Weekly Nikon news flash #145

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  • Zorro

    The only news I want is the release of the long-rumored D40s.

    • Rob

      The second they announce the D40s you’ll be whining for rumors on the D40xs. There’s no pleasing you.

  • arizonaSteve

    I am torn:
    A: I was a little disappointed by the Belgian King, not shooting with a D3s or a D4 (come on if a king can’t get a camera a little early than who can?)

    B: I think it is great that he appreciates price vs. performance sensibility, having a flash to use commander mode, and a little smaller body to handle. Way to go Albert II!

    Long live the D700!

    • http://micahmedia.com Micah

      Maybe the king appreciates the weight and compactness of a body without an integrated vertical grip, with the quality of the D3 sensor?

      I’d prefer even smaller and sans-flash (more waterproof!) But hey, what do I know…I’ve only been waiting since March of last year for Nikon to properly repair my D700. (the capacitor for charging the flash, which is absent in the upper tier cameras, wields a lot of power to do damage to components if you get it wet.)

    • derWalter

      I am curious that he isnt shooting an expensive point and shoot.
      or something small like a leica!

      a dslr is something big and clunky and you have to know something about photography to use it… doesnt sound like a rich guy!
      sounds like someone with a hobby!
      i can asure you, i love my d300 with my 24-70, but witch batterygrip and sb-900 attached it is no toy to play around. a d700 with a 28-300mm looks like the best you can get as a amateur in weight to quality to price trade of.

      i would not want a d4 or d3 as a familycamera or even as an amateur.

      • http://jbphotobelgium.byethost8.com Djonah Inc.

        why not leica…hmmm does leica have a VR lens? Why? I think that will come in handy for someone with Parkinsons disease 😉
        combine this with the high ISO = fast shutter speed and I think you’ll find a reasonable answer… Why not canon? euhm… He likes the feel of nikon better 😀

    • Arnstein

      With a D3, he would look like the paparazzi, who chase him. However, if I were him, I would replace the original strap.

      • Qwerty

        I fail to see the connection between what type of camera a “king” should use. I guess they are not human? Maybe he likes that camera, maybe he just slaughtered a paparazzi or perhaps he is returning the camera to the lost and found?

    • Joe Jarro

      Small kingdom, small camera 😉
      Do you think he’s lurking and posting on Nikonrumors????? If so, what would be his pseudonym/name?

  • http://brettmaxwellphoto.com brett maxwell

    my 85mm preorder with amazon says, “Shipping Estimate Tuesday January 31, 2012 – Friday February 17, 2012”

  • http://jamri.smugmug.com James Clarke

    Nikon knew what they were doing when they launched the Nikon 1 system, unlike the 1000s of so called experts who naysayed it!

    • plug


      • Mr. Presley


    • Worminator

      J1/V1 models currently no. 5, 8 and 17 on Amazon best selling “compact camera systems”. Top three are NEX3, GF2 and E-PL1.

      That’s not _horrendously bad_. I’d guesstimate from the Amazon numbers that they have ~5% market share in the mirrorless (CSC) category. Sony and Panasonic probably have 35% each, with Olympus on 20%.

    • MJr

      That’s what i keep saying !!

  • Worminator

    I’m all for more Nikon sales, but something smells when you have to release a statement like “the Nikon J1 recently selling the most units in one week than had previously ever been achieved by any mirrorless camera.”

    That’s a really roundabout way of stating not very much.

    And did Nikon market share really go from 2.5% in 2009 to 12% in 2011? Both those numbers seem just plain wrong.

  • http://www.itsrich.info Richard hart

    thats a shiny space age buck rogers of a lens!


  • Not_yet_shipped

    My order says “Shipping Estimate Tuesday January 31, 2012 – Friday February 17, 2012” just like brett maxwell

  • http://dundermifflin.com dwight shrute

    The President of Russia (if he still is the president) uses canon.

    • http://www.graphy.ro MC

      Excuse me… the President of Russia uses a cannon not a canon LOL

    • http://blog.nauphotos.com Nau

      actually he been spotted with Leica a lot

      • Eric
        • http://www.createdbylove.com/ Lewis

          Has no one told the president the proper way to hold a camera?

          • http://haroldellis4444@gmail.com Harold Ellis

            nobody is brave enough to tell him he holds it wrong. maybe putin, but putin likes that his friendenemy looks like a fool on public

    • Funduro

      President of Russia shows promise as a Dancing with the Stars contestant.

  • http://ronscubadiver.wordpress.com Ron Scubadiver

    Nice of Nik to release a fixed version of Color Efex for 64-bit Windows users. Perhaps Nikon and Nik are finally getting their act together.

  • broxibear

    Nikon committed to optical viewfinders…
    “Optical viewfinders offer a higher level of connection to the subject and a superior view of the scene in comparison with electronic viewfinders (EVFs) according to Nikon Europe’s Lars Pettersson.
    Pettersson explained that this makes optical viewfinders (OVFs) preferable for its SLR customers, and therefore the company will be sticking with the traditional technology for the time being. However, he conceded that EVF technology has improved greatly recently and if that pace of change were to continue Nikon may review its position in a few years time.”

    • ShaoLynx

      Well, that may very well be. Yet, I think that Nikon did a great job with the EVL in the V1. Not saying that it is pro-grade, but using it for some time now, I can easily imagine it becoming a pro-standard, so that DSLRs can finally loose the mirror. May just need some further evolution…

  • 123

    I fail to see the connection between what type of camera a “king” should use. I guess they are not human? Maybe he likes that camera, maybe he just slaughtered a paparazzi or perhaps he is returning the camera to the lost and found?

    • http://jbphotobelgium.byethost8.com Djonah Inc.

      Nope… It’s his… there are actually 4 or 5 shots of him with the camera, even while he was taking some glamour shots of Misses King at the windy/sandy beach of Ostend … :-)

  • PeterO

    Has anyone had any experience with the Pixel King flash triggers? Theoretical question: With the Pixel mounted on the camera and an SB700 on the receiver off camera, can the 700 control a couple of SB600s? Specifically, can I have 3 speedlights off camera with full iTTL control?

  • sasd

    Why sony is much better than nikon’?

    • mikils

      there you go!

    • http://haroldellis4444@gmail.com Harold Ellis

      because they have to, otherwise nobody would even discover they make some cameras

  • Albert Ang

    “Nikon J1 recently sold the most units in one week than had previously ever been achieved by any mirrorless camera”. Fuji X-Pro 1 will definitely beat this by a large margin.

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