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Back in Antarctica: A Year With Birds

“Back in Antarctica: A Year With Birds” by Stefan Christmann (Website | Instagram | Facebook, see also his previous [NR] guest post, please click on images for larger view): A Year With Birds The monotonous sound of the Basler BT-67 plane hums in my ears when I wake up and open my eyes, just to get blinded […]

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Traveling to Iceland

Stefan Christmann (website, Facebook, 500px.) will share his story and pictures from traveling in Iceland. Also, check out Stefan’s previous article on spending a year in Antarctica. I am all by myself walking on a moonlike surface, trying not to slip on the moss-covered alien-shaped rocks I am climbing across. The Sun has been trying to set for […]

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Guest post: My year in Antarctica

Todays’s guest post “My year in Antarctica” is by Stefan Christmann (http://www.nature-in-focus.de) who is working at the Neumayer III station in Antarctica as a physicist and was able to capture some amazing images with his Nikon D700/D800 cameras (click on images for larger view): It’s 3am when my alarm clock rings. I am only half awake […]

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