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Nikon D800 on February 7th, Coolpix cameras on February 2nd

make sure you check NR on Feb. 2nd and 7th for the latest updates

I already mentioned about the Nikon event on February 7th, 2012 but I was not sure what would be announced on that date. It will be the Nikon D800. The camera will have 36MP (not 24MP like reported on several websites). The new Coolpix cameraswill be introduced on February 2nd, 2012.

For all US readers this means the official press release will be around midnight on February 6th and February 1st respectively.

I do not expect any other products to be announced at that point. The two new DX lenses will probably be part of the D400 (or whatever the name will be) introduction later this year (I hear end of March, but this may change).

The Nikon D800 will start shipping few week after the announcement.

The camera will be on display at the CP+ show in Japan (drop me a line if you are going to visit this show).

There are multiple Nikon events scheduled in various stores across the world where you will be able to experience the new D800.

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  • Bill

    I keep reading comments…Many people just don’t seem to get it….
    16mp D4 with 9-10 frames/sec. in full frame gives a pro journalist, sports or other style photographer the ability to take 9-10 pics/ sec. of the awesome shot you see now and then of a fantastic football catch..a sharp stop action dunk by a basketball player, a bomb going off in a street. That can not be performed well by a 36MP camera shooting 4-6 frames.
    The 36MP will be an excellent choice for those photographers who love to place their great autumn folliage in a 30×40 frame.
    I guess it is “to each his own”. Buy what suits your specific needs and wishes.
    I totally understand what Nikon is doing and agree with their mindset.

    • http://vandaelefotografie glenn

      AMEN !

      now bring on that D800 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I know I will love it

    • gregorylent

      i want to photograph my art .. film is best, but processing is problematic where i live .. so, digital. sharpness is important.

      completely boggled by this 36mp thing .. something seems “not right” …

    • rick

      right about that…. and so agree with you on that

  • David

    I think there will be 2 d800’s. one with 36mp, one with 16.2…i wish there was pixel binding and would boost iso’s at lower mp, but doubt that’s going to happen.


  • Doug

    i bought my m9.2, now ill dry my savings to buy the d800, dont care we dont live forever.

    • Pete


  • nawab

    is there a p7100 replacement in the immediate horizon with full HD 1080p and GPS (i.e. In Feb 2012)? We love their dslrs, but for us mere mortals it is good to drool over their specs. A good compact is handy, economical and more of our choice.

    • BartyL

      Put a faster lens on the P7100 and it becomes a very interesting compact. The lens from the P300 would be cool.

  • St.

    From last post in [CR]:
    “…. 5D Mark III Specs:
    61pt AF
    7.5fps (this I’ve only seen once)
    DIGIC 5+
    New Battery Grip with Joystick
    GPS Ready
    No lenses were mentioned for the announcement date of the 5D Mark III. However, a solid source that reported the 24-70 f/2.8L II and 35 f/1.4L II…”

    What do you guys think about MIII comparing with D800?

    • Doug

      Pure, solid, golden, velveted shit.

    • http://www.lhp-online.com Leroy

      This kind of comparison is why I keep wondering why 36mp for D800 and no rumors of third FF camera from Nikon.

      I get the position of the D4, its the upgrade to D3s

      But what I don’t understand is how the D800 is market positioned. Is it really a 5DmkII counterpart at 36mp and more money? If it is, then I don’t understand how any 36mp sensor is able to give as good of an image as a 21/22mp sensor of the same sensor size. And if the mkiii is going to be priced similar to the mkii body, then the D800 will have a up hill battle for anyone just purchasing their first FF DSLR that has not made a investment in lenses yet.

      It just seems like we still need a third FF Nikon camera still at 24mp with a feature set between the high end D4 and the D800 specs. Seems to me that in FF, 24mp would be the sweet spot for a non D4 FF camera, not 36mp. I don’t get it. It would make more sense to me if the D3x replacement was 36mp and the D800 was 20mp or 24mp with a retail price point in line with the 5Dmkii.

      • Anonymous Maximus

        You are right in the logic, but where is the new 20-24mp FX sensor with video? Nikon depends on Sony, and that 36mp sensor must be the only one they can get in this timeframe.

      • St.

