New image noise removal solutions: Topaz Labs DeNoise AI v3.1 and ON1 NoNoise AI 

Two new image noise removal solutions were released:

Topaz Labs released DeNoise AI version 3.1 – here is what’s new:

  • New Severe Noise AI model – tackle photos suffering from excessive noise due to very high ISO settings and low light conditions
  • Improved Comparison View – Select which AI models are displayed to quickly choose the one that best suits your image
  • Apple M1 plugin support in Adobe Photoshop – Access the DeNoise AI plugin from within Photoshop running natively on Apple M1 silicon without needing to use Rosetta emulation
  • Snappier performance – Up to 3x CPU and 12x GPU improvements on Windows and 4x improvements with Macs using discrete GPUs when compared to DeNoise AI 2.4.2
  • Bug fixes

You can get 15% off all Topaz Labs products with code RUMORS15.

The new ON1 NoNoise AI image noise removal software is now available for pre-order and is $30 off for a limited time with coupon code NONOISE30. Key features of NoNoise AI:

  • Better results than any other noise reduction app on the market – Fast live preview of the noise removal adjustments, no waiting for results
  • Exclusive progressive sharpening
  • Support for RAW photos, including Fujifilm and non raw photos
  • Auto adjustment that adjusts based on your tastes
  • Available for Mac or Windows

20% off ON1 products with code NIKONRUMORS
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10% off Oberwerth bags with code RumorsN21
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Announced: 7artisans 10mm f/2.8 fisheye (full-frame) and 55mm f/1.4 II (APS-C) lenses for Nikon Z-mount

7artisans officially announced some of the previously rumored lenses for Nikon Z-mount – pre-orders are now open at the Photo Rumors Online Store (with free international shipping). Here are the MTF chart, lens design diagram, and technical specifications:

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Nikon wins some awards

If you are still following and interested in product awards, you should know that today Nikon won three 2021 TIPA World Awards together with pretty much any other camera/lens company out there:

The full list of award winners can be found here (the official TIPA website is here).

Other recent Nikon awards:

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Nikon temporary suspends orders for the Nikkor AF-S 180-400mm f/4 ED TC VR lens, many other products are out of stock (and have been for a while)

Today Nikon announced that they temporarily suspended taking orders for the Nikkor AF-S 180-400mm f/4 ED TC VR lens. The lens has been out of stock in most retailers for a while:

I already mentioned online on several occasions that many Nikon products (both new and old) have been out of stock for a long time. Here are few examples after some digging in the Nikon product categories listed at B&H:

Clearly, DSLR products are slowly disappearing from the inventory and some are probably getting discontinued.

In the US currently, you cannot even buy the D850 or the D500 (the D850 is currently discounted).

On top of all that, Nikon has not announced a new product in 8 months, so I am really wondering what are they selling right now?

Here is the full text of today’s apology:

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Kipon tilt adapter for Nikon F-mount lens to Nikon Z mirrorless camera


A Dpreview forum member published a quick review of the Kipon tilt adapter for Nikon F-mount lens to Nikon Z mirrorless camera (Kipon Tilt NIK-N/Z):

“Construction of the adapter is excellent though the tilt and rotation lock feel a little delicate. Tilt is only in one direction with a maximum tilt of 11 degrees but you have 360 degree rotation with ‘clicks’ at 30 degree intervals. No electronic contacts so no EXIF lens data. The tilt lock is a friction/screw type.”

I have mentioned several times on the blog that Kipon is working on new tilt and shift adapters but it seems that I missed the actual announcement/release. The Kipon Tilt NIK-N/Z is currently listed for sale at Amazon and eBay (more versions are listed at B&H).

Fotodiox also offers Nikon Z tilt-shift lens adapters (available at Adorama, Amazon, B&H):

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Nikon Z6II camera DxOMark sensor test score: 94

DxOMark published their Nikon Z6II sensor test/review – overall, with a score of 94, the Z6II sensor performance is extremely close to its predecessor (Z6) and to the Sony A7C and Panasonic S1 cameras, and slightly better than the Canon EOS R6 camera:

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Weekly Nikon news flash #624

The new TTartisan 90mm f/1.25 lens can be mounted on a Nikon Z camera with an M to Z lens adapter.

→ The favorite digital camera makers in Japan according to ITmedia:

  1. Pentax/Ricoh: 24.1%
  2. Nikon: 20.3%
  3. Canon: 13.5%
  4. Sony: 12.5%
  5. Olympus: 11.1%

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Viltrox will announce 6 new autofocus lenses for Nikon Z-mount (three APS-C and three full-frame)

Viltrox had on display six new autofocus mirrorless lenses for Nikon Z-mount at the China International Photographic Equipment and Technology Fair (China P&E) in Beijing, China. Here is the list of new lenses and pictures:

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