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Nikon gear in space

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Image credit: NASA

Camera porn: NASA astronaut Don Pettit on board of the ISS with a bunch of Nikon cameras and lenses.

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  • Sahaja

    If you hung onto the lens like he is and didn’t hold the camera the AF would probably make the camera body twist.

  • http://www.riccardoghinelli.it Riccardo Ghinelli

    Don in the sky with the Nikons

  • Jake

    How sweet would it be to be able to handhold a 800mm f5.6 with ease!!!!

  • http://www.edwardrehfeld.smugmug.com Ed R

    Please tell me the Blue Danube Waltz was playing in the background!

    Photo envy and space envy in one shot. Nice.

  • Anhli

    Is the 200 f/2 the center one?

  • http://jimcoarse.com Jim

    Now, try to explain each camera + lens and their function! I’m beyond interested to know.

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