        I share your thoughts completely. I don’t want to say Nikon won’t do their best in order to provide best quality (that’s why we all are Nikon), but it seems that 36MPx is more suitable for specific jobs for certain pros. As D4 is for others.
        I also agree that we would (most of the non-pro FX shooters) appreciate more 21-24MPx FF with 5-7fps. I think this will give option to those who don’t have money for two “specialized” cameras to get one and enjoy using it for everything.
        Cut some of the video extras of D4 – like the Ethernet connection , etc., lower the fps a little, cut some MPx, but keep the good quality video at least with 1080/30. Here is a winner for the mass.
        Then Pros can pick up their D4 or D800 as it is now with D3s/x.
        In general I think today’s strategy is more successful – to have 2 specialized bodies for pros and one somewhere in between, with some functions cut for the rest.
        But let’s see what is coming first and then analyze. We may be surprised.

      • St.

        I share your thoughts completely. I don’t want to say Nikon won’t do their best in order to provide best quality (that’s why we all are Nikon), but it seems that 36MPx is more suitable for specific jobs for certain pros. As D4 is for others.
        I also agree that we would (most of the non-pro FX shooters) appreciate more 21-24MPx FF with 5-7fps. I think this will give option to those who don’t have money for two “specialized” cameras to get one and enjoy using it for everything.
        Cut some of the video extras of D4 – like the Ethernet connection , etc., lower the fps a little, cut some MPx, but keep the good quality video at least with 1080/30. Here is a winner for the mass.
        Then Pros can pick up their D4 or D800 as it is now with D3s/x.
        In general I think today’s strategy is more successful – to have 2 specialized bodies for pros and one somewhere in between, with some functions cut for the rest.
        But let’s see what is coming first and then analyze. We may be surprised.

      • http://mike.heller.ca Mike

        It’s possible that Nikon doesn’t want to compete directly with the Canon 5DIII at this point. They 5DII has sold very well, so Nikon could be trying to open a new market segment with a very high MP cam that Canon doesn’t have. Anyone looking to get into a DSLR and wants high MP will only have one option.

        In a way, Canon lured a lot of customers with great video in the 5DII that Nikon couldn’t match, maybe the D800 is the camera that Canon can’t match.

  • Bill

    From what I have heard on here, seems like D4 is not going to be a big seller unless you are a hardcore pro. D800 will be a great selling machine, but there seems to be a ton of flack about 36mp vs 16mp vs 24mp as preference. It may have been nice to have a D800A 24mp at $2,795 and A D800x at 36mp for around $3495. I remember when I bought my old D100 for $1,995. That was a tough decision then. I tend to take good care of my cameras..my D100 is like new, D200 like new and D7000 only has a couple thousand shots on it. The D800 may be the last camera I would need for several years if it does what all of us hope for and has a high MP. It will most likely exceed most of our print capabilites.
    So, at $3500 to $4000 it would be a long term investment that might not need replacing for at least 8-10 years for me. My D200 is 6 years old now and I still find it does most of the things I need it to. The D7000 does a wonderful job and makes really great 11×14 and 16×20’s. I just get tired of cropping DX size to fit many of the mats I have already pre-cut to 16×20. Full frame will be more desireable for me.
    I have yet to hear a bad remark from ANY D700 owner..let us hope the D800 excels as a replacement.

  • Bill

    I did forget to mention, the D400, should one come about, might be a very interesting camera and may very well be the camera for Nikon lovers to think about. Pricing might be where many advanced amateurs and semi-pro photographers would fall in line with a family of 4 to feed along with their 7 cats and dogs.
    I tend to wonder if Nikon has taken into account the global recession in their pricing policy.
    I have noticed that many pros have been saying they have sold less work this year because people are pinching pennies.

  • Landscape Photo

    When Canon 5D mk II was out, Nikon left landscape photographers out in the cold for long years. The hypothetical 24mp D700x never happened.

    D3x was too expensive and bulky too, D700 or D300(s) would suffice but you always wish if it had more pixel count. D7000 is quite dinky, and a 24mp D400 DX would be very early diffraction limited & optically limited as well. FX format leaves more room for improved resolution.

    Now the day arrives eventually. D800 is the right answer !

    • http://www.artwork-pictures.de Artwork-Pictures

      These are the thoughts flitting through my head for over a year now. I really hope this year it will be true!
      You don’t need this huge amount of Megapixels unless you do large printing like me. 40 inch Fine Art Printing or even more would make more sense when earlier.

      Or you are a rich technic freak – that´s fine as well.

    • Kai Sheng

      Longest 9 days ever.

