All Nikon Europe sites are down

...and have been down almost the whole day. What's going on? Regular technical problem or new products are being added?

Update: false alarm, no new products were introduced - probably just a big screw-up for Nikon IT department.

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  • sshhhh

    Nikons servers in the UK are online, dunno about there sites though

      • sshhhh

        trust me, the UK/europe servers are physically online. as for the websites on those servers, who knows

    • Miraculix

      Yes, it`s true.
      There are new Nikon products:

      – Nikkor 16-300 2.8 VRIII
      – Nikkor 5-15 1.8
      – Nikkor 105-400 4.0 VRIII

      and the
      Nikon D400 18MO, 10fps, ISO 25-51200 ans so on..
      Nikon D4 48MP
      Nikon D800 24MP

      They will announced at 30.2.2010!

  • Anonymous

    don’t get too excited and try to get some sleep tonight.

  • sshhhh

    I wish, im busy guarding them

  • Anonymous

    nikon korea site is down too

  • StillWaiting4D800

    Nikon HK is fine

  • StillWaiting4D800

    OMG check out the Nikon US site!!!

    • Marc

      Tease! is fine and I don’t see anything new.

      Also, Why are you waiting for the D800?

  • sshhhh

    because ?

  • CyBerRaT working well… but can’t reach europe nikon server !

  • Joe

    Maybe they are upping all their prices ?

  • Maxime

    Why is so… small? It’s nothing like the other Nikon sites, it’s old, unhelpful and has no information. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    All sites are fine here in Australia, albeit a bit slow.

  • StillWaiting4D800

    nikon uk is ok now.

  • Anonymous

    They are doing a virus scan

    • Rodolfo Paiz

      Virus scans do not require taking websites off-line. Almost nothing does, really… the hardware and software are all pretty much designed to run 24/7. And Nikon must also have load-sharing, multiple servers, and other basic and usual investments in infrastructure that would further ensure the website’s availability even if a single server (or several servers) needed to be taken off the network or shut down for some reason.

      Websites for a major global corporation being off-line for a whole day is a major screw-up on someone’s part, even if (or perhaps especially if) it’s for content updates or routine maintenance. You plan ahead for those things, and you try them out on test servers, and then you roll them out and switch everything at the same time. There should not be any perceptible downtime… ever, really.

      • l0ngsilver

        Never – unless it’s being done deliberately as a marketing exercise (as seen regularly with Apple).

  • ich bins

    German Nikon site is down,too.

  • StillWaiting4D800

    this is sad, it’s over now!

  • also (still) down….
    Can it be that they’ll finally introduce the Nikon AF-S 4-600mm f1.2G IF-ED VR with the IQ of the 200-400mm, <1kg and <€500

    /me wakes up….

  • andreas just went online a few moments ago – and there is a theaser with a bunch of new fast primes to see …

    *just kidding* 🙂

  • Nikon site already OK now

  • Gregor

    There is nothing new onwPolish Nikon site, excluding new firmware for Coolpix S60 ( put there on march 17). I’m still waiting for new D90 firmware 🙂

  • kurotsu-kun

    … Nikon Germany site is up, just veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy slow to load. Nothing new there either.

  • Jørgen

    Nikon Norway is up. Nothing new.

  • mattiask

    Nikon sweden is up. No D400 at least.

  • anonymous

    since i’m planning to get myself a flashgun, i was hoping nikon’s gonna introduce the SB-700 soon to replace the SB-600..


  • Ax

    Nikon is online…. Waiting for D700x…. Ax

  • kiven

    No D400 in Nikon Australian Site.

  • nobody

    Geeze… we’re grasping here, aren’t we! Over the last six years that I have paid attention, Nikon has never taken their websites down prior to an announcement. BTW — Ironically, THIS site was down or atleast very slow yesterday, so this is further proof that the D400 and D700x are coming tomorrow! ha ha

    • Stephen

      Actually… The Nikon site usually goes down for an hour or two when they have a big announcement. I believe they are just trying to make sure everything look pretty and works. Though, an extended down time seems to suggest problems with routers or massive maintenance.

  • GR

    nothing new on nikon holland. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    no news

  • Anonymous

    so! who’s right? 😀

    told you, nothing exciting.

  • Ken Elliott

    At first, I figured they were getting ready to launch the new F7 film camera. Then I discovered the REAL reason the web site is down:

    • Ken Elliott

      Woops! that link is NOT work safe. Mainly a 4-letter word issue. And one “intresting” visual at the end.

  • billybarty

    …wake me when the sites are back up AND with new product content.

  • afterdarkernikon

    So anything came up? Nikon sites in eu is accessible here. i’m in EU

    • I checked several Nikon sites and could not find anything.

  • PabloV

    we are “hungry” of good news from Nikon
    lately we had nothing very exciting

    When is the D400 going to be announced?
    Is Nikon playing chess with Canon ? 😕

  • Matt

    Just a good ol’ technical glitch. I never understood that “let’s create hype by closing down our web site” thing anyway. Glad Nikon didn’t buy into that.

  • Pells

    Honestly. The Admin on this site has really been reaching lately. It’s fine to spread rumors to spark conversation even when there is little truth to it, but every time there is some internet anomaly you act like it’s newsworthy.

    Btw I was at a press an investor conference with Michio Kariya (Nikon CEO) and despite the lights in the room I saw no glare whatsoever on his glasses. Could this be a new glass coating? Does Kariya-san wear N coated glasses? Have they teamed up with Hoya to bring their fingerprint free filter glass to Kariya-san specs? Work on that rumor and come back to us.

  • HS

    Pells. what is your problem? If you are regular reader of NR and have paid attention in the past, you would know that Nikon websites briefly go down right before a product announcement. This is a well known fact and you can verify it on dpreview and other forums.

  • reverse logic

    Probably running Nikon software – you know how slow that is.

  • Mister Wonderful

    Does Ken Rockwell know?

  • sgts

    the nikon site in scotland is back up with an annnouncement of tartan bodies for all the nikon range.

  • Anonymous

    Seeing as all the Nikon sites are now back up and nothing is new, can we not just update this post and say it is a false alarm?

  • Michael Krigsman

    This is simple IT failure – nothing exciting about this outage at all.

    Michael Krigsman
    IT Project Failures blog

  • blah

    erm no new products, the software which maintains the backend of the site was being upgraded….

  • Pells

    I know the websites go down, and yes I am a regular reader. Just poking some fun here. Correct me if I am wrong but down the sites go down globally and at different times, and rarely for a full day?

  • Pells

    Which I guess proves my point that “All Nikon Sites Are Down” is a lot more significant than one region for a full day.

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