Nikon D400 is here?

Stay tuned for more - the screenshot is from Nikon Germany web site - I am still confirming this rumor with my sources and verifying its authenticity (Nikon websites were down yesterday):


What we can see is CMOS-Sensor (15,3 MP), 6 frames/sec, ISO from 200 to 6400, Full HD movie mode...

Ok, this is the link: - the picture was submitted by a reader.

The D400 is gone, but the whole page still doesn't load correctly. Most of the European sites still have hard time loading most of the images.

Please keep in mind that I still have not confirm this rumor - the picture could be fake.

As few readers have noticed, the D400 is not listed on the left menu which can indicate that this picture is fake.

Has anyone else seen this online?

(I will continue to update this post as I find more info)

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  • Abhinav

    April fool is still miles away 😀

  • Pablov

    this thread is getting loooooooooooooooooong

    anything new? (I honestly can’t read so many comments, and even less because so many bad discussions -save time mates ! :) I already wasted too much …)

    Hope we can get good news soon, maybe next week at that event in Japan or don’t remember where….

    • 103David

      Sounds like you’re blocked. Why might that be?

  • Pablov

    what happen? I was to post at the end, and my post appeared before many…..

    are there so many people writing right now ??

  • Pablov

    I’m getting some weird problems sometimes…. like “not found” page, or having my post in a wrong place (when I did actually post in the last place of the thread)

    well, might be some electrical bad influence or interference :)

  • peter

    even if it IS true. ahh….so what ? 3mp’s more, a likely comprimise on iso quality and movie mode with either MF or shitty AF like the MkII. no articulating screen that i can see mentioned, no other innovations. i wouldnt bother with it and to be honest i dont know why everyone is getting so excited.

  • eyrieowl

    there’s a line between abetting hoaxes and being the first to scoop a big story. you may not recognize that line, but it’s there.

  • M@RS

    Iff these rumors are true, then they are very dissapointing….
    So, still no native ISO 100.
    I don,t understand why Nikon starts with ISO 200.
    I have no neat the extra MPixels.
    This is not an improvement over the D300.

  • Stereohans

    BAck to topic: Some of you were asking for the use of a HD movie mode in a photo camera. Well, there’s an increasing demand of photojournalists like me to get this movie mode because more and more newspapers establish homepages with video content. And we (me and my colleages) are the ones to produce it. For the last few weeks I was running around with a handy compact canon HD video camera. Nice machine with automatic AF and white balance – but the wideangle abilities are a mess. Even with a special extension lens you won’t get more than 35 mm or so.
    And you alwas have to carry an additional camera for normal pictures with you because the photo quality of this video cam is very poor.
    So I would give a VERY warm welcome to a machine that combines full HD video and photography in one. D90 is a toy for daddy but not a pro tool for daily use, especially because the video function has no AF.

    Greetz, Hans

  • Jeroenw

    If there are going to be forums I suggest a special DX is dead forum

    • [NR] admin

      I just added this to the future forum. Any other ideas, topics you guy want to have/discuss?

      • 103David

        How ’bout “There is no D400/There never will be a D400/D400 NO!/Any mention of D400 earns banning from Nikon Rumors/Don’t call or mention D400 unless actually in posession of D400/Nikon Rumors a D400-free site/D400 memory purge HERE!
        Catching my drift, or am I being too subtle?

  • wg

    nikon europe site is down again!!
    nikon-de is down again!!

  • Paul

    German, Swiss, France etc. Nikon sites again down today!

  • JO

    IT’S FAKE!! ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE IMAGE WHERE ALL THE CAMERAS ARE LISTED, THERE IS NO D400!!!! But that doesn’t mean it’s not coming soon, but just that this rumor is fake!!!

  • dom

    who the heck wants more pixels?

    12 million pixels and 10 megabite compressed raw or 30mb uncompressed 14bit raw is massive, I really hope they dont bring out a new camera with x amount of more pixles! my hardrives cant take it! and on top of that i still cant see the difference from a 6 mp camera to a 12mp camera. unless i zoom down to pixle level but for that i would have to be blowing the images up to bill board size pictures!…. and i bet very few of us on this site do that.

    what i would love is a extended dynamic range like the s5 but more so, better noise supperssion, and surprisingly video as it would be brill for music videos or taking up the slopes to make a snowboard video. especially if it hat 60p for great slow mo shots!

