Nikon service advisory

If you own a Nikon AF-S VR Zoom-NIKKOR 200-400mm f/4G IF-ED lens you may want to read today's Nikon service advisory - you don't want your $6,000 lens to "fall through the crack".

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  • CheekyChicky

    not a issue. it would not fall out.

  • yrsued

    Funny, the only Service advisory form Nikon is for a Nylon Case!! LOL!!!

    Have you read the past two years of Service Advisories form the other manufacturers???

  • Gayle

    Thanks for this update!


    I got a email today from Nikon about this. I’ll have to check my case. Thanks for post it also.

  • Jeff
    • Rumpage

      um no. this is photography, remember?

      • Dan

        Indeed, the 5D Mk II seems used more and more for video than photography.
        Instead of an afterthought, its become its sole purpose.

        • Rumpage

          just a buzz. it will settle down in few months when all cameras have it and nobody will use it except youtubers and photographers whos grant parents were predicting downfall of photography in age of VHS 8 cameras

    • [NR] admin

      The above link is not working for me, but I posted that on
      Now Nikon has the ball – you know that D90 firmware update is not too far away
      I guess I should have posted that on the blog

  • Jason Andersen

    Thanks! I have a non-T. Since I just dropped my D3x with a 200mm F2 and SB900 attached (all recevied damage and where sent to Nikon), I don’t need another disaster.

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