Time-lapse video of the Nikon D600 dust accumulation problem

The time-lapse video below shows the dust accumulation problem with a brand new Nikon D600. Note that the lens was never changed during this test - so this is not really dust coming from the outside, but internal particles accumulated around the same upper left portion of the sensor:

This is what the author of the video wrote about his D600 test:

"I thought I would put this claim to the test by purchasing a brand new D600, putting on a 50mm 1.8D lens, and shooting some test shots, before using the camera for anything else.

And, from that I’ve seen, dust on the D600 is indeed a serious issue. Right out of the box, after taking the very first picture, I could see several dust spots, but as my time-lapse series progressed, I could see more and more spots appearing on the sensor. Keep in mind that I am not changing lenses; all this dust is coming from inside the camera."

Via Kyle Clements

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  • Michae;

    Something else to think of. Because the sensor has more static, the ultrasonic cleaner is unable to dislodge the dust particles. FRUSTRATING!!!

  • Michael

    Something else to think of. Because the sensor has more static, the
    ultrasonic cleaner is unable to dislodge the dust particles.

  • bidragsgivaren

    Since Nikon does not admit the problem, I will not switch from Canon. If they promised a solution I would buy a D600 since it is lightweight and ticks many of the boxes. But Canon has better ergonomics, white balance and skin colors so the loss is Nikons.

  • whmitty

    As I noted in a previous comment on this site after cleaning the mess from the NEW D600 sensor out of the box I’ve been enjoying the otherwise great images out of this camera without more than average dust for an interchangeable lens camera. However, I have left a complaint at the http://supporte.nikonusa.com site about having a “dust on delivery” sensor. I encourage everybody that has had this problem to greater or lesser degrees to do the same in hopes of getting Nikon’s attention.

  • J


    I’m guessing I’m about 2000 shots into my D600. Tested my camera earlier today and noticed some dust specs on the left side of my pictures. I locked the mirror up and blew the sensor with a puffer (similar to that overpriced giotto air rocket). I was skeptical of whether it would help.. But after puffing for ~15 seconds, I slapped my lens back on and took a test shot. No dust.

    Before going straight to a wet cleaning method or going ape shit at your local dealer, try this.

    • J

      *Shots @ f 16 .

  • Rafi

    I for one, just bide my time and not buy one. I am tempted because of the lower weight, higher mp, but my D700 will do the job for now. However, for the life of me I can’t understand Nikon for this mistake. For the D800 they had a huge supply issue. For the D600 there is ample supply of defective camera. They need to do something right for the “masses”, and sooner the better.

  • katiestl

    I have a major problem with people stating that this is a user issue. So far only two reviews I’ve read have had no problems. I use a d90 and after three years there is no dust build up at all–I took many photos of a white blue sky and a wall–I sharpened–there is nothing there. I take between 200 and 2000 shots per week(many at an animal shelter). I would expect much more of a product before upgrading. Also, first contact with customer service usually tells you to return the product–it’s defective. Everyone I’ve heard of who sent it to manufacturer(at their own expense) had it returned with the same problem. I don’t want to buy a $2000 camera only to have to give it up 1 day later. This not accumulation after being rented out, or used outside for long periods of time with many lens changes–it’s on 1st use, second use, 3rd use, etc.

  • Paul Lazzaro

    I guess that’ll really hamper my taking award-winning pictures of sheets of white paper at f/22, then! Do the words ‘should get out more’ have any resonance?

  • jo

    I just wonder, most of the complain are from USA. How about Asian costumer, did they not incounter the same problem? or maybe only Nikon manufactured in USA have this kind of issue.

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