write any comments from my work, like this one, as that possibility is filtered out. Too bad, although I understand the new policy.

  • mikils

    oh well, -I loved the site and quickly become a regular checker because of the great rumor scouting, but also for the knowledgeable audience – I have learned many many things here- as well for the witty posts. Stupid ones I never saw as a great nuisance, they showed how popular the site was. After all it was not me who had to remove spam. Also the idea of voting posts doesn’t appeal to me – I wonder why US people are so fond of feedbacks and top tens. I understand that it will be mandatory to subscribe to enjoy this in the future, which mean I will have to sail somewhere else. -I never liked mandatory subscription sites much, though of course I had to subscibe to some, and for this I believe I am one of the four or maybe five guys without a Facebook Account. So while I can still access I take the opportunity to take my leave from the many posters with which I have enjoied conversation and some minor squabble. May you gentlemen have a nice Light for your pictures!

  • Eric Calabros

    Blog Update item could be a single post. comments about Canon DxO score, Refurbished D800 and J1 rank ruined under Disqus criticism

    • Frisbee

      I guess it shows that DxO scores and refurbished D800 are not so interesting to talk about as the big change Disqus will bring to this place.

      Most of us must have felt annoyed sometimes while scrolling some unwanted comments, but some of us do value the free posting format we still have here and are willing to look for what is worth reading or discussing.

  • Jabs

    A really SAD day here – Nikon Rumors is going the way of every web site in the commercial world and that leaves me not happy.

    You gain convenience as an Administrator perhaps, but you lose spontaniety and may even add more ‘professional posters’ who might be paid to promote stuff on several web sites and market themselves as ‘experts’ and politically correct pundits to ‘buy’ your opinion or overtlly influence your purchase decisions.

    The web site now becomes boring, characterless or even soul-less as structure and data collection become paramount.

    I prefer to often read contrasting opinions here as they provide ‘food for thought’, but now that perhaps will be missing, as that is the ‘fun’ here to me that is missing from ALL the other web sites that I skim over and never really read or participate in but I actually read here.

    I prefer to make my own choices as to what to read or ignore and thus with the choices made for me, this site becomes a place for ‘juveniles’ or paid political schills.

    Alas, with progress comes responsibility often at the expense of audience alienation – a lesson many NEVER learn.

    Hey Administrator – remember who and what brought you fame and maybe it is time to ‘roast the ugly duckling’ (your weird audience) that brought fame to you and now the next step is what?

    With progress comes responsibility but if this progress shutters the uniqueness of this web site, then you have committed hari kari in my opinion.

    Hope everything works out for you as you move up the ladder while maybe forgetting those that took you there.

    Out with the old and perhaps forgetting the price of success as one gets famous PLUS who brought the fame to you.

    • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

      How do you suggest I fight spam and trolls? I am open to suggestions. Many people have left because of the comments – remember broxibear? I cannot make everybody happy, but I can try to make the majority of the readers happy.

      • syd

        Actually this is where I disagree, as usual it’s the minority with loud voices that give you the majority of the problem. Ignore them. Don’t risk the integrity of your site by using a comment filter.

        And I still don’t understand this spam business. in all my time here I’ve never once seen any spam. And Peter, you’re good at deleting, but not that good

      • Jabs

        @Administrator – Sorry for the late reply as very busy.
        Well, I don’t have an answer right off the top of my head, but I would use technology to divert spam instead of using Disqus to nail down the web site, as now you lose people’s trust and you fall into the Corporate culture instead.

        I find that you are unique and even when you disagree with me and my posts, you are not mean and thus I respect that. Your Nikon Rumors website is like HOME to many who might just read and never post.

        We have a few persons here who seem to be bent on telling lies or even giving us ridiculous stories that a ‘two year old’ could easily spot as nonsense, so I canot answer what to do about that – maybe it comes with the territory as the Internet is filled with lots of bogus information and many do not know what is either real of fake.
        Be very careful in changing what works and then mess up and lose. If it ain’t broke, then don’t try and fix it – comes to mind.

        I would optimize the web site for Windows 8, Microsoft’s Surface and the latest Android tablets plus the newer iPad Mini and iPad ‘4’ and leave well enough alone.
        With the proposed changes, you become the ‘general or marshall’ and people often resent that, so hence be careful.

        I miss ‘broxibear’ but that’s just one person.

    • unregistered

      Jabs nailed it here:

      “You gain convenience as an Administrator perhaps, but you lose spontaniety and may even add more ‘professional posters’ who might be paid to promote stuff on several web sites and market themselves as ‘experts’ and politically correct pundits to ‘buy’ your opinion or overtlly influence your purchase decisions.”

      That, the mandatory registration allergies, the privacy issues with Discus will scare lots of “true” posters away. Trolls, Fanboys and other peculiar animals will never quit, that’s for sure.

      Wish you luck, but I’m afraid this place will loose it’s “soul” if you go that way.

      • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

        Like I said before – I can always revert back to the current commenting system. Let’s give it a try and see what will happen.

        • syd

          Yeah but I bet you won’t….

      • Jabs

        @unregistered – Thanks and I try to be nicer to people here even when they are obviously telling you garbage. I learn a lot here, so I like that aspect too.

  • PhilK

    One of the reasons I participate here is the low-overhead of the comment section, which makes it much easier to participate here without having to jump through a bunch of unnecessary hoops to post a comment, or endure massive overhead from bloated scripts and tons of offsite content that has to be loaded just to get off the ground.

    I don’t doubt that Disqus offers more features, but neither do I think that such things are the only solution to spam. Those sorts of services tend to abuse people’s privacy by trying to monetize their personal data and content, and it’s hard to keep track of all the 3rd-party links they require just to get off the ground.

    I have also seen browser compatibility issues with Disqus before, as I recall. I normally use a ‘fringe’ browser and am tired of lazy web tech companies ignorance of them, even when the ‘fringe’ browser in my case (Opera) is more W3C standards-compliant than most of its competition.

    I already provide you with a valid email address every time I post, and while certainly if you aren’t enforcing its validity then that will have it’s own issues, it’s not because no one is giving you the info.

  • regular

    Please, check Engadget. The quality of comments is really poor. Disqus’ voting system tends to favor obvious ideas (such as “tablet is so much cooler than blackboard… lol”) and partisanism (such as “android is so much better than IOs, Apple will soon perish”).

    Now, it seems that Engadget disabled the sort-by-vote option, but you still get the most foolish comments.

    Sorry I wont participate, and Disqus is in my NoScript blacklist since long ago.


  • sure?

    I’m not sure if voting on coments is an improvement… just click a random youtube video and read the Top-comments…
    I think “where is D400″ comments may get as many likes as previous comments here said they would be disliked…
    I think it requires much work for admin again…

  • Jabs


    Here is an idea and a caution – If you give other Companies access to your Comment section at NR, then they ‘might’ mine your Data and then ‘maybe’ use that perhaps to make models of your audience and then other web sites might duplicate that and thus you will have a Trojan Horse on your server – enough said!

    • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

      there is no such an option to give access to the comments to another company

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