  • mike

    SO, Today i was i a nikon store in bern, Switzerland. and they said to me, the D400 will come in summer/autumn. AND will have a Full-Frame, like D3.
    It sounds realy serious. That is the only thing they know about the D400. And the information is reputed from Nikon Germany.
    So, i hope thats true! Sounds nice! Greets

  • 8 Photography


  • 103David

    Bogus, in so many ways.
    Probably this is a D600 with an aftermarket D400 sticker on it. Likely the only way to sell the left-over D600 cams.

    • guest

      You may not have spotted that this post was from March 2009, before even the D300s was introduced.

  • Duh


    You sir or maam are the idiot here. Read the site title – NIKON RUMORS! It’s not called Nikon Facts or Nikon Official Announcements –

    It’s a friggin’ rumor site – not intended to be anything but that. If they happen to get the scoop on a new product – great! If not it’s a good read.

    Of course you probably believe everything you read in the supermarket tabloids too.

    go take a valium or get an AIG bonus or something.

  • [NR] admin

    this guy is gone – I tried really hard not to block him in the past few weeks, but now he is gone

  • shivas

    maybe we should make the blog a forum that way you have to register to comment and you can ban these retards?

    praying for the D400, daddy needs a D90 cheap – hope to see a 10-15% reduction in body prices in the DX line after its announcement!

  • niko58

    Maybe you could consider the admin deleting someone’s post as suppression of free speech, just as you could consider putting a serial killer in prison as suppressing their ability to express themselves artistically.

    However, sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do for the overall benefit of the community, and in this case, the admin was justified in deleting the offending post, just as I would expect mine to be deleted under the same circumstances.

  • Bryan

    Except that this is not a free and public site, even if it’s run as such. It is a privately owned site. The admin owns the site and pays for the hosting and domain name, therefore he should have full control over what is posted and what is not. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for free speech an a Republic over a Democracy, but facts are facts.

    *steps off soapbox*….. 😉

  • 10two20

    I can sympathize with you, but there are so many trolls and baiters that do nothing but bring the whole tone of a conversation down. Between the negativity and just plain rudeness, I’d rather have comments removed and users banned. I feel it keeps away the more civil users and just makes the whole forum seem meaner and angrier.

    I could either ignore them (which I honestly can’t) or I don’t visit sites with antagonistic jerky people. I realize I can’t have that out in the real world, but I appreciate it in web sites I like to visit for leisure. I hope you can understand that view as well.

  • [NR] admin

    Yes they are free, but you have to also realize that many people come here to get some valuable info and it is difficult to to scroll through 100 comments that are just attacking other readers (or myself). Take at look at drpeview – I don’t want NR to become like that. So far I have banned 3 or 4 people.

  • Dear Concerns

    A privately-owned website can do whatever it wants to with its content. It’s not a violation of your “free speech.” Just like CNN probably wouldn’t allow you on Larry King Live to talk like an idiot for 60 minutes.

    Feel free to start your own blog and blabber all you want to exercise your freedoms. :)

  • [NR] admin

    see my answer above

  • [NR] admin

    NikonRumors forums are coming – I am still testing/adjusting some minor issues. The NR forum should be online in few weeks.

  • Stephen

    STFU, this is a rumor sight. Stupid idiots like you who think this is real news. Get out you moron.

  • noone

    Sloppy job, my friend. You couldn’t even bother to line up the left margin properly.

  • shivas

    nice! looking forward to it, and thanks for your vigilance in keeping the crap off of the blogs. . .ok, back to D400 gossip. . .any other news?!

  • Pablov

    Cool !! I hope we can get more friendly conversations and less hot discussions than in some other forums.

    But take your time to be in peace Admin, these tasks are too much time consuming !

  • Juergen

    Great to hear that!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks…I one of those people, now I know why I quit going to DPreview, got tired of the BS…please keep up the good work.

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