Nikon Coolpix P7000 with firmware v1.0 was previewed by dpreview

Today (or maybe on September 5th?) dpreview displayed for a short time a Nikon Coolpix P7000 preview link on their website:

The page is now removed, but all-mighty Google captured part of it - apparently their P7000 test unit had firmware v1.0:

The article should re-appear online tonight (same URL) around midnight (US eastern time). For the record: I did not see that page online. If anyone has more info, please post in the comments section.

Update: the P7000 preview was available online for few minutes.

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  • twoomy

    Nice catch! Too bad it wasn’t cached.

    • twoomy

      Actually, they may be allowing google’s robots to access the page to get themselves higher hits even before their page goes live, but they’re blocking all other IP addresses from hitting the page directly. The fact that the page isn’t cached hints that dpreview did this deliberately.

      • LGO

        Well, dpreview knows how to play this game well! :-)

  • Mato34

    Ops! Also did that search on Google after reading Carlos R B and was going to send that info right now :)

  • Doroga

    Pages 1 & 2 are cached now.

  • lolcatmaster FTW

    I wonder how much they got paid to do that stunt? that´s classic PR moves to generate hype :P…

  • hah

    looks on paper superior to the G11. but the image quality will hopefully match the superior specs.

  • Steve Bingham

    Yes, I saw it also. Read it – and promptly dismissed it. I wasn’t interested.

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