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Nikon issues official statement on the D600 dust/oil issue

For the first time Nikon officially acknowledged the dust/oil spots on the sensor inside the D600 camera. The suggested solution is to clean your sensor and if this doesn’t resolve the problem, contact Nikon support. The article did not mention that the sensor doesn’t get any more oil/dust spots after aprox. 3000 shots. Here is the full text:

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The Nikon D600 sensor doesn’t get any more oil spots after 3000 shots

Few updates on the Nikon D600 oil spots issue. The good news is that no new oil spots get accumulated over time as reported today by LensRentals: “Things are definitely better. Where 20 of 20 cameras required cleaning 6 weeks ago, only 11 of 20 did this time (our average for all SLRs would be about 5 of 20). Like […]

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Time-lapse video of the Nikon D600 dust accumulation problem

The time-lapse video below shows the dust accumulation problem with a brand new Nikon D600. Note that the lens was never changed during this test – so this is not really dust coming from the outside, but internal particles accumulated around the same upper left portion of the sensor: This is what the author of the video wrote about […]

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Dpreview confirms the dust spots issue on the Nikon D600 sensor

In their just published review of the Nikon D600, dpreview did mention the sensor residue issue that was reported also by many [NR] readers:

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Nikon D600 sensor’s dust spots caused by a gap around the shutter?

Lensrentals noticed that all of their D600 rental units needed sensor cleaning after being used. What is even more interesting is that all spots seems to be located around the same area – the upper left portion of the sensor: Lensrentals did some additional investigation and found that “D600′s shutter curtain opening seems a bit […]

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