2GB=$2.95, 4GB=$4.95, 8GB=$9.95

The Lexar PRO CF card deals are back in Adorama:

Lexar 2 GB, 133x Professional High Speed Series, CF Memory Card for $2.95 after rebate
Lexar 4 GB, 133x Professional High Speed Series, CF Memory Card for $4.95 after rebate
Lexar 8 GB, 133x Professional High Speed Series, CF Memory Card for $9.95 after rebate

All deals: One week only, mail-in rebate, FREE shipping.

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  • lyr

    Sadly, offer not available out of USA (at least to Belgium)

    • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin


  • insider

    You have to be really careful at those rebate programs, which are basically telling us how bad the credit crisis has been. If underlying companies that offer those rebate programs go belly up, you think you can still get your rebates? Think again.

    • Pablov

      do you mean the company offering these kind of high rebates wouldn’t pay the ckeck ?

    • DNHJR

      The rebate comes from Lexar them self. So unless Lexar goes under you will get the rebate.

  • http://www.petelanglois.net Pete Langlois

    I got some Lexar Pro SD cards earlier this year after rebate they were around $5.00. Rebates showed up and I cashed the checks. x133 are older and are being moved out for the faster models I think.


  • Richard Hall

    Nice, but Adorama doesn’t have them in stock. Plus, the rebate for says Qualifying Retailer must be a “Pro Photo Retailer” whatever that means. They are in stock through Amazon….

  • Pablov

    Do CF manufacturers offer this kind of so high rebates very often ???

  • Jeroenw

    And as always, USA only. Over here in europe 8gb 133x for around 20 euros is a pretty good deal. We don’t get all those rebates.

  • rthomas


    “640 kb ought to be enough memory for anyone.”

    (Attributed to Bill Gates)

    • Pablov

      haha, dated 1980 ??

      Ask him that now and he will probably tell that you should need at least 2 GB to run Vista smoothly….

  • Matt

    post. more. rumors.

  • http://www.flickr.com/calvin_gsc calvin_gsc

    Latest update:

    I checked adorama’s website, and the item is no longer available.

    See for yourself http://www.adorama.com/catalog.tpl?op=detailsdisc&sku=ILXCF1338G

    • http://nikonrumors.com/ [NR] admin

      yep – they sold out – the 4GB and 8GB were available as of last night, now only the 2GB is in stock. I am sure they will run this again – this is the 3rd time I am seeing this promotion.

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