The “I’m Back” digital back for Nikon 35mm film cameras is back on Kickstarter :)

If I remember correctly, the last time the digital back for Nikon 35mm film cameras project did not get funded on Kickstarter. Well, “I’m Back” is back on Kickstarter and it seems that this time they will hit their target of $24,830 ($18,529 pledged so far):

The design of this product is called “Depth-of-field” (DoF) adapter. In normal digital cameras, the image from the lens is directly projected onto the sensor. So the smaller the size of the sensor, the more the image is cropped which we call crop factor. In this DoF adapter “digital back”, the image is projected onto the focusing screen. And then we use a digital camera to take a photo of this focusing screen. There is no crop factor.

I’m Back® offers a 16mp Panasonic sensor that provides pictures and movies of 20, 16, 12, 8, 4, 2 mega pixels at your choice! Thanks to the focusing screen it will always maintain the nice vintage flavor of your 35mm camera. A smart 2″ touch screen display is included, making the device very user-friendly. Photos and videos can be transmitted through the WiFi and can be saved in your smartphone. You can also use the display of your smartphone, to have a bigger screen and to control the camera through it.

Additional pictures:

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