    • Carsten

      The diffraction limit of a DX sensor is the same as for a FX, if DoF is the same you’ll get the same angular resolution. In other words: with the same MP count the diffraction sets in 1.16 stops earlier, which is exactly the difference in DoF you gain with the smaller sensor.

      It is true that FX makes better use of the lenses resolution, but at least for landscape the reduced resolution at the image border makes this argument doubtful.
      The advantage of a FX lies in the higher DR, which is definitely important for landscape photography

      • Landscape Photo

        All I know is diffraction effect is proportional to total pixel count. A 36mp FX would have 4.8µ pixel size, yet 24mp D400 would be 3.9µ which contributes to a crazy 54mp FX if extended. Sony NEX7 is an example; it seems to struggle at that resolution even with Zeiss lenses, .

        The highest practical usable stop on D700 is roughly f/16 (depends on the lens, physical dimension of aperture). 12mp D700 to 24mp D3x causes 1 stop difference (on the same lens). 12mp to 36mp D800 will cause about 1.5 stops which will be f/9.5 max. Wide angle lenses are earlier diffracion effected than teles at the same aperture. The variation is about +- 1/2 stop.

        I know it is not a brick wall, but a 24mp D400 would be diffraction limited by about f/6.7. For a safe bet, you’re stuck at f/5.6 which most DX lenses won’t be successful at the DX corners due to their smaller image circle. Best way to obtain highest optical result for such a camera would be using the sharpest FX lenses around f/4-5.6.

        OTOH, a 36mp D800 FX with good lenses at f/8 would likely yield a better overall image including the corners. As you mentioned, better DR & acuity, and less noise are the other bonus that FX may give. Plus, it gives the flexibility to crop on occasion.

      • Anonymous Maximus

        I have difficult question: Say we have one D800 (with AA filter) & one D800E (no AA filter) attached a undisputably sharp lens, say 85mm f/1.4.

        At f/4 (no visible diffraction & optically at optimum aperture), it will be much sharper with the non-AA version for sure. But at f/11 when half of the available optical resolution is eaten by diffraction what would happen?

        Logic I: Both versions will look alike because the image is already diffraction limited

        Logic II: Non-AA version will still look a bit sharper even with softening from diffraction

  • Kai Sheng

    What would be the price estimate? I’m seeing 3k and 4k USD. Anyone?

    Also, I’m thinking of just getting the D700 as I really don’t need the 36MP or video, and it’s about 2.2k USD in my country for a new set. Being a student, that few hundreds of savings would be very substantial, and I could even get a 85mm prime. Any advise?

    The only reason why I’m rushing to get the camera is ‘cos I’ll be going to Korea for 4 months on internship, and I’m hoping to go full frame instead of sticking to my D5000.

  • Landscape Photo

    Admin, do you have any idea where the meetings will be held on Feb. 2nd & 7th? Yokohama or somewhere else on the world? There must be invitations already sent to Nikon reps & press, isn’t it?

    • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

      I do not have the exact locations this time.

      • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

        ok, I only have details for the Nikon Announcement in Denmark – February 1st in the Copenhagen Design Center, 10am-12:30, invitation only

  • Nikonnut

    Maybe an announcement of a Nikon’s answer to Canon powershot G1 X? Prolly not though eh?

  • Doug

    With the D1X delayed, the 5d will probably be hold for a couple of weeks, i really wanted for them to come at the same time.

  • Afshin Deliry

    Dear Admin, Battery grip is included in d800 or will be optional item?

    Is there any change in predicted price for body or not?

  • http://alexandnatalie.com Alex

    I sooo hope you’re wrong about the 36MP…really hope they make it a small version of the D4 with similar specs. OR if they do go with the 36MP at least give us the option of multiple RAW formats, like the Canon 5D2.

  • http://www.bridalimage.co.uk Photodom

    I have an Intel Core i7 desktop with 12gb of memory, and even with the 12 mp files of my D700, some batch processing routines take an age to run. I also have the 16mp D5100, and these take even longer.

    If this is a 36mp camera, then you’ll need to look at upgrading your entire sysetm from memory cards to your actual PC to cope with demands that will be placed upon it.

    I would not buy it to shoot the weddings which are our staple, but if I were a landscape, architectural or food photographer, then I can see it’s attraction – but I’d shoot much less.

    The quality of enlargments I get from the D700 files is exceptional, and I question the need for such jump in resolution – with all of the associated sensor noise that will come with it.

