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$300 price drop on the Nikon D750 coming on April 16th

On April 16th, the price of the Nikon D750 camera in the US will drop $300 to $1996.95 (the current price is $2,296.95). Update: this will not be a “price drop” but a limited time instant savings. The D750 is also currently eligible for up to $600 off with the latest April Nikon instant combo rebates.

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Nikon DSLR combo rebates for April

The Nikon lens only rebates are now gone. Here are the new Nikon combo rebates for April: Nikon D3200 kits: up to $250 off Nikon D3300 kits: up to $150 off Nikon D5300 kits: up to $300 off Nikon D5500 kits: up to $300 off Nikon D7100 kits: up to $630 off Nikon D7200 added […]

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Nikon instant lens rebates to end this week

The current Nikon lens-only rebates will expire this Saturday (March 28th, 2015) and will not be extended: Nikon lens-only instant rebates: Adorama | B&H | Amazon Nikon DSLR combo rebates: Adorama |B&H | Amazon Full list of all eligible lenses:

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Reminder: Nikon rebates set to expire on February 28th

The current lens only (Adorama | B&H | Amazon) and DSLR combo (Adorama |B&H | Amazon) rebates are set to expire on February 28th, 2015. I expect that they will be extended in March, but with Nikon you never know. FX prime lenses: Nikon 28mm f/1.8G: $100 off Adorama |B&H | Amazon Nikon 35mm f/1.8G: $100 off Adorama |B&H | Amazon […]

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Nikon’s lens-only instant rebates are back *UPDATED*

Update: the rebates were extended for March. As previously reported, the once-a-year Nikon lens-only instant rebates are now live at Adorama, B&H and Amazon – check all the listings, different retailers offers various freebies (filters, etc.) with many of the lenses. Adorama also offers a free “1 year drops & spills warranty” on almost all lenses – look […]

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Nikon lens-only rebates announced in Japan

Nikon Japan announced a new lens-only rebate program that will start on February 19th and will be valid till May 10, 2015. The current Nikon rebates in the US were extended till February 14th – the new lens-only rebates could be announced on February 15th. I assume the same lens selection will be offered in the US, but hopefully the […]

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