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Is this the next Nikon Z APS-C based mirrorless camera?

In the past few months I have been reporting rumors about a new Nikon Z APS-C based mirrorless camera potentially without an EVF (see this and this post). Sure enough, there is a new design patent filed in Japan for what appears to be a new Nikon Z APS-C mirrorless camera without an EVF (the EVF will probably […]

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Nikon Z3, Z5 and Z9 mirrorless camera rumors

Slow news day, here are some more unconfirmed rumors (I usually only post information that is verified by multiple sources): Low-end Nikon D5700 DSLR or similar is still a possibility High-end Pro Z series camera (Z9?) with dual card slots – the development could be announced as early as this summer Nikon Z5 in 2019: […]

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New rumors: Nikon APS-C (DX) mirrorless camera possible

First, a small note on the Nikon Z1 entry-level mirrorless camera: when Nikon makes a prototype, they do not name or label them in any way – see some previous Nikon Z prototypes: The Nikon Z1 mirrorless camera picture I posted on Sunday could have been developed as a prototype, but the fact that it […]

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