Nikon D800 coverage continues…

Few more D800 updates:

  • Poll: did you order the D800/D800E?

  • Nikon D800 is the first SuperSpeed USB certified camera (see entire press release):

About SuperSpeed USB

SuperSpeed USB brings significant performance enhancements to the ubiquitous USB standard, while remaining compatible with the billions of USB-enabled devices currently deployed in the market. SuperSpeed USB delivers up to 10x the data transfer rate of Hi-Speed USB, as well as improved power efficiency. SuperSpeed USB offers effortless video streaming, music and photos at your home, office, car and anywhere in between. The USB 3.0 specification was developed by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group, which consists of Hewlett-Packard Company, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Renesas Electronics, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments.

  • This music video was shot with a Nikon D800:

This is the official music video for "You're On" by the danish/norwegian band EUZEN from the latest album "Sequel". The video is directed by Morten Rygaard and produced by NIKON Nordic. The video is filmed with the new NIKON D800.

and behind the scene video:

Due to the large number of emails I am receiving, I will not be able to reply to all as I usually do. I expect to be back on track next week.

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  • Dan

    Sorry, im still a little confused.
    Can someone clear up the DX mode feature option?
    So, even with a battery grip, the full res RAW mode is still locked to 4fps.
    But DX mode mode goes to 6 FPS. When they say cropped, it means its not
    just a 15MP but same aspect ratio version of what you would see as a raw file?

    • SiliconVoid

      DX mode on the D800 functions the same exact way it does on the D700, D3s, D3x – which is to say that due to the smaller image circle of the DX lenses it would be a ‘cropped’ portion of the sensor.
      A full frame sensor (FX in Nikonland) is ~36mm wide and ~24mm high, when using a DX lens (camera in DX mode) the smaller image circle produced by the lens will only cover a small portion of the center of the full frame sensor. So a smaller rectangle approximately ~24mm wide and ~16mm tall.
      This of course means it will not use any more pixels than are contained in that space however. Given that Nikon’s DX sensors are approximately half the size of the FX sensors you could roughly consider DX mode on the D800 will provide about 18mp of resolution – just like an 18mp DX body would do if Nikon made an 18mp body.

  • Luke

    I watched a D800 video on youtube and it has 2 buttons on the front to go up and down on your aperture in live view … BOKHELICIOUS !!!

    • Mark


  • Nikonnut
  • alex

    link to the motorcycle video mentioned in a previous NR post

  • David G.

    Wow I am so hoping to get my hands on one of these. They look amazing!

  • Luis

    I just downloaded all of those sample high ISO shots to compare to my D700. They look pretty darn good. I took the ISO25600 shot which was pretty darn noisy in the shadows. In PhotoShop I did a noise reduction with everything off except Reduce Color Noise set to 100%. That cleaned up the color noise in the shadows pretty well. Then I did a second noise reduction with Strength 10, Preserve Details 5%, Reduce Color Noise 100% and Sharpen Details 10%. Then I downsampled it to 12MP to compare to my D700. What a difference. I never take my D700 past 6400. Just never liked what I got out of it. The D800 though, with a bit of tweaking, produces a 12MP ISO25600 file that looks quite usable to me. I would post what I did but

  • Mark

    Woaahhh. That Cliff Mautner blog post seriously did it in for me. The other doesn’t show me much. His samples, though, are simply fantastic. I was double-guessing my choice on the D800 for a D3s (albiet more expensive) and D400 upon release (hoping it would have D800 video features). I’m DEFINITELY keeping my D800 preorder. I got to it about 45s after it arrived up for preorder, so I think I’m pretty high in the line. I am beyond stoked to get this beast now. This is phenomenal.

    Another thing is..why on earth does NO ONE that has used a D800 own a D700 to do a direct comparison shots? I was under the assumption that anyone who’s anyone owns either a D3 or D700 to be able to compare. This is depressing in that respect.


    • Sean Molin


      I pre-ordered mine immediately, but Cliff’s blog solidified my decision.

  • Ye of little doubt

    Im sold…

  • jorg

    For product shots – wich one???? D800 or D800E. I’m lost

  • jorg

    For product shots – wich one???? D800 or D800E. I’m lost

  • locsandro
    • Mark

      Woahhh. Sweeeet. The quality this thing pumps out is just incredible. I can’t imagine the video file sizes, though. lol


  • icSlowMo

    Here is the Hi-iso 25,600 I reworked to match as close to the iso 100 shot:

    Not bad….

    • icSlowMo
      • Anders

        Very impressive indeed!
        36 mp with high iso like this – Wow!

      • Ted

        WOW!! Convert to B&W and you can sell it off . My old Fuji S5pro makes more noise on 100 ISO. The Fuji is going for sure. Compared to the D700 this camera is a bargain! I paid half as much for it.

        • Ted

          I mean half as much on top on the D800

  • Mark

    Lol, and to think back at what the previous announcement posts looked like:

    VERY little wording, and a link to a different website. 24 posts. Lololol.


    • [NR] admin

      LOL, embarrassing :) Imagine the announcement post in 3 years for now (D900)

  • JVS

    Where can I get the MB-D12? This place looks very fishy.. (and the only result on google shopping for this);fg=131012604

  • michael

    is it to soon to start hunting down the even longer waited .d400..the comsumers camera…this should be the buyers camera..logic says feed the mass market first as there must be more hi end non pro .than pro buyers…or else i would guess these people will just go down the second hand d700 road

  • furdamichal

    When it will be possible to buy in Europe?

  • furdamichal

    When D800 comes to Europe?

  • jorg still takes preorders, but does not reveal deliverydates, i sent an mail asking.
    calumet germany announced availability for march 22

  • rodizzle

    I had a chance to play around with the downloadable file provided by Milan Jospovic.

    All I can say the detail provided in the original photo was amazing. You can see every little detail good or bad. So I had a little fun and did a little basic editing. Had to do a few spot removal because can see every blemish.

  • rodizzle
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