Nikon ViewNX-i version 1.2.11 released

Nikon released ViewNX-i version 1.2.11:

  • Added support for macOS High Sierra version 10.13.
  • Ended support for OS X 10.10.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the application to freeze when the user rotated NEF (NRW) + JPEG pictures with NEF/NRW + JPEGenabled.

Download links:

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  • Rich Poinvil

    I can finally leave Lightroom!

  • doge

    Why don’t these programs have selective adjustments yet?

    • TurtleCat

      Because they aren’t making revenue off of it.

  • Percy Blakeney

    Only interesting if they ever fix the problem with Transfer and Macs.

    • Photoman

      it was messed up for a while but I thought they fixed this.

      • Percy Blakeney

        I just downloaded the latest version, and yes they have!
        Only to add new problems. It crashes if I upload Nikon jpegs, and it won’t load 3rd party RAW (fair enough I suppose).
        I’ll stick to Bridge. It’s not as good as Transfer was but it works, is consistent, and is a single workflow.

        • Photoman

          Well that’s not good. Good thing I only shoot raw.

  • outkasted

    what is it like? Still slow af?

  • gharadmin

    NX-D is still 1.4.6

    • Yes, they just updated the combo install package.

  • Glenn Koppel

    Still does not work on my MAC! Running the latest Sierra but not High Sierra. NX-d kind of works but is slow. Guess I’ll just keep using photoshop and luminar.

  • ola

    Still does not correctly reproduce NEF-files edited in Capture NX2. (you get to choose from random artifacts or all edits gone).

    • Someone

      NX2 – that’s history!!

      • tomherren

        Not for all. I still use it for NEF from D3300, D800 and D750

        • Millsy

          Yup, I agree.
          I am using it on my D850 now and love it still. I have to put the raw file through NX-D first, and create a Tif which then goes to NX2, but this only adds 20 secs to the workflow.

          • peter w

            try CaptureOne Pro again. Saves you a lot of 20 seconds. Or Lightroom if you must ;). These programs are much more flexible – fast – in working on sets of photo’s.

            • DSLRUser

              It would be nice if Capture One produced the same conversion quality of either NX-2 or NX-D given its rich toolset. However not the case.

              Also the camera’s internal Picture Contols are only understood by Nikon software. All of your fine tuning is lost.

              Unfortunately (aside from free RawTherapee) nothing on the market comes close to the conversion routines that the Nikon software provides. RawTherapee is lovely software but hard to master. Takes a lot time. NX2 is just so powerful once you master it.

              As others have said, NX-D to TIFF may be the best solution IQ wise.

            • peter w

              Personaly I like the possibilities, tone and ease of use of COP much better. Both are on my computer, CNX is hardly used, only faster to open if you only work on one photo In a larger directory.

  • TheInfinityPoint

    They just now got around to adding support for OS X 10.13? LOL

    • TurtleCat

      That’s Nikon: always 6+ months after.

      • TheInfinityPoint

        Lol, just shows how much I pay attention to Nikon software haha.

  • Roger S

    I know it would go against Nikon culture, but they really should subcontract their software to somebody else. If, as others have stated, the software won’t upload Nikon jpegs or correctly reproduce NEF files edited in Capture NX2 (once my preferred post-processing software) or work on MACs, they need to sit down and rethink how they do things.

    • Piotr Kosewski

      They do. It’s just rebranded Silkypix.

      • Roger S

        Thank you, Piotr, I’d forgotten that — and I have a copy of Silkypix that I got a Fuji X100S. I never used it, though — I didn’t find it very helpful. So let me correct myself: Nikon out to subcontract their software to someone who can make something more useful than what they currently offer.

        • Piotr Kosewski

          That’s for sure. Silkypix has been a (poor) standard for bundling with cameras. Nikon, Fuji and Panasonic all use it. I’m not sure about other companies.
          But when you think about it, there aren’t that many options on the market. You have some free software – hardly acceptable for typical customer. On the other hand, solid software like Lightroom or Capture One is too expensive.
          So you’re left with handful of cheap/mid-priced programs (sub-$100) – usually either limited or awful to work with (Silkypix “excels” in both…)

          And to think that not so long ago Samsung not only made some of the best cameras, but also included Lightroom in the package. Man… to think I almost bought the NX3000 as a small backup. :/

          • Percy Blakeney

            NX2 was good as far as I was concerned but it is no longer compatible with my MBP and latest OSX which was inevitable. (It will not accept my legal purchase key). Boo!
            I now use Affinity as it is/was reasonably priced and is compatible with the free NIK plug ins so kinda similar to NX2 but loses the Nikon RAW processing. Boo!

            • DSLRUser

              I had an issue with NX2 not excepting a legal key. Not a Mac environment but that may not be the issue.

              Nikon has some installation protection that counts the number of installs and blocks you after that. I contacted Nikon with my proof of purchase and they issued a new key. Worth a try

            • Percy Blakeney

              Thanks for that!
              I tried again expecting to use the experience to get my facts right before contacting Nikon. The real problem is this :-

              “Current Operating System is Below Minimum Requirement

              This Version of Capture NX 2 requires Mac OS 10.7 or newer on an Intel processor in order to proceed with the installation process. The installer will now quit.”

              I am running 10.13.3. I will try Nikon next week as their help is closed for the weekend. Boo!


  • Glenn Koppel

    I agree with you about Nikon should farm out their software to someone who can do it. It seems to me that Nikon has really lost all focus on their customers and what is happening in the world around them. I see too many issues with how they are running the business now to see them being very successful over the next, oh say, 10 years.

    • Cesar Sales

      Would love to see them partner with Phase One, much like Sony has. I suppose that would be a bit of conflict of interest, as Adobe would probably get all pouty.

    • TurtleCat

      They have. It’s SilkyPix under the hood with Nikon’s black box converter.

      • Glenn Koppel

        And they aren’t doing a very good job of it.

  • DSLRUser

    And the D850 will not be supported. He uses an internal NX-2 table. Any camera under or equal to 36MP (D800 dimensions) can be fooled. Any camera greater than those dimensions will not work.

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