    • bora cilek

      I cannot agree more..
      12-16 mp is enough for almost everything..more brings the need for excessive processing and some futile investment in memory cards and external disks..furthermore it is a bitter fact modern zooms do not have the resolving power above 16-18 mpixels..add the cumbersome noise issues..maybe thats why canon chose to downgrade from 21+ to 18 mps in its newest flagship camera..

      • Anonymous


  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/markdstump/ Mark Stump

    I think Nikon’s got it right with the split: 16MP is always enough and the extra frame rate plus low light performance is maybe what I ought to want!

    But for my daylight landscapes (the stuff I’m most excited about) I want more pixels and 36MP sounds great to me!
    BTW, it’s the SAME pixel density as my old D7000!
    I think those who imagine that “36” is out of line ought to realize that.

    The FX sensors have 2.25 times the area as my D7000 DX camera and
    16MP x 2.25 equals 32+4, or 36!!

    So you see, a 36MP D800 is totally reasonable!


    • George Caplan

      36MP. Going to need some seriously good lenses. 3rd party may not be any good at all.

  • Tommy

    I doubt there will be 36MB in D800…
    A friend of mine is a translator and have been translating user manuals for Nikon for several years now. Nikon never send the complete user manual to one translator, and no model type is specified. However, he has been translating a user manual for a comming DSLR the past weeks, and the specs in this manual says 24MP…

    • Hello

      Wow! Maybe that mean new fx model 400. (Seeing as Sony has a crop sensor 24 mp sensor and Nikon uses Sony sensors). Good thing you no translator, you no speak English.

  • Baraldi

    + 7 Days to let us know the truth!

  • Hoeras

    What IS interesting for those coming over from the DX to FF is that they can shoot FIFTEEN MEGAPIXEL with their OLD DX lenses.

    It also means that DX tele lenses on D8OO will have more reach and STILL FIFTEEN MEGAPIXEL.

  • Doug

    Hopefully I didn’t miss this question/comments in one of the threads, but here is my question:

    The D800 sounds like it will be everything it is hyped up to be, but what about the consumer who is ready to upgrade NOW?

    The D700 is getting harder and harder to find each and every day lately. We all know the 700 is a great item so….go ahead and get the D700 now or wait and ‘hope’ the D800 is comparable in price with a much better feature set? The D700 is in the price range I am looking for (can’t go much higher unfortunately) so I am almost to the point to go ahead and purchase it instead of hoping each day the D800 will be within a few hundred dollars of it.


  • Kunaal Gosrani

    Apparently D800 will not be coming out till August 2012. This info came from my local shop and another big retailer. They got the info from Nikon UK and Nikon Germany. But hey anything goes!!!

    • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

      impossible, the D800 will start shipping few weeks after announcement, probably in mid-March

  • Kunaal gosrani

    I hope it does, only going by what i was told . Ontop D3 was introduced in Aug 07 and D700 July 08. Nearly a years gap.

    • hello

      ….your point being??

      ps I think the admin would have a bit more info than you buddy.

      • KG

        My point being mate, i hope it does come out but i dont rekon it will so early. Businesses that have delt with nikon for the last 50 years can also get slipped up info sometimes the same way NR can. I have my D4 coming in 3weeks D800 will be a bonus if it does comes out.

  • Bernd

    new Coolpix models were announced in Germany already Feb 1st, 2012.

    COOLPIX S9300 und S6300
    COOLPIX S3300 und S4300
    COOLPIX P310
    COOLPIX P510 und COOLPIX L810


  • west texas flash

    In comparing to Canon, there are supposed to be two new full frame digital SLRs. The first is the 20+mp 5-MkIII, but there is supposedly a second camera with more of a pro bent with an even higher mp count. I have seen guesses anywhere from 30 to 54mp. Sony/Nikon are probably aiming at that one.
    All the comments about the unnecessary 36mp image sound just like the comments from my brother in law about why had my wife jumped to a 10mp point and shoot when his 5mp camera did just fine.

  • Sensorworm

    What will be the price of D800, any rumour?

  • Pavel

    Okay, one thought. Shoot…enjoy…and no stress.

    85mm 1.4ais


  • doug

    I see that there may be some concerns about 36MP (assuming it is 36MP,) but from where I sit as an amateur with a gear fetish, it’s nice to know that I may have some breathing room to crop. I’m not one of those folks whose eyes come with built-in frame lines!

  • Paul

    Well, I have told a while back what I was told and see what everyone is saying. Seems to me that no one except Nikon knows exactly what is really coming. BUT, we will ALL know what it is within the next 4-6 hours.

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